Sakuma+Shingeki no Kyojin+Vocaloid

About the story?
I think Informations will be better.
Alfa: Only 10% of the population are Alfas. The Alfas in this story are strong and smart and they can find his mate. An Omega.

Beta: They are the normal. Only 80% of population are Betas.

Omega: The so called " Breeder". They can be pregnant regardness of they gender. Only 10% of population.

Then there are Seeds:
Heavy/Middle/ Light Seeds.Only Alfa and Omega has the seeds the Beta can't have it.

Heavy: Is a strong seed. This seed can control himself and has a better sight of his/her mate.

Middle: Is a seed of normal. This seed is like any human being.

Light: Is a very weak seed. They are easily ill and can die. This seed is very rare.

The MOST RARE Alfa/Beta/Omega and Heavy/Middle/Light are:
Light seed Omega.
Heavy seed Omega.
Heavy seed Alfa.

I hope we understand :3

My OTPs:
Levi x Eren
Erwin x Armin
Akaito x Kaito
Taito x Nigaito


1. The Greeting and Friend

                          Do you believe in wonder or luck?

This was the question that falled on me like a stone from heaven. My life was always hard to this time.

People hated me for what I was born. A monster. People just laugh,hated,hunted and throwed things on me like I was the biggest beast in this world. Like... I was the one who killed...

It doesn't sound so hard or even so real. That is why people just laugh at me like I was crazy...


My name is Vellu Dragi Sakuma de La Lavience Sakuma. Just call me Vellu... I hate when people call me princess,miss or even little one...

Yes! I was only 155 cm height but what the fuck calling me little one!!! I was 17!!... Really...

My life wasn't like honey. Of course in my world to be a Wolfwampier wasn't something weird... But to be a Wolfwampier with nonstop life where you can't die and with a second personality who was called " The Monster in cage" was really weird... Plus my blood isn't normal too... It can heal everything very fast and I do not need a help with it... 

AND!! I was the most rare species... Heavy seed Omega... The most stupid one... ... ... Do you know how much I hate this?

People would say " WOW! You are AMAZING!!! You have so much luck!!!".


Of those 4 stupid things I can't live a normal life!  I was hunted because I was a Monster!! I was laughted of because they tought that I was crazy!!! They hated me for killing my father who was torturing me 5 years!!! And they throwed things at me because I wasn't like them...

Those other wolfwampiers are only a dirty judgement of fuck.

I thing I am talking too much... 


Here you have my story how I had from that fucking life come to a life with wonder,Love,Happiness and luck.

Good luck my friends!

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