Girls Like You Have Such An Easy Heart to Steal

Have you ever felt like you just wanted to fit in? Well, so did Noah. Coming from a small town, who has now moved to the big city. What's worse than being apart of a crowd? Not having any friends at all.
But everything changes for Noah when the 'bad group' adds him in.
How will this straight A student from a small town change when he gets in with this crowd?


10. Silicone Drawers

Have you ever been grounded over a 3 day weekend? Because it fucking sucks.

I was cleaning the house, for fun.

After scrubbing the toilet, cleaning the floor tiles with a toothbrush (my step dad's), and fishing my mom's and sister's long hair from the shower drain (which was about as fun as it sounds), I heard my phone vibrate in my mom's dresser.

I looked in the hall for any sign of either parent, then tiptoed into the bedroom. I opened the drawer and realized what a mistake I had made. This was my mom's..personal..drawer. I found so many silicone shaped penis things..

I unlocked my phone and opened it. 

Addie: Uh'm starting to think you're ignoring me.

I panicked. Oh no. I'm losing her.

'No, no. Never. :). I'm just grounded is all.' I sent.

Addie: So how are we texting now lol

'I took it from my mom's drawer. I can't talk long.' I replied.

Addie: Oh. Damn. Well, call me when you get ungrounded, I miss your voice. I have to tell you something really important too.

I felt my heart stop. 'What is the important thing?'

I heard my mom coming up the stairs. I saw her typing, I saw it. My mom was approaching the hall. I cursed in my head and put the phone back, then headed to the master bath to pretend to clean it.

"Noah, are you in here?" My mom asked.

"Yeah mom, I'm in the bathroom."

She came in. "What are you doing in here?"

"Oh, I'm just cleaning. I'm so bored."

"What are you cleaning with? You haven't got any cleanser." She gave me a suspicious look.

"Uh..I was just going to-" 

I was cut off by an unusually loud vibrate from the drawer. 

She looked at me and went to the drawer, pulling out my phone.

"Give me your password, now."

"92799." I sighed.

"That's Addie's birthday." She smiled, and unlocked the screen.

"One new text message from Addie." She opened up my messages.

"Noah! You've been texting. You are grounded. That means no phone!" She stuffed the phone into her bra. 

"But mom!" I whined.

"Noah, my decision is final. Now, it's another week."

I sighed.

I had to get that phone back or I'd go crazy not knowing what was so important.

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