"This isn't the end, it's the beginning of a whole new chapter. We just have to learn to define ourselves this time around." | Happily ever afters are just the beginnings of new stories, at least that's what aspiring PR agent Reagan Bailey is learning. After seemingly getting it right with international pop star and 1/4 of One Direction, Harry Styles, things begin to fall apart within the band and in the boys' live as everything begins to change. While the boys are in the midst of their indefinite hiatus and are beginning to pursue other interests, Reagan must try to hold the group together before they decide they're better off going their separate ways.
*Sequel to "Labels"*




Kennedy stared at her phone, willing it to vibrate. Louis had messaged her, he had finally reached out to her. But then it seemed as if he had regretted it. He stopped responding to her almost as soon as he had texted her, and she didn't know what to do. She was going crazy. She was beginning to think it would've been better if he just hadn't messaged her at all. 

She sighed, flipping through her old messages wondering if maybe, just maybe, she had overlooked something. But no, nothing. It's been a few days, and still nothing. The boys were leaving tomorrow morning, and once again she would not see Louis. She felt frustrated, even though she knew she had no right to be. Right now she really just cursed the whole concept of love and whoever claimed it was a wonderful thing, because clearly it wasn't. Feelings were terrible things, and she just wished her feelings for Louis would finally just go away.

But they wouldn't, and once again she would spend all day waiting for her fucking phone to ring.


Kennedy looked up to see her mother in her doorway, smiling down at her, "What's up?"

"You dad needed to drop some stuff off for Reagan, do you think you could swing by before school?"

"It can't wait til dinner? We're seeing her then, aren't we?"

Her mom shook her head, "Something about it being urgent and she needed to deliver it to her boss after she got out from class."

"She can't come pick it up?"

"Kennedy, please."

"Mom, I can't." Kennedy began to get up from bed, smoothed her hair, and placed her phone beside her, "I have class in half in hour and it takes me twenty minutes to get there.

"Why haven't you left then?"

"I'm going, I'm going." She said standing up and grabbing her bag.

"Kennedy, you can't keep being late to class."

"I've never been-"

"Last week."

"I over slept."


"Well, I'm leaving, happy? I'll be ten minutes early if you let me pass." She said, standing in front of her mother, who was currently blocking her doorway.

Her mother stepped aside and smiled, "Have a good day, sweetheart. Study hard." She kissed Kennedy on the top of her head for good measure, making Kennedy feel a little guilty about being such a brat. But then she remembered it was her mom's idea in the first place to have her live here instead of moving out while going to community college and that guilt dissipated.

"Tell dad I'm sorry I couldn't go."

"He'll most likely just pass by before he goes to work."

"Well, it's not too far for him." Kennedy figured.

"Plus, he probably wouldn't mind checking up on her."

Kennedy shrugged, Reagan and their father hadn't exactly been on the best of terms. Especially now, especially after everything that had happened the last few months. Kennedy figured that maybe Reagan would be home, and maybe they would have a chat or whatever before she ran off to the office. Maybe they could finally get over the whole icing each other out thing.

"Does she have a class?" Her mother asked.

"I don't remember. She might not? I didn't memorize her schedule."

"Okay well, I guess he'll just drop them off if she's not home."

"Alright, I'll be back around four."

"What time is Reagan coming with Harry?"


"Okay." Her mother said smilingly, "I can't wait to have you all here."

Kennedy smiled, "It's been a while."

"And it's the first time your sister brings a boy home!" She said, pushing Kennedy towards the stairs and through the kitchen to the front door, "I can't wait!"

"I'm sure dad is just as excited."

"Don't worry about him, it'll be fine."

"If you say so."

"Now, have a good day. And study!"

"Yeah, yeah." Kennedy said, waving her off as she shut the door behind her and began rummaging through her bag for her keys. She wanted to check her phone again, but she just knew that there wouldn't be any point.

Just because she had met the boy she had foolishly thought as a teenager she would marry, it doesn't mean he would like her back. That was the thing they didn't tell you in those fanfictions she was such a fan of. Sometimes you do get to meet that celebrity you've been madly in love with forever, the one you know absolutely everything about, and have dreamed of being with since the moment you've seen them. Sometimes you become close with them, see them everyday, talk to them daily, but that doesn't automatically mean they fall for you too.

Sure you have Reagan and Harry who are going strong, and are obviously and disgustingly perfect for each other. But then, Kennedy realized, you have her and Louis. She might have loved the idea of him, and she might still be infatuated with him, but that doesn't mean he owes her anything. That doesn't mean that he's going to fall madly in love with her. He is his own person after all, she realized, not the person she had imagined he was. She couldn't force him to text him back, and maybe she was out of line asking Harry to intervene, but she really did like Louis. She believed she loved him, but really, she barely knew him. Maybe it was just time to let it go.

She felt her phone vibrate before she put the key in the ignition and sighed. It was probably Reagan.

You free later today? want to have a cup of coffee or something?

It wasn't Reagan, and as she felt her face blush and her heart race, she couldn't help but thing how twisted fate was. Just as she was thinking of abandoning this hopeless pursuit, he came right out of the blue and texted her.

yeah, after class, 4pm. gotta be home at six though.

Maybe it wasn't quite time to let it go after all.


Harry began tidying up about two hours after Reagan had left. He figured it was the least he could do, considering that Reagan had allowed him to basically live there the past few days.

What a past few days it had been indeed. In the time that they've been together this has been the first real stretch of time that Harry and Reagan have been able to be together uninterrupted. He didn't have work to do, and while she had school, she had the joy of coming home to him every night. As much as she might have played it off, he knew that she liked having him to come home to, and of course he liked being the thing she came home to as well.

He turned up the music on his iPod before grabbing a rag to clean with, and began singing to some song he had been obsessed with the past month, off of some indie band's first EP. He was shirtless, of course, but at least wearing a pair of shorts. Reagan had made sure that he understood he had to wear clothes in her house. She didn't care what he did in his own house, but in her house, he would wear clothing.

Okay, so Harry kind of hated wearing clothes. So much so that he liked to walk around naked. It was his thing, everyone knew it. That was kind of why a lot of his friends refused to room with him, why the boys also forced clothes on him at one point before just letting go. So he didn't like feeling so constrained by clothing. So what? The human body was a beautiful thing in his point of view. We should be proud of ourselves, of all the wondrous things that our bodies can accomplish. . And it wasn't like Reagan hadn't seen it all before, because she had... on numerous occasions. But alas, he loved her, and for her he would gladly wear at least his shorts, even when she wasn't home.

He looked at the clock and saw that it was already eleven am. He figured that he should probably go home and get changed, that is until he heard a knock at the door.

He said in a sing songy tone of voice, "Reagan came home earlyyy." He smiled to himself as he figured that she was mostly likely home because she forgot something, but since she didn't have the keys of course she had to knock.

"See I knew you wouldn't be able to go the whole day without seeing me." He said loudly as began to open the door, "Besides you left this morning in such a rush that we didn't get to finish what we start-"

He froze. Before him did not stand Reagan, instead stood her father, James Bailey, his face purple and his fists clenched.

'Fuck' he thought, 'So much for getting another first impression.'


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