True love?

Cara is the girl that is pretty, cute and smart. Gabriel is a guy who can be kind of mean but is there a nice side to him? Blake is the childhood friend who is good looking and flirts with most of the girls. Will Cara make him stay with just one girl?


31. chapter 29

Blake said "You're the girl from the hospital and the music shop! The one who left me a rose and note and then an umbrella."

The girl said "Ohh well that was me yes. Dang I was hoping you would never have known."


"Because I like to keep it a secret who I am."

I cut it. "But you told me where to come find you if I ever wanted to in my note?"

She smiled at me. "You're different. You seemed like a person I wouldn't mind being accompanied by."

Lana laughed but tried to cover it by a cough. "Did you hear that Blake? She didn't want to see you again." And then she laughed so hard that she had to hold her stomach and Becky was patting her back and trying to make her shut up.

Blake glared at Lana which made her laugh even harder.

The girl said "Ohh no that's not what I meant." Blake nodded.

"Okay please don't explain what you really meant or Lana over there will keep laughing." He sighed. "She'll never let this down."

Lana sputtered "Ohh ye-yeah." And laughed again.

Blake was walking to the girl but I cut in front of him. He stopped short and the girl looked at me. She was about my height. Her eyes were blue and mesmerizing.

"Id like to formally introduce myself. I'm Cara, nice to meet you."

She smiled sweetly and said "I'm Rose."

"Is that why you give out roses?"

She laughed "Ohh no, that's just a coincidence. My name actually has a bad meaning to it for me. My father gave me that name because my mother hated that flower. So it would make her want to talk to me as little as possible so she didn't have to say my name. He took me away when I was 8."

Blake stood next to me. "Ohh that's sad. I'm Blake by the way." She nodded at him and twirled away and sat on the couch. Lana laughed again at how she just brushed him off.

Blake followed and sat on the opposite side of the couch she was on and he just stared at her.

He tried to talking to her again and she just gave him one worded answers which made Lana laughed even harder and Becky trying to calm her down again.

I smiled at the scene and went outside the open screened doors. I closed them quietly behind me. I walked down to the ocean and looked out at how dark it was.

The water looked black and I wanted to put my feet in. I took my slippers off and stepped in.

I sighed as the cold water washed over my feet and then the water receded just to have it wash over me again.

I went to my slippers and put them back on. I sat on the sand with my head resting on my knees, my arms wrapped around my legs.

I heard a bing from my phone telling me I got a message from someone. It was from Gabe.

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