Sakuma+Shingeki no Kyojin+Vocaloid

About the story?
I think Informations will be better.
Alfa: Only 10% of the population are Alfas. The Alfas in this story are strong and smart and they can find his mate. An Omega.

Beta: They are the normal. Only 80% of population are Betas.

Omega: The so called " Breeder". They can be pregnant regardness of they gender. Only 10% of population.

Then there are Seeds:
Heavy/Middle/ Light Seeds.Only Alfa and Omega has the seeds the Beta can't have it.

Heavy: Is a strong seed. This seed can control himself and has a better sight of his/her mate.

Middle: Is a seed of normal. This seed is like any human being.

Light: Is a very weak seed. They are easily ill and can die. This seed is very rare.

The MOST RARE Alfa/Beta/Omega and Heavy/Middle/Light are:
Light seed Omega.
Heavy seed Omega.
Heavy seed Alfa.

I hope we understand :3

My OTPs:
Levi x Eren
Erwin x Armin
Akaito x Kaito
Taito x Nigaito


2. The Greeting and Friend 1

It was like every day and every story starts like that. The sun was shining and warming up the Earth. The people trying to find a cold place where they can swim or talk. The people who loved the sun and warm playing outside or talking. The humans were a very weird living creature... When is sunny they are complaining that they want winter and when is winter they are again complaining that is too cold that they want sun.

The same was in the Vocaloid household.

They all complaining and yelling. Thought to the time when their master walked in.

" OH MY!!! I have a great news all!!"

All of them looking at their very happy master like she is crazy but not complaining.

" We are visiting tommorow the all world known company!!! The Wolf music company!! Oh my!!! I can't wait!!"

The master is starting to giggle around happily. All of the Vocaloids staring at her in disbelieve only Taito smiling happily for his master.

" Why would we need a fucking company when we are totaly fine with what we have?" Akaito said with an angry expression on his face.

Meiko sigh and looked at Akaito like at an idiot.

"I think master wants them to be our sponsors and because of their world knowing tittle.They can be helpfull for us." All nodded with Meiko. In that time master smiled and said.

" Miku,Kaito,Meiko,Len,Rin,Haku,Neru and Taiko. You eight are coming with me tommorow. Be prepared. In 8:00 we have to be there. Be nice."

Master said and walked away. Taito and Taiko following her. The others... Sighting and doing their daily routine.


The other day they are driving to the company. It was 7:45 and they were very unsure what to do. They were in the city. Yes. But... They don't know where to go. They tryend the map or even the GPS and you know how sometimes the GPS is...

In the crossroad where they were waiting when the green will light up they were nervous. It was 7:55 and they weren't even close to the company. Or they tought...

When the green light up the master started her car but throught the road a girl runned not noticing them. With a brutal turn they stoped in front of the girl. The girl stayed on the place looking at them with her aqua watery blue eyes.The wind blowing her really long orange fire hairs. She was smiling and happily walked to the car.

She knocked at the cars window. Kaito opening it with suprised and scared eyes.

" Kyo-chan! Are you it?! Oh my hold!!! You really are it!!" The girl laughed with a smile on her face. Totaly forgetting that they almost killed the very happy girl.

Master looked at her in disbelive." V...Vellu?"

"Yey!!! She hasn't forget about me!!!" The girl named Vellu opened the cars door and jumped through Kaito to Kyo and hugged her happily. The Vocaloids looking at the girl with weird looks.

How the hell the girl knowed their master?

The girl looked at them and smiled waving at them. They waved her back with weird faces. This girl was totaly crazy.

Kyo looked at Vellu with a suprised smile but then started to yell at her.

" Vellu!!! You idiot!!! You got almost killed by me! You know that Rellu would kill me if she had known this."

The girl pouted not knowing what to say. Then with a happy smile she changed the tema.

" Where are you going? You look happy."

"Ah!" Kyo looked at her mobile phone. It was 8:07.

" WAH!! We need to be in the Wolfmusic company!!! We are over time!!!"

Kyo started to be nervous and she shaked. Vellu looked at her worried but smiles when she hears Wolfmusic company.

"No problem!!! We are close!!! Just follow meh!!" The girl smiled cheerily.

They all looked at her and nodded. They parked their car in a parking slot and walked. In 8: 18 they were by the company. 

They looked at the big building. It was a big glass building where you can hear many sounds and songs.It wasn't loud.On the contrary. It was quiet and nice. Very nice. Even old people sitted in front of the company and listened at songs.

They walked in their mouth hanging. It was beautifull. The walls where pure white with colorfull sheets of music and pictures. Around the walls and in the corners were flowers. By the reception were picture world known band named No Name and De SakuWoll and all throphies of those two bands.

Vellu walked to the reception and all smiled. They started giggling around. Kyo walked with her Vocaloids to the reception.

" May I ask. We have an apointment here. We are the Vocaloids."

The receptionist looked into the computer and smiled at them. 

" Yes. The Vocaloid. Room number 1558. 16 floor.Please be carefull in your way"

They nodded and looked at Vellu but... She dissapeared like a ghost. They looked around but couldn't find her.

Kyo started to walk to the elevator and waited.

When the elevator get back to them they walked in and clicked the floor 16.


After a while they looked around to find the door 1558. And even found it but... The door was bigger then any else.

They knocked at the door and heard a voice calling them in.

They opened the door with a big suprise.

In the room was a big table with 40 or more chairs. In the end were a big chair turned looking at the window.

The room was aqua blue with flowers and the lamps in there were lighting an icy blue light. The room was cold thought.

They looked at the persons who sitted around the big table looking at them. Those persons were the well knowed.

L, H and M from the No Name and Shellu,Kellu,Dellu,Rellu,Exillu,Dark,Vall and Heallu from the De SakuWoll.

Rellu standed up and looked serious at them. " May I ask where have you been? It is 8:30. You know when you have to be here. You are really late you know. Kyo."

Rellu was seriously angry. The others giving a fuck about everything. Kyo was getting really nervous but then she startled when the big chair who was looking at the windows turned at them.There sitting the girl in her dancing clothing and with a smile on her face. The smile wan't friendly tought. It was a smile of a big seriousness.

The aqua watery blue eyes looking at them.

It was the little girl named Vellu.

" Rellu. Calm down. Be happy that they have comed. Right, Kyo?"

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