Say I Love You Too

Mei Tachibana and Yamato Kurosawa have been happily dating for 1 whole year now. They've been able to over come all of their obstacles together and Yamato is so happy to see that Mei has sprouted out into a wonderful popular socializing blossom. Right at the beginning of their third year in high school, an unexpected student is thrown into the mix. Not only is she weird. energetic, talented, and beautiful, she just so happens to have a striking resemblance to Mei; not to mention that they have the same last name. But what do you expect when it turns out that this first year student is actually Mei's little sister, Mio Tachibana.


3. Orientation

It wasn't long before we all had reached the gym and everybody was separated according to grade. One after another, we walked in a straight line up the aisles to find a seat. Due to the limited chair spaces, we ended up having to sit in two different groups. Asami, Nakanishi, and Aiko sat behind Yamato and I.

"So how many friends do you think you're going to make this year Mei?" Yamato asked me smiling widely.

"What makes you think that I'm going to make any new friends?" I questioned.

"Well after you and I got together, you made plenty of friends." He said smugly with his nose pointed up as he looked forward. It was in a "if I may say so myself" sort of tone, not in a jerky way. I simply shrugged my shoulders.

"Who knows, I may make one new friend or a dozen new friends." Almost as if a light bulb went off in his head, he snapped his gaze back to me.

"A dozen friends? Don't you think that's too many?" He asked a little worried. I tilted my head in confusion.

"But you have plenty of friends, Yamato. Way more than just a dozen."

"Yeah.." he said fiddling with his fingers "I just don't want you to stop having time for me." He said getting quieter with every word. I lightly giggled to myself responding back to him.

"I'll always make time for you." I said simply with a small smile. He smiled back at me with satisfaction.

We continued to make small talk with each other before Asami reached over and tapped me on my shoulder. I turned around to give her my attention.

"Hey did you hear what the lower classmen have been talking about?"

"No." We both turned our attention to our right to look at all of the students younger than us and to hear what they were saying. A girl with bright red hair

and a short haired brunette

were speaking loud enough for us to hear every word. The red head had more of a calm aura, while the brunette was eager and excited. The brunette spoke up first.

"Oh. My. Gosh Hoshimi! Can you believe that our little Mio is the new student body president?! I'm so proud of her!" she said crying fake tears. The red head, who's apparently named Hoshimi, rolled her eyes before speaking up.

"Well, she is a straight A student. Her GPA has never dropped anywhere below a 4.1." Me and Asami looked at each other in astonishment.

"A 4.1?!" Asami shouted at them. Their focus turned to us and she rose from her seat to approach them. Without thinking, I rose from my seat as well and followed closely behind. "I can barely maintain a 3.0!" Hoshimi looked at Asami in confusion before turning back to her brunette friend.

"Friends of yours, Nozomi?" she shook her head vigorously.

"No, but they did come from the third years section. So they must be our upper class men!" Nozomi said getting a tad bit louder with each word. She quickly stood up, straightened the barrette in her hair, and then extended her hand. "Nozomi Hirogashi! It's very nice to meet you!" She said with a small bow before rising back up to extend her hand with a huge friendly smile plastered onto her face. We both looked at her shocked by how respectful she was before quickly smiling back at her. Asami shook her hand eagerly.

"Hi! My name's Asami Oikawa and this is my friend Mei Tachibana." She said including me in her introduction. Surprised, I fumbled with my words a little bit before bowing slightly and saying hello. Hoshimi let out a noise as if she had just realized something. We all looked at her confused, but Nozomi quickly brought her attention back on us after having a small epiphany.

"I almost forgot! This is my best friend and cousin Hoshimi Furuya!"

"Yo." She said simply while also saluting us with two fingers. Nozomi looked at her cousin in awe at her casual greeting. Just when she was about to lecture her, we were all asked to take our seats and quiet down since orientation was about to begin.

"Hello students of Toumei High School." Our school's principal began. "I am very happy to welcome back our former students and to introduce the new ones. Here with a speech for you all, is our new student body president; First year Mio Tachibana!" She stepped aside and began to clap. As everyone in the gymnasium clapped in consideration and in confusion as to how we have a first year president, you could hear wild clapping coming from the second year section. It was Nozomi-chan standing and clapping loudly and vigorously for her friend. She was quickly hushed once her cousin, Hoshimi-chan, yanked her back down into her seat. A few snickers were heard before our new student body president began her speech.

"Hello fellow classmates and fellow upper class men. My name is Mio Tachibana and I will be this school's new student body president." As she continued on, Yamato leaned in near my ear and began to whisper.

"Mei? Is it just my imagination, or does our new president look just like you?" I looked at him confused.

"Huh?" I whispered in response.

"Yeah. She looks like a mini you." Asami added in.

"Mhmm." Nakanishi said agreeingly while nodding his head once with his arms folded. They all surrounded me with comments about how the first year on stage in front of us all looks just like me.

What?! She doesn't look like me! So what if we have the same colored hair and eyes? Or if we even have the same facial structure? Or if...we have the same last names...?

After becoming lost in my thoughts about this little situation, I was finally brought back once I felt the soft pat of Nakanishi's hand on my shoulder.

"Why do she look like you?"

"She doesn't look like me!" I said loudly while accidentally standing up. Even though all eyes were on me, I felt as if I was the smallest thing in the room.

"Who doesn't look like you?" Asked Madame President after being interrupted by my sudden out burst.

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