True love?

Cara is the girl that is pretty, cute and smart. Gabriel is a guy who can be kind of mean but is there a nice side to him? Blake is the childhood friend who is good looking and flirts with most of the girls. Will Cara make him stay with just one girl?


9. chapter 8:

I was walking around the school during lunch with Lana. She said "I heard you got a gift from Blake." I nodded "He got me the cutest puppy I've ever seen." I smiled thinking of Chocolate. "Hey don't you think that Blake likes.." She didn't finished what she was saying because I saw Gabe. He was with his jerk friends and they were whispering about the girl that walked by.

She was a nice girl and smart but she wasn't skinny. I heard Gabe say "Ohh woah there's a whale on land." Everyone in his group laughed. I said "Gawd he can be such a jerk." Lana nodded and showed a disgusted face. "This is why I don't like him." Lana left me because she was so disgusted.

Gabe's friends left and I walked over to him. "Hey Gabe." He looked at me and said "Sup." "Dude why you gotta be such a dick? What did that girl ever do to you?" He laughed and said "Nothing but she's fat and annoying so we make fun of her." "What the fuck Gabe? Girls are so sensitive and have insecurities. A little word from a guy can make her feel like she's ugly and won't think that anyone cared about her. She could commit suicide if you don't stop." He stopped smiling and said "Ohh woah I don't want that."

"Then stop being such an asshole. Lana was with me you know and she didn't like what she saw. She won't ever like a dick like you if you don't change." I walked away after saying that and hoped that he thought about it and would change.

After school I went to the mall with Blake. We were on our way to get drinks before we went to Fun Factory. I was really craving my new favorite drink, bubble tea. Blake walked up to the cash register and ordered our favorite "Two honeydew bubble tea please." I was pulling out my wallet when I saw Blake hand over a 20. The lady handed him his change.

I said "I can pay for myself you know." "I'm treating you today. You spend nothing at all, I'll pay for everything." I said "Are you sure?" He nodded and I said "Thanks." He said "Anything for you babe." He winked and I said "Don't call me that." I made a pouty face. "Aww the baby is sad." He poked my cheek and I swatted his hand away.

The lady called out our order but we never heard. Blake was hugging me tightly and I was squirming trying to get out. We were both laughing and then the lady repeated our order was done. Blake let me go but ruffled my head before getting our drinks. I fixed my hair and then took my drink from him. I said "Cheers." And I lightly hit it against his drink. He smiled and did the same.

"Now Fun Factory!" I started walking away and Blake followed. We played hockey, basketball and had a car race. I really suck at sports so when we were playing basketball I missed most of the shots. I looked at Blake's score and it was 27.

"Damn I suck!" I laughed and Blake stopped playing and came up behind me. He put his hands on both of my arms and positioned it them to throw. My breath hitched. Why is my heart beating so fast? What am I feeling?

He said "Now shoot." I did and it made it in. I continued and I made every shot. I ended with a score of 18. "Wow I've never made that before! Thanks Blake." I turned around and saw that his face was in front of mine. He was still standing behind me. He smiled and said "Good job Cara." I looked him in the eyes.

I didn't realize how nice his eyes were. He looked at my lips and back at my eyes. He inched his head closer to mine but he shook it and took two steps back. I blushed and said "Uhh..." He rubbed the back of his neck and stuck his other hand in his pocket and looked at the ground. He looked so cute when he was flustered. Wait...what am I saying? This is my best friend.

He said "Let's go get your bear." I nodded and we walked to the front where the prizes were. I saw this cute white bear with a dress that looked like something I own and I pointed at it and said "Can I have that one please?" The worker got it and smiled at me. He said "You know this bear has a partner. It'd be wrong to separate the two." He took down the bear next to it which was a brown bear holding a heart. Blake said "We'll take it." He handed the worker his Fun Factory card and paid for it.

He took the bears but he handed me the brown one with the heart and said "Here, so you'll think of me and this will remind me of you." I took the bear and looked at the heart. I didn't realize it but it said I love you.

My mom picked us up and dropped Blake home. When I got home I went to my room and saw Chocolate sleeping on the floor by my bed. I sat down on my bed and hugged the bear. "Am I staring to like Blake?" I shook my head and told myself we're just friends. "He doesn't see you that way Cara." And right then I realized I didn't like my ex boyfriend anymore.

Blake's POV

We were so close while I was helping her. When she turned around I couldn't help but smile at her happy face. I leaned in, almost about to kiss her but I don't want to scare her. I need to get my feelings in check. I need to do something. I texted up a girl I was flirting with at the mall one time. Maybe I would like her.

But deep down I know she won't compare to Cara. Her pretty smile and cute laugh. The way she bites her lip when she thinks or when were just sitting and she's tired she'll lean her head on my shoulder. Cara is just the perfect girl for me. That's it I'm done with my flirty ways. Cara is the one and only girl in my heart.

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