Say I Love You Too

Mei Tachibana and Yamato Kurosawa have been happily dating for 1 whole year now. They've been able to over come all of their obstacles together and Yamato is so happy to see that Mei has sprouted out into a wonderful popular socializing blossom. Right at the beginning of their third year in high school, an unexpected student is thrown into the mix. Not only is she weird. energetic, talented, and beautiful, she just so happens to have a striking resemblance to Mei; not to mention that they have the same last name. But what do you expect when it turns out that this first year student is actually Mei's little sister, Mio Tachibana.


5. Ice Cream?

Once again, I was speechless. Of course, things like this would only happen to me. Mio-chan continued to hug me tightly. Though I don't really know who she is, I'm surprisingly comfortable with her. In a way, she reminds me of Nagi.

All in one motion, Yamato managed to stand us all back up on our feet. In that same instance, Mio-chan let me go and smiled at me with her blinding pearly white teeth.

"Um, Mio-chan?" Yamato muttered out. "Can you meet us at the gate when school is over? Your big sister here needs time to take all of this in. In fact, we can all go out for ice cream to talk more about this, okay?" She looked a bit confused at first, but quickly smiled once Yamato mentioned ice cream.

"So we can all go out for ice cream?!" She asked excitedly. He laughed and nodded at her as she smiled and giggled to herself.

"That's later though, Mio-chan. Right now, your big sis and I need to talk."

"I understand!" She said loudly in a soldier like stance whilst giving Yamato a salute. She held her salute to Yamato before he chuckled and dismissed her.

She marched away without even a passing glance. Yamato smiled down at me when my focus traveled back on him.

"Did I do good, Mei?" He asked whilst patting my head. I swiftly smacked his hand away.

"Don't do that, Stupid-ass!" I shouted as he only smiled in response. My normal blush began to settle down as I sighed in relief. "Anyways, Yamato, why did you invite her out for ice cream?" He positioned his hand under his chin as he pondered on his answer.

"Well," He finally said, "she acts a lot like a little kid, despite her age and newfound position here. You know how Aiko always takes Asami out for sweets when she's down? I figured that'd be the same solution to someone with a childlike demeanor. Mio-chan's way more childish than Asami-san though." He said that last part with a slight chuckle.

It's true. It's like she knows when to be mature and when to play. Even though she's very playful, she's actually quite grown-up. I'm a bit jealous.

The rest of the day wasn't as eventful as this morning was at all. Aside from the slight chuckles I'd get from students when I'd walk past them, everything was just like any other school day.

I opened my locker to retrieve my shoes when the sound of rapid footsteps appeared from behind me.

"Mei-chan!" Asami called out to me. I was holding my shoes in my hand when Asami decided to throw herself on my back in a quick hug before adjusting her grip to only my left arm.

"Oh. Hey Asami."

"Aiko scored some great coupons at this tea place! They even serve some cute little deserts. Join us! It'll be fun." She said enthusiastically like always. Aiko suddenly emerged over Asami's shoulder holding up 3 coupons. One for each of us.

"Yeah. Come on Tachibana. Or else pigtails here will have to complain to me about all of her problems." Asami quickly let go of me to turn around and argue with Aiko.

"Aiko! Don't call me Pigtails! And besides they're really cute!" I giggled at their usual friendly banter.

"I'd love to, but Yamato and I already have plans to go out for ice cream with Mio-chan." They stopped their bickering to look at me with questioning eyes.

"Mio-chan? Are you talking about Princess President? Why are you going out for ice cream for her? And when did you all get acquainted?" Aiko as she folded her arms and raised an eyebrow at me. I looked away out of intimidation and began to put my shoes on. I sat my other pair in my locker before turning back around to face them.

"I'll call you guys later to tell you everything. But I've really gotta get going. I'm sorry." Their confused expressions remained as they waved goodbye to me.

I can't just tell them that I might possibly have a little sister and then try to leave. They'd hold me hostage. It'll just be better to tell them later when I have time and am in the safety of my own home.

I approached the front gates and could see Yamato waiting. Once I was in his sights, he smiled and waved. Before I could do the same, Mio-chan had popped out from behind him and waved eagerly.

"Hello Mei-sempai!!" She exclaimed once we united.

Sempai? This girl is all over the place on where we stand. We went from big sister to Sempai in the blink of an eye.

"Why the sudden formality?" I questioned as we began to walk.

" I just figured that it'd be a good idea to call you that while on campus. Don't want everyone to know before the situation has been fully explained to you." I responded with a simple nod to show my understanding since I was speechless.

I'm really impressed by how considerate and understanding she's being about all of this. Its both cool and strange. Not like I'm one to talk. I know all about being weird.

The rest of the walk was filled with an occasional silence when Mio-chan wasn't talking. But we reached the ice cream parlor before she talked our ears off.

Mio-chan looked at the ice cream intently, pondering on what she wanted. Yamato slightly squatted to eye level with her before speaking.

"Pick whatever you want Mio-chan. I'm paying." Her eyes lit up as she looked at him.

"Really?!" She shouted excitedly while gaining the attention of stray customers. Yamato smiled his sweet smile to her reaction.

"Really." He confirmed. She hurriedly ordered a banana parfait and we all sat at a table for three by a window. Mio-chan wasted no time on eating her parfait. Just like Yamato, all I could do was smile. She sighed heavily once she was done.

"Are you ready to talk now, Mio-chan?" Asked Yamato. She nodded vigorously while pieces of her parfait rested on the corners of her mouth. She took a deep breath before looking at me with a serious expression.

"Mei, I am Mio Tachibana, your little sister; daughter of Hisako Tachibana; your aunt."

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