Hotter Than Fire

**Darkest Minds Fanfiction**
Tamarin is twelve years old when his little sister Chamberly is taken away by soldiers in black. Several inexplicable things happen that day, including explosions and unexplained fires. Six years later, now 16, Tam begins to understand everything that's happened. He discovers his identity as a red. Attempting to survive, he searches for Chamberly- joining up with some interesting allies along the way.


9. Amarath

“C’mon pretty boy, wake up…”

I groan, my eyes fluttering open.

“Where… where am I?”

The voice that responds isn’t a Psi soldier. “Safe, silly.”

A girl’s voice. For a moment, I think of Kia, and feel a surge of hope. Then I realize that whoever this is, she’s not Kia. The voice isn’t right.

I sit up, and as my eyes fall on her, I catch my breath.

It is as if a golden statue has come to life. The girl’s skin is golden, tan and beautiful. Her face is beautiful, touched up with what might be just a little makeup. Whatever it is, it brings out her brown eyes, making them glow with a warm light. Brilliant blond hair cascades over her shoulders, coming almost down to her waist. Her body is curved and supple in all the right ways, and for a moment I cannot even speak. I sit there for a moment, my mouth slightly open, staring at her. Then she smiles at me, and every last thought is wiped from my mind. All I can think is that this girl is gorgeous, and that I’ve never had a girl like her look at me that way.

“I’m glad you’re awake,” she murmurs. “Are you alright?”

I nod dumbly. “Who… who are you?”

She gives me that same smile again. “My name is Amarath. And I saved your life.”

“Thank you…” Slowly, my brain returns to working order. And I realize that someone is missing. “Kia! Where’s Kia?!”

“Who?” she asks sweetly.

Kia! The girl that was with me!” I am nearly frantic now. I’ve already lost one sister. I cannot lose her too. Chamberly is gone, but Kia… I thought I could save her. And now she’s gone.

“I didn’t see anyone with you,” Amarath murmurs. She comes to sit next to me, and puts a gentle hand on my shoulder. “I’m sorry.”

I drop my head into my hands, and let the tears come out. Kia, sweet, gentle, Kia, is gone. She is gone to one of those camps, just like Chamberly is gone. I’ve lost both of them. Why?! Why is this world so set on playing such a cruel joke on me?

The sobs come out in desperate gasps, until I can barely breathe. And the whole time, Amarath’s hand is there. Finally, she speaks.

“No, pretty boy, don’t cry. I’m sure your little Kia is a resourceful girl. She can take care of herself. She’ll be alright. Come on now, stop crying, it’ll be okay.”

Slowly, my sobs fade. She places her hand on the side of my face, and turns my head so that I’m looking at her. “It’ll be alright, pretty boy.”

“It’s Tam.”

“Tam? That’s a wonderful name.”

“It’s a… weird name,” I find myself saying. “I don’t like it very much.”

“It’s handsome,” she murmurs. “And so are you.” Her hand slides down the side of my face, tracing my jawline, then down, onto my shoulder.

My mind scrambles desperately for a coherent thought. But I cannot think of anything else. She occupies my entire mind.

Slowly, a lazy smile creeps across her face. “Listen,” she purrs. “Don’t think about your little girl, okay? Just… let yourself relax, alright? Just breathe. Everything’s okay.”

“Okay…” I murmur, in a daze.

She leans forwards, and kisses me, soft and slow. Her lips are soft and warm, and I find myself leaning into the kiss, wanting more. We barely break apart for half a second before we are kissing again, passionate and desperate. I reach up, my arm going around her waist, pulling her close and deepening the kiss.

And suddenly, the moment breaks. I hear Chamberly’s voice in my mind. Screaming. Laughing. Crying. And suddenly, I realize that I am kissing this girl- this girl who I’ve never met before in my life- and that she somehow made me want to kiss her.

“What did you do to me?!” I hiss, pushing her away from me. My hands catch fire, and she backs off slightly.

“I didn’t do anything-” she starts. But this time, I feel her. Not physically, but in my mind. I bare my teeth in a snarl, and bring Chamberly to my mind. “Orange.”

“Red,” she replies matter-of-factly.

    “What were you doing?!” I demand. “What was that?! How did you make me-” I shudder at the thought of it.

    She sighs. “I was using my ability, Tam. Obviously.”

    “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t burn you right now.”

    I feel the pressure on my mind, but I ignore it, keeping the images of Chamberly strong in my mind. I stand firm, glaring at her. Her expression goes from confidence to fear.

    “I could help you,” she blurts. “I could help you get your little girl back.”

    “And keep you near me?” I growl. “Not likely. Tell me which way they’ve gone, and I’ll be off. And if you try to follow me, I’ll burn you.”

    She backs off. “Okay, okay, I- I’m-”

    “Sorry?” I raise my eyebrows. “Sorry, for making me kiss you? Sorry for scrambling my mind? Sorry for being selfish while Kia could be being tortured, or dying? Well you know what? Sorry doesn’t cut it! You should be begging me for forgiveness, not just saying sorry. You’re lucky I’m just in a hurry. Now which way did they go?!”

    “You’ll find their footprints,” she mutters. “They’re just over there, in the woods.” Her voice has become meek and regretful. It seems that she only has one trick- and that trick has failed. Now she cannot do anything to stop me.

    “Good,” I snarl. “Next time I see you, you’d better think fast. Because while your trick only works if your victim doesn’t have a focused mind, mine works all the time.” Then I turn, and storm away, gritting my teeth, and trying to forget just how good that kiss felt.

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