True love?

Cara is the girl that is pretty, cute and smart. Gabriel is a guy who can be kind of mean but is there a nice side to him? Blake is the childhood friend who is good looking and flirts with most of the girls. Will Cara make him stay with just one girl?


16. chapter 15

Cara's POV

After school Lana and I walked with Gabe to his house. I said "Where do you live anyway Gabe?" He said "You'll see." Lana said "It's like we're heading to your house Cara." I nodded and kept following Gabe.

He actually turned into my neighborhood and walked in the direction of my house. I said "Uhh Gabe you live here?" He nodded and we passed my house and around the corner. He was the house right behind mine.

He said "I live right behind you Cara." Lana said "Cara you didn't know?" I shook my head and said "Gabe did you know you lived behind me.?" He said "Uhh yeah your window of your room faces mine."

"Ohh dude you're not a creep right who looks in my window?" I made a disgusted face and Lana laughed. Gabe frowned and said "No I am not a creep and I don't do that." He said defensively. I said "Surrrrrrre you don't."

Gabe groaned and said "I don't. Let's stop talking about this let's go inside." We followed him inside and we put our stuff down by the couch. He said "Make yourself at home. I'll be right back." He went up the stairs and into his room and changed.

Lana sat on the couch and said "Hmm you know what he's probably doing? A happy dance." "Why would he be doing that?" "Because you, Cara Blue is in his house." She pointed her finger at me. "And why would it matter that I'm in his house?"

"You dummy because he likes you." I rolled my eyes and said "Stop saying that. It's not true. He likes Cameron." Lana shrugged and didn't say anything else.

Gabe came back down and he was wearing a red shirt and jeans. He was also wearing glasses which surprised me. He doesn't wear glasses in school.

Lana said "Uhh Gabe you've got something on your face." He touched his face and said "Where? What is it?" Lana pointed at his glasses and said "That. You don't wear glasses so why are they there?"

"Uhh well duh because I need them. I don't wear glasses in school because I wear contacts." I said "Ohh well you look good." He really did. He looked cute in a way that made me want to hug him and snuggle.

He smiled and said "Thanks but I think I look bad in glasses." I said "No you don't. I swear." Lana laughed and said "Okay love birds let's get to our assignment." I blushed at her calling us love birds. I was going to tell her not to call me that when Gabe said "Yup let's get started."

Was he not bothered by Lana calling us that? Lana sat in the arm chair and there was a love seat. Gabe sat farther from Lana and there was only the other seat next to him or the floor.

I made my way towards the seat and sat down. Gabe scooted a bit closer. He leaned his elbows on his knees so he could get closer.

I took out my paper and said "So we got the part where Lucas tells Kristina that he likes her and she does the same. When Kristina goes home she heard a noise outside. She goes to see what it is and then she gets kidnapped by Zoey."

"Zoey is holding up a knife up to Kristina's neck and makes her follow. She ends up beating up Kristina really bad until Lucas comes in and saves the day. He kisses her on the forehead there. And as they're leaving the hospital and think about what's happened they have their first kiss on the lips."

Gabe said "So what should we do first?" Lana said "Well that was mainly the important stuff and we still have the three other scenes where they break up and Zoey gives notes to Kristina and stuff. So why don't we do the break up first?"

Gabe nodded. They said they're lines and that was an easy scene. It ends with Zoey saying "I will do anything to get you back. You're mine and no one else." She storms out of the room leaving Lucas. I clapped and said "That was great." Lucas said "Because I'm a great actor."

Lana said "Psh whatever. Don't be too cocky you dick." I said "Okay what next?" Gabe said "Well we don't need to do the notes and stuff where Kristina reads them. It's easy you'll be alone and just read and wonder who gave you them. Let's do the next important scene. Where our characters tell each other that they like one another." Lana laughed but coughed to hide it up.

I looked at her and she was smiling. She whispered "Of course he wants to do that scene." I rolled my eyes and said "Shut up." Gabe started reading his first line "Kristina...I know that dating me can be dangerous because of our family's feud but I will not let that come between us dating. You are the one for me. The girl of my dreams. The perfect girl I've ever seen. I just want you to know that I love you very deeply with all my heart and I always will."

"I will do anything for you. You are the most important thing in my life. You make me feel complete. You've changed me. I used to be mean and now I'm changing." Lana looked back down at her paper and said "Wait...that's not in the script..." Gabe said "I know we don't know each other well but will you go on a date with me? We'll learn more about each other and get closer. I just love you so much I just need to tell you how I felt...Cara."

I looked at him with shock. "Did you just ask me out?" He put his hands in his pocket and looked at the ground and said "I like you Cara. Will you go on a date with me? Just a date for now." Lana smiled and stood up. She bumped my shoulder and said "Didn't I tell you he liked you? Girl you should listen to us. Say yes. You can go out with him. I know you sorta like him."

I took a step closer to Gabe and held his hand. He looked at me and I smiled "Yes I'll go on a date with you." He smiled and then hugged me suddenly. He carried me and turned me around and said "Sorry I'm just so happy." Lana clapped her hands and said "Well we did most of the scenes let's just hang out for now."

Gabe nodded and went to the kitchen to get chips and cookies and drinks. We sat on the couch watching tv. Lana sat with her legs over one arm and faced the tv. I sat on the love seat again and Gabe sat next to me. He sat on the other end and I looked at him and said "What're you doing so far? Come here." I patted the seat next to me and he smiled and said "You sure?"

I laughed and said "Gabe I'm sure. Were already friends so you don't need to be so shy with me." He came closer and he put his arm around my shoulder. I leaned my head on him and he held me tighter. After the movie Lana's mom picked her up and Gabe walked me home. He walked me to my front door holding my hand.

He said sadly "I guess you need to go now." I laughed and said "Well were at my house already so yeah I need to go now." He nodded and he let go of my hand reluctantly. He said "Give me your phone." I handed it and said "Why?" He gave it back and said "Now you have my number and we can talk." I smiled at him and he smiled back.

He said "Well I better get home now. Bye Cara." I waved and smiled. He walked away from my house and I walked in. Chocolate ran up to me and barked. I bent down and petted her. She licked my face and I laughed. I walked up the stairs passing Reily. I smiled at him and he stopped. "Are you okay? You're not gonna insult me or anything?" I shook my head and went to my room. I heard him say to my mom "Someone's in a happy mood."

I lied down on my bed and thought of my date with Gabe. I couldn't wait.

Gabe's POV

I asked her out and she said yes. It was so scary telling her how I felt. I can't wait for our date. She must like me if she said yes. She hugged me today and we held hands. Ugh she makes me feel so nervous around her.

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