Beauty and the Millionaire

A rich businessman with a cold heart. He doesn't want love or a family. All he cares about is money and power.

A talented writer with a romantic soul. She doesn't want her parent's money because all she longs for is the love of a man who lives in her stories, as well as to succeed.

When she gets an important call and goes to New York, the two of them meet. Although at first it seems like they have absolutely nothing in common, slowly but surely they become close.

But then a big secret gets revealed and everything suddenly changes.

Can somebody really change because of love or is it something that only happens in romance novels?

One thing is certain - this is not a typical love story because they are not typical people.


3. The Encounter


With a fast pace, trying hard not to run, Violet walked straight into 'Malik & Tomlinson Publishing'. She loved New York City, but she hated the crowded streets of the city that almost made her late now.

She was more than nervous, yet excited at the same time. Her heart kept beating frantically as she took the elevator all the way to the 28th floor. She didn't know what to expect or what was going to happen, but no matter what, all she wished for was one thing – that luck strikes and she finally gets her big break as a romance novelist. More than anything she just wanted to prove to her parents that it was all worth it and that she was indeed a gifted writer.

''Good morning.'', she huffed, trying to slow her breathing, ''I have an appointment at eight.'', she said to the gloomy secretary at the reception.

''Name?'', the woman asked, not even bothering to look up.

Violet thought that her behavior was extremely unprofessional, not to mention completely rude, but for the first time in her life, she kept her mouth shut. This was not the time, nor the place for arguments with rude employees.

''Violet Hayes.'', she said coldly.

''This way; your lawyer's already here.'', she informed, walking down a long hallway with Violet by her side.

There were offices all along the hall, at the very end, a huge lobby with four conference rooms. Only one had people inside and Violet knew they were all waiting for here. She felt embarrassed that she was the last one to arrive. Although she wasn't late, she didn't want to leave an impression that she was indifferent to this meeting. She couldn't afford to make them think she didn't want this.

Before walking in, Violet took a few deep breaths, trying to calm her nerves. She was mentally preparing herself for what was going to happen and once she felt confident enough, she walked in.

''Good morning.'', she said quietly, trying to smile.

The nerves kicked back in and she couldn't calm down. She looked down to the floor, hoping it will make her look shy and vulnerable. She felt as she was going to be sick, but that made her look up.

She was acting silly. She couldn't allow them to think she's not serious or worse, that she was easily manipulated. Those thoughts gave her strength, so she straightened her back and raised her head proudly, walking with a gracious stride. She managed to calm down a bit.

She finally looked at the people in the room. First she saw Cynthia, her close friend and a fantastic lawyer. She was here to make sure that everything was going ahead accordingly, but also to insure that they weren't trying to take advantage of Violet, who grew up in the corporate world and knew very well how things functioned in it.

Then there was a grey haired, older man sitting next to Cyn. Violet figured he must be the company's lawyer.

Next, her gaze fell on a very attractive, blue eyed man, with messy hair and a youthful, boyish energy about him. He seemed as he was in his mid thirties, yet there was something about him that left an impression that he was a lot younger then he seemed.

Finally, her eyes wondered off to the last person in the conference room and for a moment, Violet lost her breath, her heart skipping a few beats. He was so handsome with his darker skin tone and jet black hair. His sharp cheekbones and jaw line only accentuated his exotic looks, as he radiated with sex appeal and confidence. The man returned the gaze without any shame and when she realized she was staring, she shamefully averted her gaze, walking over to the table and sitting beside Cynthia.

''Violet, let me introduce you to lawyer Swanson.'', she showed towards the older man, ''As well as Mr. Tomlinson.'', she moved over to the blue eyed, ''And Mr. Malik.'', the black haired hotness of a man nodded in her direction.

Violet was pretty sure she was blushing at this point, but just to be safe, she didn't allow any emotions to be seen in her facial expression. On the other hand, Zayn was discretely smiling, finding the whole situation rather amusing.

At least that was the impression Violet got. Although she was partly right, his smile didn't really have that much to do with amusement but rather with the fact that he, as soon as she walked in, managed to check her out form head to toe and he wasn't disappointed with what he was seeing.

She intrigued him. She was wearing nice, expensive clothes – a black pencil skirt and matching blazer, underneath an elegant silk blouse and it all fit her so perfectly. He could tell that she was very fit and besides that she had a beautiful face. She didn't have a lot of makeup on and that made her that more attractive, making her look so innocent. He was attracted to that, immediately imagining in his had how he would take her out later that night. They'll go to a nice and expensive restaurant, women loved that and then after the food and wine, he'd take her back to his place.

He loved making good girls, naughty. Zayn always loved playing games and he knew that a woman like Violet wasn't going to be such a challenge. As a matter of fact, she wasn't going to be a challenge at all. He was too attractive, charming and she was unaccustomed to the attention of powerful men.

The meeting lasted all morning, longer then anyone anticipated, but it finished with positive results. Even though she wasn't pleased, Violet agreed to work with an editor so they could improve certain parts of her book and in return she got a bigger compensation than they initially offered.

All in all, both sides came out of the meeting satisfied with the outcome. All that was left to do was to sign the contract which will happen as soon as Cynthia reads it to the very last letter. After that, she will spend a few months on editing and when that's all finally done; she will have to work on promotion and marketing. The last step in that journey was going to be publishing her book.

The whole process was long and exhausting, but Violet was more than ecstatic. Everything was finally falling into place.

With a newfound happiness and a hint of relief, Violet walked out of the office, making her way towards the elevators with an energy so strong that she was practically radiating with positivity.

''Miss Hayes!'', she heard the man's voice and his sexy British accent calling after her.

Violet turned around, finding herself face to face with Malik, who was as it turned out one of the owners of the publishing house.

''Mr. Malik.'', she replied politely, although she was burning inside from the intensity of his gaze.

''Are we that scary that you simply had to run away from us?'', he smiled, running his fingers through his hair.

He knew exactly how attractive that gesture made him look, just as he knew what women loved and fell for. As in every situation, he used all of this to his advantage.

It did cross Violet's mind that he was extremely sexy in that moment. All she longed for was to run her own fingers through that thick hair of his, so she could see if it was as soft as it appeared to be.

For a second she fell under his spell, but just as quickly recovered, listening to common sense and telling herself to calm down. He was attractive, but he was a man and they were all the same. That was something she wasn't interested in. What she longed for didn't exist in reality.

''Of course not.'', she smiled so he wouldn't be offended.

''I'm glad to hear that.'', he softly bit his lip, still smiling at her, ''I wanted to thank you for giving us the pleasure if publishing your book.''

''I'm the one who should be thanking you. You're the one giving me a chance, without you I'd be nowhere. I'm very grateful and I hope that our combined efforts will have an amazing outcome.'', this time she didn't look away.

Men weren't attracted to shy, quite women that acted like silly little girls. Not that she wanted to attract him.

She also knew how to play their game; she knew it all too well.

''They hope goes both ways. I'd like it very much if you'd join me at dinner tonight so we could properly celebrate. What do you think?'', he looked at her seductively with a look that would ensure that she couldn't resist him, meaning she wouldn't reject him either.

Violet got goose bumps thanks to the way he was looking at her, but on the inside, she laughed to herself ironically. She was sure that he thought she was like most women, that one look with his beautiful and gentle hazel eyes would be enough to seduce her.

He thought it was enough that he was extremely good looking and charming and that she would instantly fall for him, letting him drag her into bed. Well, he couldn't be more wrong. Violet knew exactly who she was and what kind of men she desired and Zayn had nothing she was looking for. She had plenty experience with men like him, more than he could ever imagine.

''I'm very flattered Mr. Malik...''

''Call me Zayn.'', he interrupted, as she nodded in agreement.

''I'm very flattered Zayn, but I'll have to turn you down. I already have plans and besides, you're my boss, I think it would be rather inappropriate for us to see each other outside our working environment. You see...I don't mix business and pleasure.'', she smirked naughtily, turned around and simply walked away, leaving him speechless.

Never in his entire life has someone turned him down, especially not a woman. He couldn't believe what happened just a few seconds ago, as he stood in the same spot, unable to move. He felt shock and anger; he was having a hard time containing the negative feelings that were starting to surface.

''Ouch, that was painful.'', Lou walked up to him, grabbing Zayn's shoulder.

He obviously witnessed the whole situation.

''Hillary!'', he yelled for his personal assistant, ignoring Louis' teasing, ''Find out exactly what kind of plans Ms. Hayes has for tonight.'', he ordered.

''How do you expect me to make that happen?''

''I. Don't. Care. I'm paying you to be efficient, if you're so incompetent, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to find someone else who's more able.'', he practically hissed.

Hillary looked at him with a hateful gaze before walking away without a word, typing something into her phone.

''That was quite embarrassing.'', he finally admitted to Louis.

''At least now you know the way those poor girls feel every time you turn them down.'', he kept on teasing, ''I never thought I'd see the day Zayn Malik got turned down by a woman. Has New York City's greatest man whore finally met his match?''

''Shut up!'', Zayn fired back, now more then annoyed.

He got into the elevator, fuming with anger.

Who does she think she is? She thinks she can turn him down just like that?

Where that's were she's wrong. Nobody walks away from him. Nobody.

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