Beauty and the Millionaire

A rich businessman with a cold heart. He doesn't want love or a family. All he cares about is money and power.

A talented writer with a romantic soul. She doesn't want her parent's money because all she longs for is the love of a man who lives in her stories, as well as to succeed.

When she gets an important call and goes to New York, the two of them meet. Although at first it seems like they have absolutely nothing in common, slowly but surely they become close.

But then a big secret gets revealed and everything suddenly changes.

Can somebody really change because of love or is it something that only happens in romance novels?

One thing is certain - this is not a typical love story because they are not typical people.


2. The Writer


He kissed her like never before and in that moment she knew...they were forever.

She sighed deeply as she finished the last sentence. Staring at the laptop screen, there was a weird feeling in the pit of her stomach. Another finished story, another chapter of her life has come to an end. As always, she had mixed feeling about it all.

She was happy that she finished the story, but on the other hand she was very scared. She wasn’t sure if she could handle one more failure. Was this story going to end up like all the rest? Collecting dust on the bookshelf in her small office. She could never really understand how was it that her stories were quite popular online, yet none of the publishing houses found her work good enough.

Nonetheless, she never gave up and wasn’t going to anytime soon. She dreamt about this since she was a child, sacrificed so much so she good fulfill her dreams and was pretty certain her time was yet to come.

The phone rang, snapping her out of her thoughts. As she stared at the caller ID, a small frown formed on her face in displeasure. There was no use in avoiding the call, they would just call until she picked up.

’’What do you want?’’, she wasn’t even trying to be polite.

’’Well good day to you too.’’, she heard her sisters voice on the other side of the line, ’’How are you?’’

’’I don’t think you’re really interested in my well being.’’

’’Come on Violet, why are you always so defensive?’’

’’Do you really even have to ask? What do you want Elleanor?’’, she acquired impatiently.

’’You know what. Come home Vai, we need you.’’

’’We or him?’’, she laughed bitterly, ’’Did he change his mind?’’

’’No.’’, Eleanor admitted unwillingly.

’’Then you know my answer. There’s no reason for you to kiss his ass so much, you know as well as I do that he’ll leave you everything. He kicked me out of his life and will a long time ago. Isn’t that what you wanted all along?’’

’’I really don’t know where you got such a bad opinion of me Violet. You know that I love you so much. Besides, he’d never get rid of his favorite daughter, we both know that. He just thinks that this way you’ll come home sooner.’’

’’And that’s where he’s mistaken. I don’t want his money, his house or anything else in that matter. I’m more than happy with my life.’’, the dark haired woman explained.

’’You can’t be serious? You live on a lousy teacher’s salary, in a small house in the suburbs. Besides, you haven’t achieved anything with your books. When will you see that your rightful place is by father’s side. You’re the one that’s the most capable in running everything.’’

’’I couldn’t be more serious.’’, she answered coldly, ’’Believe it or not, I love my job and my house. The one I bought with my own hard earned money.’’, she purposely added, ’’I don’t need anything from him. Please stop calling me. Goodbye Elle.’’, she hung up before her sister got the chance to reply.

She was so mad, she had to stop herself from throwing the phone against the wall. Pacing back and forth across the living room, Violet tried to calm herself. Almost every conversation with her family would end in this manner. Some would say it was a Hayes’ tradition. Why did she always allow them do get to her this way?

She gave up everything for her dreams, but also for her principles. Howard Hayes was the founder and majority stock holder of over a dozen multimillion dollar companies, so Violet always lived the rich lifestyle, being surrounded by luxury and abundance. Yet she always had the feeling that she didn’t belong in that world. As she was growing up, she slowly started to realize that her parents, her father especially, had alredy planned out her entire future.

Violet was really close with Howard, he was the reason she finished business school at Yale, putting her own aspirations and wishes on hold. The moment she expressed her desire to study literature is the moment everything started going downhill. Her father was strongly against it, insisting that her place was at his side, where she was supposed to learn and develop her skills as a powerful businesswoman. He stated that she shouldn’t waste her life on silly dreams, when she had so much to learn about the world she was one day going to run, since as his older daughter, she was going to inherit everything one day.

For a while, Violet kept quite, indulging her father’s wishes, but as time passed, she just couldn’t handle it anymore. She hated living a lie so she finally decided to walk away. She wanted to be a writer and that was what she was going to become.

She always loved reading, with years she began writing as well. She fell in love with the art and since then, there was nothing else in her life she wanted to do. All that was the reason she walked away when her father threatened to disown her. She packed her bags and left the family home. Working several jobs at the same time, she put herself through college and then found a job as a English teacher in a New York primary school.

From her savings, she bought a cute, little house just outside the city and that was the first time she felt truly happy and proud.

Every second of her free time she would spend writing her books which were mostly romance novels. She would send her finished work to every publishing house she could find, although all her attempts to get published have been unsuccessful so far. She didn’t allow herself to be discouraged, always feeling that she will succeed. Her positivity kept her from falling into depression or giving up.

She had big dreams, but the determination to make them come true as well.

Finally calm, Violet ran upstairs, making herself a hot, relaxing bath. She wasn’t in the mood for dinner anymore, the conversation she had with her sister ruined her appetite.

It was moments like these in which she felt extremely lonely. Right now, all she needed and longed for was for someone’s strong arms to wrap around her and make her feel safe and loved.

She’s been single for a very long time. Not because she didn’t want a relationship, but because she never found someone that she was compatible with.

Oh, she knew her standards were way too high, always telling herself that she needs to realize men will never be like the one’s in the romance novels she so often read. Although Violet tried so hard to be real, she simply couldn’t, always getting lost in dreaming about a man who would never exist in real life.

She wanted an epic love, romance she knew wasn’t real, yet all those realizations couldn’t stop her longing. Knowing all that, the young writer slowly started to believe that she was indeed going to be forever alone.

She fell asleep with those thoughts going through her mind.

That morning, Violet woke up earlier than she would on a typical Sunday morning. Sundays were reserved for laziness, as she would lie in bed all day, watching romantic comedies or she would read on the porch swing, drinking coffee and enjoying a peaceful day off.

Yet today, she felt like being productive. She got out of bed, not bothering to make it, brushed her teeth and made her way downstairs. Still in her pajamas, she made strong, black coffee and too sandwiches. Then it was time to get down to business.

She printed copies of her latest book, put the pages together, putting the finished product in separate envelopes. Slowly and with neat handwriting, she wrote out the addresses of over thirty publishers. This was very relaxing to her, mechanical and something she never found boring or tiring. This wasn’t an obligation, she enjoyed all this work. Nothing was hard when it came to her beloved stories.

She was so into her work, that she almost didn’t hear the phone buzzing on the coffee table. The number was unknown and for some reason she became very upset, expecting it to be her mother’s or sister’s attempt of tricking her into picking up. She didn’t like that idea, but something was telling her she should pick up anyways.

’’Hello?’’, she tried to contain her irritation.

’’Good day. May I speak to Ms. Violet Hayes.’’, she heard an unfamiliar voice.

’’This is she.’’, for some reason Violet felt tremendous excitement rising in her chest.

’’I’m calling from the ’Malik & Tomlinson’ publishing house. I don’t know if you heard about...’’

’’I know who they are.’’, she interrupted impatiently, dying to know what this was all about.

How could she not know about one of the biggest publishers on the East Coast.

’’Very well. My bosses would love to set up a meeting with you. They were wondering if Tuesday morning would work for you? They’re very interested in your book.’’, she finished and Violet had to contain herself from screaming.

’’Of course! Tuesday sounds perfect.’’

’’Tuesday, 8 a.m. The New York office.’’

’’Got it!’’, Violet wrote down the details, ’’Can I just know which book are we talking about?’’, she quickly added.

’’Of course, it’s ’The Past Does Not Forget’. Have a good day miss.’’

’’Thank you. A good day to you too.’’, she said and hung up.

First she screamed form happiness, then she started crying. All she wanted was to call her parents so she can finally show them that she had a right when she decided to follow her dreams, but she didn’t want to jinx everything. That’s why she decided to wait until she knew everything for certain and then she would call them and that moment couldn’t come fast enough-

She did call her friends, a proper celebration was in order and after hearing the great news, they all agreed to meet up Tuesday evening, so they can go out and celebrate Violet’s success.

She’ll take a day or to off work, she knew the school principal wouldn’t mind.

Violet couldn’t stop smiling with happiness. Finally things are starting to turn for the better.

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