True love?

Cara is the girl that is pretty, cute and smart. Gabriel is a guy who can be kind of mean but is there a nice side to him? Blake is the childhood friend who is good looking and flirts with most of the girls. Will Cara make him stay with just one girl?


25. chapter 23

I stood there listening to the ocean. Watching the water come in and go back out. A shell washed up on the shore and I walked to get it.

I picked it up and looked at it. It was very beautiful, pink and white while it glistened in the sun. I pulled back my arm and threw it back in the water as far as I could. I sat at the edge of the water where it couldn't reach me and rested my forehead on my knees. I started to tear up.

I heard someone stand next to me a few minutes later. I didn't wanna look up knowing that period would leave sooner or later. Whoever the person was didn't move. I looked up and saw a girl.

She seemed to be my age.

"Hi can I help you?" I asked

"You look sad. What's wrong?"

"I really don't wanna talk about it." I turned back toward the ocean.

She nodded. I felt her leave after awhile and I stayed for a few more minutes. When I got up and dusted myself off I saw there was a rose next to me. There was also a note attached. I opened it up and this is what it said.

I'm sorry I don't really know who you are and this may not be my place to say but I really hate seeing people sad. So I left you a rose, hopefully it'll help. I know you didn't want to talk about it to a complete stranger but thank you for being nice. I can tell you haven't told anyone yet about how you feel. I come to this beach to when I feel down. There's a little cave down the beach where I stay though, very quiet and secluded. I just thought that maybe for next time if anything comes up you might want to be there. I'm here once in awhile to but I don't think you'd like to hang with me lol. Well whatever your problem is i know you'll get through it with the people you love. Just talk it out with them. :) and since I trust you I'll sign it with my real name.

From, Anna

I looked back up the road and down the beaches and saw no one. I really wanted to thank that girl for the rose and note. She seemed really nice. Maybe when this is all over I'll come back and find her.

Gabes POV

I was hanging at the mall with some friends when I saw Blake coming. I waved him over but he looked pissed. He stormed toward me and I felt alarmed.

I mean what did I do?

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