True love?

Cara is the girl that is pretty, cute and smart. Gabriel is a guy who can be kind of mean but is there a nice side to him? Blake is the childhood friend who is good looking and flirts with most of the girls. Will Cara make him stay with just one girl?


8. chapter 7: Back to school

"Ugh I hate Mondays. Gotta wake up early and come to school." I plopped my head down on my arms on the table. "I know right. I slept late because I had to finish my homework for math. The teacher is so boring I want to fall asleep in class."

Becky and I laughed. The bell rang and we went to homeroom.

My homeroom teacher said "Okay everyone time for assigned seats. I don't care if you don't like the person your sitting next to, deal with it. We'll change every quarter." Our teacher started naming people and pointing then to their seats.

"...Cara next to Gabriel." I sat down next to Gabe and sighed. He said "Hey lesbian." "Gawd shut the fuck up Gabe. I'm not a damn lesbian." He put his hands up in defense and said "Calm down Cara, I'm just kidding." I rolled my eyes and put my head down, trying to get some sleep before first period.

When the bell rang I got up and left before Gabe.

*at lunch*

I was sitting with Becky, Lana, Nate and Travis. Gabriel was still in line for lunch. Becky said "Hey Lana you totally know right the Gabe still likes you?" Lana made a disgusted face and said "I know he should just give up. That boy doesn't know how to take a hint when a girl doesn't like him. I mean who would? He can be mean."

I laughed and said "Uhh Lana you can be mean ya know." Lana nodded and said "Well yeah but I'm only mean to you guys and it's not even that mean it's just me being straightforward or kidding with you guys." Becky said "We know and we love you." I hugged Lana and she said "Get off! You know I don't like hugs."

She pried my arms off of her and I laughed.

The school day ended and nothing else happened. Except that I had to walk home since Reilly his girlfriend with him. I was just leaving the school when a car pulled up next to me.

It was Blake and his mom. Mrs. Miller said "Cara dear are you walking home?" I said "Yes Mrs. Miller." Blake said "Hop in we'll give you a ride." I thanked Blake's mom and got in. Blake said "Cara your birthday is coming up. You excited?"

"Yeah sure." He turned around and looked at me "You don't sound that excited." I laughed and said "I am Blake trust me." He smiled when I laughed and turned around. They dropped me home and I thanked Mrs. Miller again. I was walking into my house when I got a text from Blake.

Him: Meet me at the park in 10

Me: Why?

Him: Just do it you dummy

Me: Fine

I put my bag down in my room only leaving with the keys to my house and my phone. I headed to the park and I looked around. I didn't see Blake so I sat at a bench. I was waiting for Blake and then I saw a biker coming towards me. The person on the bike was Gabe. He saw me and stopped.

He said "What're you doing here?" "It's the park Gabe, anyone can be here." He nodded and said "Hey I just wanted to apologize for me calling you and Becky a lesbian. I know your not a lesbian." "It's okay Gabe." "Ohh here comes your boyfriend."

"Huh? I don't have a boyfriend." But Gabe was already petaling off into the distance. And then I felt hands over my eyes. The person said "Guess who." "If your not my friend Blake I should be worried because then you'd be a random person." Blake removed his hands and I turned around. But instead of seeing Blake's shirt in front of my face, there was a puppy.

A cute brown puppy. I was shocked and said "Ohh hi there little guy, what's your name?" "You choose it's your dog." "Mine?" I smiled up at Blake. I've always wanted a dog. "It's my birthday gift to you." "Ohh thanks I love you!" He froze at my words. "You love me?" I laughed "Of course I do I've known you since preschool." He said "Ohh that's what you meant by love." "Yeah what else would I have meant?" "Nothing."

He handed me the dog and I said "Girl or boy?" "Girl" I petted her and she barked happily. "Aww your so cute." Blake took a picture from his phone and said "I'm sorry I couldn't resist you looked so happy." "It's okay. I think I'll name her Chocolate. She's light like milk chocolate that's why." He nodded and I thanked him again.

He said "Anything for you Cara." "Aww your so sweet." I pinched his cheeks but he looked serious. Before I could ask what's wrong he smiled and pulled my hand off. "Whatever." I took the dog home and Blake left to go home also. Chocolate ran around happily in my room. Making herself comfortable on my bed. I smiled and lied down on my bed also. Chocolate ran up next to me and lied down next to me. I petted her until we both fell asleep for a nap.

Blake's POV

I lied on my bed staring at my phone. Looking at the picture I took of Cara and Chocolate. She looked so happy. "I love her smile. She's so pretty." I sighed and realized that my feelings weren't going away but getting stronger. I made her picture my screensaver and shut off my phone. I tried taking a nap but I couldn't because my head was full of thoughts about Cara.

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