1. Rooftop

We sit on the rooftop. It's a bit chilly, but it's okay we have blankets and sweaters with us. It's late in the evening, the sun is setting over our town. She yawns and I just look at her and starts laughing. She gives me a stare that could've killed even the toughest marine soldier, but I'm used to that look. I'm starting to think she looks quite sexy when she gives me this look. It only last for a second or to, but it's there. The stare.

There's a long way down from up here.

We sit on a spot where it is flat. We sit next to a wall to support us. It's getting darker and darker. We hold our hands together gently. We are not very good at this boyfriend-girlfriend thing. We just see our relationship as two very good friends, that clicks really well. We kiss, drink, and fuck things up together. But if someone ask us if we are a couple. We both say no. We don't want all that, we don't need it. It's way too complicated.

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