My life with Niall Horan

My life with Niall Horan


3. Kids!!!!!

Two years after we got married we had two twin boys in which we name William James Horan and Jakob Konnor Horan.

William is a bubbly 2 year old.who loves music and hanging out with his brother. Jakob loves to be a rascal he gets in trouble all the time.

2 years later we get welcomed by 2 more twin boys in which we name Kolton William and Sawyer James.

Kolton is just like his daddy loves to play guitar and sing. Sawyer is my little asshole who refuses to do nothing I say.

William and Jakob love to be creative especially with their hair. They are 8 and can't wait for their daddy to come home.

Kolton and Sawyer are musicians except for Sawyer loves to play on the trampoline.

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