True love

Ally Clark is an average 17 year old girl, her parents divorced because her father was an alcoholic, she moves from New York City to Stratford Ontario for her moms new job at a bank, let's see what's in store for ally in the new town!


2. Two


allys POV


i wake up and realize my neighbours arrive today, I get up and imagine the possibilities of haveing a cute boy as a neighbour but realize how redicilous I sound and keep on with my day, I clean my face and brush my teeth and decid to wear black lu lu lemon leggings and a pink sweater and lightly curl my hair, I'm not in the mood to dress fancy because it's a lazy Sunday and I don't have friends here to hang out with anyway, I go downstairs and look at the clock, it's 2pm oh dang I slept late, I go grap a bowl of strawberry a and blue berrys and yogert and add some granola, I sit on the couch and turn the tv onto the channel I was watching last night, the guy on the screen told me that justin bieber was in his hometown for the next couple weeks during his break in between the believe tour, I decide that this is boring and but on sponge bob, I hear the door bell ring and I rush down the stairs, almost falling I manage to stay standing I unlock the door in a rush and look up and see the one and only justin bieber.


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