True love?

Cara is the girl that is pretty, cute and smart. Gabriel is a guy who can be kind of mean but is there a nice side to him? Blake is the childhood friend who is good looking and flirts with most of the girls. Will Cara make him stay with just one girl?


10. chapter 9

During homeroom I was just sitting and waiting for the bell to ring when Gabe said to me "Come on Cara give him a chance. He's a really great guy." I rolled my eyes and said "Gabe, we've been over this a million times. I. Will. Not. Go. Out. With. Him." Gabe said "Cara just listen to me.."

"No you listen to me. Don't tell me what to do about my love life okay. You don't know anything about me Gabreil. So just stop talking to me about him it grosses me out." Gabe looked shocked at what I said "I thought your the cute, sweet and innocent girl. How can you be kinda sassy?" I laughed and said "Everyone thinks that's the girl I am." I whispered "If only they got to know me they would know the real me."

Gabe was about to say something but the bell rang so I got my stuff and left.

After that Gabe barely talked to me about Will and I was thankful. He only talked to me about Lana. I gave him some tips but the one I really wanted him to do was change. He's still mean sometimes. Until then Lana won't like him.

I was hanging with Gabe and Becky at lunch because the others were doing things. Gabe and I were talking about our language arts homework. He came over and sat next to me. He sat kind of close. He was reading my essay and then he put it in between us and pointed out some errors and I nodded. While I was fixing it I could feel him looking at my face.

"What?" He shook his head and said "Nothing I just never realized...never mind." He looked away from me and scooted farther. "Oookkkaayy." I finished my essay and picked up my tray and me and Becky left. Gabe left to go hang with some of his friends. Becky said "Did you see that? Gabe was looking at you and he sat kind of close." I nodded and she said "Why is that?" "I don't know Becky. Because were friends."

She shook her head and whispered "Hmm sure for now." "What'd you say?" She shook her head and the bell rang so we walked to class.

*the next day*

After 2nd period it was break. We stayed in the classroom and just talked. Lana was siting and I was standing next to her leaning on the wall with Becky in front of her. We were talking about my new puppy Chocolate. Then Gabe walked over and I held my hand up for a high five. He have me a high five but he continued to give me more. I went with it and then I just stopped.

I said "My hand is smaller than yours" and I laughed. He nodded and then he intertwined our fingers so he was holding it. Our hands were above Lana's head and she looked at the both of us. "Uhh..." I said. Lana got up and said "Becky let's leave them alone." They both left me and then closed the classroom door on us. Gabe was still holding my hand as I was pounding on the door. When the door open I let go of his hand and walked out.

He caught up to me and said "I'm sorry...I don't know I just felt like doing it. Your the first girl I've held hands with..." He smiled at me and I nodded "Oookkkaaay." The bell rang and I left Gabe. I saw Becky and Lana at our next class. I slapped them both on their arms. Becky said "What'd we do?!" I said "You left me alone with Gabe! While he was holding my hand! Do you know how awkward that was?! And then he told me I was the first girl he held hands with. What even am I supposed to say to that?!"

Lana laughed and whispered something to Becky and she nodded. I said "What?" Lana said "Cara he might like you." They both smiled and I said "What?!?! No no no that can't be! He likes YOU Lana!"

Becky said "For now. Okay let's get to class." They both pushed me into the class even though I was still talking to them about how crazy that was.

Gabe can not like me. That's impossible he likes Lana.

Gabe's POV

Her hand was so soft. It was the softest hand I've ever felt. She's really pretty. Gawd I'm so dumb I was staring at her at lunch. But I couldn't help it she was so pretty. And she's nice, she's been helping me with Lana. Lana....the girl I like. Or is it Cara?

I've been talking to her a lot and I've realized she's nice. She's cute and funny. She leans on her arm when she's bored and she likes to sleep in homeroom. She's right if you get to know her better she's not what everyone thinks she is.

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