True love?

Cara is the girl that is pretty, cute and smart. Gabriel is a guy who can be kind of mean but is there a nice side to him? Blake is the childhood friend who is good looking and flirts with most of the girls. Will Cara make him stay with just one girl?


23. Chapter 21

Blake's POV

I walked out of my house. My mom yelled "Blake it's pouring!! Get in here!!"

I slammed the door. I didn't even bring a jacket. I walked to town and I was soaking wet. I stood under an awning of a music store. I looked in the shops window and a memory came to my mind.

Cara's smiling face looking at me as she looked at the instruments. She kept looking at one particular instrument, the guitar. She thought I didn't notice but I did. I picked it up and started playing a sweet melodic tune. She clapped her hands and hummed to the beat. I remember that day perfectly. What she was wearing, what she said, what she smelled like, and what we did.

After I stopped playing and put the instrument back she grabbed my hand and we left the store. When we turned the corner it started pouring like it was right now. Then she gave a little scream and I took my jacket off and put it over her head and ran back to the store to under the awning.

I put my jacket around her shoulders because she was shivering. Her hair was wet and she shook her head like a dog to get the rain drops out. I thought it was the cutest thing.

People would pass us on the street in umbrellas rushing to get home. Cara had started to lean on me because she was getting tired and colder.

I was without my jacket and I was freezing. Her warmth though was all I needed. She said "Blake I'm happy were friends." "Me too." "You know your such a fuck boy." I laughed and said "Gee thanks."

"You really shouldn't date that much girls if you don't even like them. I mean do you even like one girl?"

Yes Cara you. But of course I didn't say that out loud. I shook my head and she sighed. An old couple was walking in the rain and as they passed us they said "What a cute couple." Cara smiled and said "Thanks but were not a couple."

"Ohh what a shame you guys look good together."

I said "Maybe one day." Cara laughed and said "Like you'll ever like me." Then the rain started to stop and stopped in a few minutes and I walked Cara home.

I sighed and turned around facing the street. Looking at the rain. I stepped towards the edge and held my hand out to touch the rain.

I heard someone run under the same awning as me but I didn't look. I stepped out of the awning and started to walk back home. I heard a little cough and a soft "Excuse me." I turned around and saw an umbrella on the ground with a note.

I read it and it said "Dear stranger, here is an umbrella for you. Take it with you, you shouldn't get sick. You seem kinda down, don't worry life will get better. Take better care of yourself. :)"

The same person from the hospital? I looked up and saw the same light grown wavy hair in the distance. I called out to her "Miss!! Wait!!" She didn't look back and got into a taxi. As the taxi passed by me she covered her face.

"What the heck?"

Cara's POV

I sat by my bay window looking at the rain. I felt the rain was very comforting. Chocolate tried to jump onto the ledge to sit with me.

I laughed and carried her up. She sat down and looked at the rain. She was so cute. My phone had buzzed and I stood up and walked over to my desk to get my phone. I read the message from Becky.

I dropped my phone. It was a picture of Gabe.

He was hugging another girl....

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