True love?

Cara is the girl that is pretty, cute and smart. Gabriel is a guy who can be kind of mean but is there a nice side to him? Blake is the childhood friend who is good looking and flirts with most of the girls. Will Cara make him stay with just one girl?


28. chapter 26

That night as I was laying in my bed, Reily walked in. He flopped onto my bed. He propped himself on one arm and stared at me.

He sighed and I said "Are you waiting for something?"

"I'm waiting for you to talk about it."

I got up and walked over to my desk, turning on my computer. "About what?"

"You know what I'm talking about. You think Blake wouldn't tell me? I guess I told the wrong guy to not hurt you huh?"

I laughed "You're dumb."

He walked over to me and leaned on my desk. "Are you okay though?"

"Of course, why wouldn't I be? We weren't dating that long and I didn't like him all that much anyway." I lied. My heart ached just thinking about him. It was painful to sit by him in class and pretend like everything is okay.

"Don't lie cara."

"I'm not."

He sighed and kissed my to top of my head. "Sometimes cara you need to tell what you really feel. Find someone who can bring that out in you."

He left and I put my head down. Then I heard something hit my window. I turned around and stared at my window. Then something hit it again and I knew I wasn't imagining things.

I was going to call for Reily but I thought not to. I walked over to the window and saw a figure on out lawn throwing rocks at my window. I was going to scream for Reily when I heard.

"Cara don't freak out. Come down and meet me, bring a jacket too. I don't know how long we'll stay out."

I smiled and grabbed my shoes and my sweater and put it over my tank top. I ran down the stairs and opened the door.

I jumped into his arms and he smiled at me.

"Let's go."

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