True love?

Cara is the girl that is pretty, cute and smart. Gabriel is a guy who can be kind of mean but is there a nice side to him? Blake is the childhood friend who is good looking and flirts with most of the girls. Will Cara make him stay with just one girl?


4. chapter 3

Becky and I were alone with Gabe in an empty class room. We were by the board and thinking of things he could do. We gave suggestions and he had some ideas. He decided to give her a note.

"Thats a good start Gabe." I said. Becky left shortly after because her class was far. I was trying to take a nap when Gabe said something to me.

"Hey Cara? You already know that Will likes you right? Why don't you give him a chance?"

I sat up and looked at him disgusted.

"Eww Gabe no offense but he's ugly and fat okay. Not going to waste my second boyfriend on that."

"Come on Cara. Will is funny and...he's funny." I laughed that he couldn't think I anything else. I turned to face Gabe entirely and looked him in the eyes.

He looked shocked and looked back at me.

"Gabe worry about Lana and your love life okay? Not mine...I don't need help." I got up and walked away from him. He followed after me and said sorry. I smiled and forgave him.

*the next day*

I was sitting at the same table as yesterday and it seemed as our group had claimed it as our own. Will had walked up to me and gave me a note and walked away. I read it and realized that it was a love letter and at the bottom he asked me out. Gross.

Of course I circled no and put the letter away. Gabe came over and sat next to me and winked "I saw Will gave you something." I handed him the letter and when he was done reading it he said "This guy stole everything I wanted to say to Lana! Ugh!" I patted his back and told him to calm down.

"You want me to help you with your note for Lana?" I offered with a smile. "Thanks Cara."

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