Beauty and the Millionaire

A rich businessman with a cold heart. He doesn't want love or a family. All he cares about is money and power.

A talented writer with a romantic soul. She doesn't want her parent's money because all she longs for is the love of a man who lives in her stories, as well as to succeed.

When she gets an important call and goes to New York, the two of them meet. Although at first it seems like they have absolutely nothing in common, slowly but surely they become close.

But then a big secret gets revealed and everything suddenly changes.

Can somebody really change because of love or is it something that only happens in romance novels?

One thing is certain - this is not a typical love story because they are not typical people.


5. Have you read her book?

The dark haired girl opened her eyes slowly, blinded by the bright light coming through the window.

It took her a moment to remember where she was, but then she turned around expecting to see a handsome face on the other side of the bed. It was empty.

Automatically she frowned with disapproval.

Slowly, she rose up, wrapping the expensive bed sheets around her naked body. Too hungover to function properly, she sat on the edge of the mattress, thinking about what had happened the night before. That was the best sex she had ever experienced and she was more than sure that she managed to impress him too. Yet again, there was no sign of his presence anywhere in the room.

- Maybe he's in the kitchen, making us breakfast. - she thought to herself, hoping that she was right.

A minute later, everything became clear to her when she finally spotted a small note under a large glass filled with water, along with a pair of small pills. She took them gratefully, gulping down the cold water as she felt relief washing over her.

Finally, she read the note and realized how stupid she was. She was so dumb to believe all his lies and something was telling her she wasn't the first to experience this with him. Probably not the last either. She was so naive to think she would be the one that would manage to tame Zayn Malik. Typical woman behavior.

She had to give him credit for being so convincing and a really good actor, since he managed to wow her, that she didn't even care she was about to become just one more of his one night stands.

She was never the one to do such things, no matter how drunk she was, which only spoke how irresistible and charming Zayn was.

- If nothing else, at least I can say I've experienced something so amazing. -she tried to comfort herself but failed in that attempt.

It wasn't a nice feeling being used and then tossed away as if she was a mere toy. She didn't like the feeling of being manipulated into this, as much as she hated the fact that he promised her the world and then took it all away with a simple note.

There's coffee and some food in the kitchen. Take whatever you need and then my driver can take you wherever you need to go. Thank you for an amazing night. I won't forget it. - Z

She doubted that he'll remember her. She was pretty sure he's already forgotten all about her, but it was what it was and she had no other choice but to get up, get ready and leave. She felt embarrassed, but if nothing else, she felt a little delight that, out of all of the women he could have chosen last night, he did pick her.


''Get up!'', he barged into Louis' bedroom, removing the black curtains, as well as Louis' bed sheets.

''Are you mental?'', Louis asked with a husky voice, shielding his eyes from the brightness of the light, ''What if I had company?'', he was grumpy.

''I asked Peter before I came up and he said you came alone last night.'', he couldn't hide the surprise or the curiosity.

Peter was the doorman in Louis' apartment building, who had an agreement with Zayn to get extra tips in exchange for letting Zayn know if Louis had a girl in his apartment or not.

''It's her fault.'', he unwillingly admitted.

''Her?'', Zayn looked at him, demanding an elaboration.

''Eleanor or whatever her name is. She brushed me off. So much that all I could do is get in the car and come home. I'm telling you, something's seriously wrong with the sisters Hayes.'', he said it half jokingly, but the truth was that neither one of them had had so much resistance from a female in a long time.

Sure, when they were younger, things were different, but since they became wealthy and successful, they never really had anyone resist or reject them before.

''She flirted with me the entire night, I was pretty sure that she would be an easy catch. I really tried, only for her to tell me, quite nicely if I might add, that I was wrong to think that I would be able to win her over with a charming smile, beautiful eyes and a bottle of champagne. Before I managed to reply, Violet came over, dragging her away. Eleanor just smiled evilly towards me and walked away without a single glance.''

Zayn smiled. At least he wasn't the only one to be left hanging.

''I chased after her.'', Lou continued, still keeping his eyes closed, ''I made them stop, but she only told me I'd have to try a lot harder to get a chance to experience something like her. She left me her number though. I didn't realize it until I took my shirt off and her business card fell out of my pocket.'', he smiled at that.

Zayn became gloomy again, at the same time not being able to believe that Louis chased after a girl. He wondered if he should have done the same thing with Violet. Maybe she would have forgiven him for his behavior. Although, she did slap him, so his chances for forgiveness were pretty slim.

''Let me take a quick shower, then we'll talk about your night. Did you bring breakfast? I'm starving.''

''It's waiting for you in the kitchen,'',, he answered shortly before walking out of the room.

He made his way to the kitchen, sitting down on a bar stool, grabbing the daily newspaper and a steaming cup of black coffee. He wasn't in the mood for reading the latest news, because he couldn't concentrate. As hard as he tried, he couldn't stop thinking about Violet. She was there in his thoughts as a constant reminder of his humiliation and failure. Despite all that, he couldn't stop thinking about the way he felt when he was near her either. It all frustrated him very much. This was going to far. So far that not even sex managed to help him.

That girl he picked up last night, Charlotte or whatever her name was, was also his choice because she kind of looked like Violet. Still, she was far beneath her, not so much look wise, since he would never sleep with an unattractive woman, as much as that she lacked the magnetism and fire that Violet possessed. Unlike her, Charlotte didn't shine or attract him the way Violet knew with just one cold glance. No one has ever attracted him that way... Until now of course.

Considering that he met her yesterday, Zayn couldn't fathom how one regular woman managed to attract him that way. He never thought about the women he slept with, they never intrigued him, but it felt like Violet Hayes simply kept you thinking about her whether you wanted to or not.

He didn't expect to have it so hard, taking into consideration the fact that since the beginning he thought she would be an easy target, as they always were with him, but it turned out to be completely different. He couldn't admit that yesterday and for the first time in his life, their roles were reversed, where he was the victim and Violet the conqueror. She kept turning him down, while he restlessly chased after her. He felt sick every time such thoughts came up.

''Here I am!'', Louis smiled cheekily coming into the kitchen.

He was already dressed in a shirt and expensive pants, but as always, without a tie. He hated them, especially since he developed a very weird phobia, which made him believe that a tie might simply come to life and strangle him. Zayn always laughed at this, but until this day, he never saw Lou wearing one.

The darked haired man gave him a hateful glare, before diverting his gaze back onto the newspaper.

''Seems like someone's gotten up on the wrong foot today, doesn't it?'', he remarked, pouring himself a tall cup of coffee.

He took the bagels out of the bag, placing them onto a plate, before sitting down next to Zayn.


''Can we just drop the humor for today Lou?'', Zayn asked, annoyed, ''I'm not in a good mood.''

''No shit? And here I was thinking to myself just how happy you seemed.'', he wasn't planning on stopping anytime soon.

A long time ago, Louis made it his mission to either mess around or take Zayn's head out of the clouds whenever he had a chance. It wasn't because he was mean or jealous, but because he knew it was pretty much the only way to deal with Zayn's frequent mood swings. He just wanted Zayn to know that he couldn't behave towards Louis the way he treated everyone else around him. It was actually one of the reasons he was the only one who had earned Zayn's respect and more importantly - his trust.

Every time Zayn flew just a little too high, Louis was right there to bring his feet right back onto solid ground.

''What did you do to her?'', he simply asked, ''She ran out of that office so furious, I thought she was about to kill someone. She can be pretty scary when she's mad.''

''I tried to kiss her.'', Zayn unwillingly admitted.

''You did what?'', Louis' eyes flew wide open with shock, as he stared at his best friend in disbelief.

''You heard me. Except that instead of a kiss I got a slap in return.''

''Well, I can't really blame her. I've been saying for the longest time that someone should give you a proper beating.''

''Can we get serious here for a minute mate? I don't know what else to do. I can't just leave everything the way it is, I never give up, but I just don't get her. She's so different, I don't know how to behave in her presence and everything I try just ends in complete failure. To make things worse, she thinks that I see her as an easy catch.''

''That's because you do.'', Louis' voice was very calm, but he still wasn't going to make it easy for Zayn, ''You've always been like that towards women, the only difference this time is that Violet isn't easy or as a matter of fact, stupid. I can't believe you were dumb enough to try and kiss her. Jeez.''

''You really get her, don't you?'', Zayn said with a poignant tone.

''Did you read her book?'', Louis asked suddenly.

''What?'', the dark haired man got confused, ''Of course not. You know that I've stopped reading all that nonsense a long time ago. What's the point when we have people who do it for us? Why are you asking me this anyway?'', he started to get frustrated.

''Because my dear old friend...'', Louis rolled his eyes, ''I have. I didn't quite get Violet either, until I sat down and read her novel. She's not like most women today, she's an old soul Zayn. Violet is lost in a world of romance and love. A place where a man is a patient gentleman, who's always ready to be thoughtful, gentle and kind. The one who would wait for a woman as long as it took. She's not interested in neanderthals like yourself. In rich, pushy snobs who think everything and everyone belongs to them.'', he simply explained.

''So, you're basically telling me I stand no chance.'', now he was pretty angry.

''No, you dumb ass. I'm telling you that you should read her book. If you want to win the heart of Violet Hayes, you'll have to become the man from her novel.'', and that was, Zayn realized, the complete and utter truth.

The way to Violet's heart lied in her fantasies and in order for him to win her over, he would have to become everything she's ever dreamed of.

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