True love?

Cara is the girl that is pretty, cute and smart. Gabriel is a guy who can be kind of mean but is there a nice side to him? Blake is the childhood friend who is good looking and flirts with most of the girls. Will Cara make him stay with just one girl?


15. chapter 14

I was standing by my locker with Lana and Becky talking about our science homework when some cleared their throat behind me. I turned around and saw Gabe. I said "Yes gabe?" He said "Uhh we got paired up to sit by each other on the bus to the camp." I nodded and the bell rang so I waved to Becky and walked to class with Lana and Gabe.

I was in the middle of them and I wanted them to be by each other. I said "Ohh I'm sorry am I in the middle of you guys? You probably want to stand by each other." I moved out of their way and stood next to Lana.

Lana scowled at me but didn't say anything. She didn't want to hurt Gabe. I looked at Gabe and he looked annoyed that Lana was next to him. He sat by me and Lana was on my other side.

The teacher said that we had an assignment coming up where we had to work in groups of three. We had to play a part from the play we were reading. He assigned Lana, Gabe and I together.

He said I would be playing Kristina who was the one that liked the boy, Lucas who Gabe would be playing. Lana would be playing Zoey, Gabe's ex girlfriend who wanted him back but Gabe liked Kristina. The play ends with Kristina and Lucas ending up together with Zoey in jail. Zoey does crazy things to keep the new couple apart and ends up in jail.

Lana laughed and whispered "Hell I don't want him you can have him." I shushed her because Gabe might hear.

After class he said "So wanna work at my house after school?" We said sure and we left for lunch. Lana left me and Gabe alone because she had to go to another class. We were standing in line and Gabe said "I don't like Lana anymore." I turned around to look at him and said "Really?" He nodded and I said "But you were so into her. What happened?"

"I like someone else." I nodded and said "Who?" "Just someone." "Tell me please." I made a sad face and held my hand up like I was praying. He laughed and said "Don't try to be cute it won't work."

I pouted and said "Fine don't tell me." I turned my back to him and he kept saying my name but I never answered. When he tried getting in my line of vision I moved my head. He tapped my shoulder and I turned a bit to look at him.

He said "I'll tell you. I like someone named Cameron." I turned to look at him and smiled. I said in a kiddy voice "Ha! You told me!" I stuck my tongue out and we both laughed. So he doesn't like Lana or me. He said "You played me." I nodded and said "Yup I did. Who's Cameron?"

"Just someone." I nodded and said "Well I'm happy that you moved on." We got our plates and sat down. Gabe was talking to our guy friends and I was talking to Lana and Becky.

I said "Lana by the way Gabe doesn't like you anymore. He likes some girl named Cameron." Lana and Becky looked at each other and laughed. "What's funny?" Becky said "Ohh Cara honey you are so dense went it comes to boys liking you."

"What do you mean?" Lana said "He likes "Cameron"." She put parentheses around the name. Becky said "There is no Cameron at this school. And Cameron and Cara both happen to start with a C. What a coincidence." I said "You guys I told you before he doesn't like him."

They looked at each other and Lana said "Surrre. Okay keep telling yourself that honey." Gabe can't like me. Am I sad about that? Do I want him to?

Gabe's POV

I totally lied about liking some girl named Cameron. There is no Cameron at my school. I like Cara but I don't want her to know. You think it was obvious that it was a lie?

I'm sorry i took awhile to write this chapter I was just busy with practice. Can you guys comment on who you want her to end up with? Or if you want Cara to have a moment with one of the guys? Thanks

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