In a world where every lie is cut into the back of your hand. In a society that only allows those who don't lie to live in luxury. Meet Matt, the boy who is incapable of telling a lie. Sure his friends have already lied before but Matt is determined never to lie. He meets a girl who after having saved his life is the exact opposite of him.


1. Normal

  "Matt!" A voice scolded. Matt's eyes fluttered open. Standing, no hovering, above him was a boy with a frown. It was his friend, Tyler, a jokester and maybe an idiot. Those things do come in common. Matt yawned sitting straighter at his desk.

  "Whadoyouwan?" Mumbled Matt still rubbing sleep from his eyes. As Matt looked around he saw students just standing about. It seemed like it was afternoon lunch. 

  "Aw come on!" Tyler pouted hopping on top of his desk to sit crisscross applesauce. Matt smiled at his whining friend. Tyler moved some of his golden locks out of his face. "It's not fair that you can sleep during class!" Matt yawned again making Tyler hit him playfully in the back of the head.

  "Winter exams are almost upon us! I was up studying and didn't get any sleep. I told the teacher and he said it was okay if I accidentally fell asleep in the class." Matt rubbed his forehead. "By the way did you flick me in the forehead as I slept?"

  "Of course not! I wish I did!" Huffed Tyler undoing his school tie. Matt laughed at his friend. He had known Tyler since well ever. "Your head just fell and I'm surprise it didn't wake you up. Almost everyone laughed. The teacher then told everyone to pay attention to the lesson. And anyways does a genius need to study?"

  "If this genius was really a genius than yes. An idiot like yourself should study more." Matt said piling his study guide on top of his books. His friend only laughed. Matt pushed Tyler's shoulder. His aim was to knock the idiot off his desk but Tyler was ready for it. He easily dodged the attack and Matt ended up on the floor. 

  "Idiot" Matt mumbled getting up and brushing himself off.

  "It's why I'm here." Tyler placed his left hand on his shoulder. It would be easier to use his right, Matt glanced at Tyler's left hand. Matt pushed his hand off and continued to pack up his belongings. "Where are you goin'?" Tyler asked stealing one of Matt's papers. 

  "The roof. I would like to see some light for today." Matt explained. Tyler held out the paper for Matt to grab. "So what didn't you tell the T on?" The 'T' was code word for truth. Tyler paled, his blue eyes looked at the ground.

  "The roof it is." Matt smiled knowing his only friend would tell. "It hurts like a shot except ten times worse." Matt flinched. He never knew what that felt like. Receiving a cut on his right hand for lying. He had never done it. 

  "Ready?" Matt asked his stubborn friend. Tyler rolled his eyes but nodded.


Truth or Dare?

I wasn't asking. I'm just being truthfully honest.

Isn't that what that what you wanted?

This chaos of a society?

Is it better to hear the god awful truth?

That's all I wonder.

Diary entry 25

 "That's it!" Matt exclaimed almost spilling his juice. "You lied you were studying! That's horrible" Matt looked at his friend who had explained what happen. Apparently Tyler wanted to go out so he lied that he was going to study in his room. Then he snuck out into the night. Geez, what happened to curfew. 

 "Not everyone is blessed with parents like yours!" Tyler exclaimed waving a sandwich in Matt's face. It was an egg salad sandwich. Matt took a bite out of it and Tyler face filled with horror.

  "Stick food in my face, I'll eat it." Matt said after swallowing the sandwich. 

  "I even got something you wouldn't like!" Tyler said pretending to cry. Matt laughed. "Oh hey, beauties at twelve o'clock!" Tyler said adopting a air of superiority.

 "Perv" Matt mumbled drinking some of his juice. Tyler glared at him then stood up. 

  "Show time" Tyler flicked his hair out of his face with all possible dramatics. Tyler did have the looks however. A lot of girls had liked him and he was known to break girls hearts. Matt munched on his own sandwich watching his friend hunt his new prey. They were from the other class. Tyler was about two heads taller than them as he leaned against the pole. They were talking about something, Matt could only guess it was about Tyler. Tyler seemed really pleased with himself. Then another girl walked up. She only said a couple things but Tyler placed a hand over his heart as if he had been shot. She locked arms with the other two girls and walked away. However after she had disappeared, walked down the stairs, Tyler sat where he was. Matt knew he had 'fallen in love' again. Any girl who insulted him he immediately felt like they loved him and it was their way of saying so. Matt shook his head and grabbed the book next to him. Exams were coming close and his father always expected the best from his son. Suddenly the book was kicked out of his hands and skidded across the roof. He looked up to see black hair, eyeglasses, and a very skinny guy. There were two other lackies next to him. Matt began to stand when suddenly he was pushed back over. Matt was the head of all his combat classes but that must remain a secret even if he was to overtake his father's position. 

  "I didn't ask you to stand imp!" Imp? In his year he was the second tallest guy after Tyler of course. Well the insults were never Sean's thing. Sean was the bully of the Matt's year. The only thing intimidating about Sean was his family. He was the heir to become the Overseer of the society. "Kneel, nerd." Sean commanded. Matt sighed but got on his knees. Sean would become his duty once he took his father's position. So in other words, as soon as Matt's father retired, Matt would take over all military operations and be the personal guard to the Overseer. Tyler of course would become Sean's adviser. A position Tyler never wants and is doing his best to make sure it's not past to him. Sean slapped Matt. The slap didn't hurt because Sean was medically weaker than a baby which means it hurt him more than Matt. 

 "How dare you sleep in class! You are not paid to be lazy!" Sean scolded. Matt knew Sean just wanted to fell some sort of power after arguing with his father. Matt was standing there at the time besides his father who looked bored. Sean glared at Matt. "Answer me!"

 "You have not ask a question. I am not paid until my father turns the title to me. It is not your money that I need nor the power. I only exist to serve your family. I was up late last night to prepare for exams and as you wished a copy of the guide I have made under your orders should be on your desk completed tonight. Please remember until I receive my father's position I am only allowed to speak to you unless you allow me to." The last part was a rule Matt usually ignored but he knew that Sean would feel powerful if he heard it. Matt had understood his life purpose since he was little. However he also knew if Tyler didn't accept the title of Adviser, it would be shouldered upon Matt. One of the many reasons he could slack off on anything. He, truthfully, never wants to see Sean succeed his father. Sean was an idiot and power hungry. Nothing seemed to satisfy him. 

 "Keep kneeling till I leave rat." Sean said and left. Matt stood up and looked at Tyler who walked up furious with the situation.

 "I hate him"

 "Careful of how you speak, Tyler"

  "The kid can rot in a cell for all I care. T always and forever right?"

 "The kid's gonna succeed his father whether we like it or not."

 "Maybe the rebels will kill him for us"

 "Hey! Don't say that!" Matt grabbed his friend by the shoulders.Tyler's eyes were hard. He was telling the truth. "That never leaves this roof. Never again. We are not like those scum. Please Tyler even if he does become the Overseer promise me. Promise me you'll never join them. Tyler swear it!" His friend was shocked to see Matt suddenly overcome with fear. This was a kid who didn't like anyone to see his emotions.

 "I swear on the Overseer's kingdom I will never join the rebels." Matt exhaled, relieved.


I guess in a sense I'm free.

I actually like freedom.

Free to see.

To see the ruin of this world.

Is this the price of freedom?


Diary Entry 10

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