Girls Like You Have Such An Easy Heart to Steal

Have you ever felt like you just wanted to fit in? Well, so did Noah. Coming from a small town, who has now moved to the big city. What's worse than being apart of a crowd? Not having any friends at all.
But everything changes for Noah when the 'bad group' adds him in.
How will this straight A student from a small town change when he gets in with this crowd?


5. Poisonous Males and Late Phone Calls

The next week at school I tried to blend in, which isn't easy when you have no friends, are quiet in class, and sit alone at lunch.

I was loading my first half books into my locker, when I felt someone standing next to me. I closed my locker door and my eyes went from the black converse on the floor to the brown messy hair on his head. 

"You're the new kid, Noah, right?"

I nodded.

"Aren't you in my history class?"

I looked at his face, blankly. I was usually good with faces.

"Are you gonna say something or just stare at me like a freak?"

"I don't know." I mumbled. 

"Well, look Noah," The guy was obviously bored with the conversation. "I don't usually offer this to anyone, but uh, come sit at our lunch table. Stop being a weird kid who sits alone all the time."

"Okay." I answered.

"Great. See you at lunch."

"Yeah. See you." 

The kid walked away. I felt relieved, I was so intimidated by him. Why didn't he shove me in my locker? Or was that just something you see on TV?

Two periods later, I walked to the lunch room with my brown sack of fruit and vegetables.

I scanned the lunch room for my recruiter and his group, they all looked scarily similar, black Converse, torn khakis, and a black polo shirt. Was I joining a cult? Or even worse, a gang?

I cautiously sat down, ready to move.

"Is this Noah?" One of the cult members asked.

"Yeah. That's the weird guy I was telling you about." The familiar guy at my locker said.

"Ah." The other one nodded.

"Well, say something." The one looked at me.

"What are all your names?" I finally spoke.

"I'm Blayne." He appeared to be the leader.

"I'm Zach." He had brown eyes and bleached hair.

"And I'm Cory." He seemed to be the most forgettable of the group. Brown hair, brown eyes.

"Noah." I mumbled. Idiot. They already know your name.

"Yeah. So what music do you like, No? I'm calling you No because Noah reminds me of the stupid Bible." Cory spoke.

"Uh..okay..I like you know," Any band I actually listened to, these guys would give me a wedgie for.

"You know, what?" Blayne pressed.

"One Direction? I don't know, I don't listen to a lot of music." I answered.

"One Direction? Are you a 10 year-old girl, Noah?" Zach laughed.

"What do you mean you 'don't listen to a lot of music'? Saying that is like saying you don't breathe much." Blayne apparently, really liked music.

"So what do you do then?" Cory asked.

"I read comic books and play video games sometimes."

"You're a class A nerd." Zach looked at me.

"I know." I chewed on a piece of celery.

"And what's with your lunch, don't you like meat?" Blayne ripped off a piece of beef jerky from his lunch and handed it to me. 

"No, thank you." I pushed it back toward him.

He looked offended.

"Sorry, vegetarian."

"You're just weird." Cory looked at me.

"We've established this." I looked back at him.

"He's snarky. I like it." Blayne looked at Zach and then to Cory.

"Noah, it is our mission to make you a cool guy." Blayne spoke while the other two nodded in agreement.

"Okay, sure." I shrugged and took a grape from my bag.

At the end of the day, Zach came up to me with a bottle of gel. 

"Spike your hair up on Monday. Blayne's orders." He handed it to me and left.

I put the gel in my backpack and on the way home, pondered on how I would get my short hair to spike.


Later that night, I was reading an intense comic book about aliens taking over. When my phone rang, alerting me that I had a phone call, I almost jumped off the bed.

I leaned over and answered.

"Hello?" I hadn't bothered to look at the name on the screen. 

"Hey Noah, it's Addie. What's up?"

"Oh nothing, just reading a book."

"What book?" She asked.

The title of my comic book was The Invasion, but how lame would that be?

"Oh, I'm reading Stephen King's It." I lied.

"Oh. I was just wondering if you had gotten the new Invasion issue. My mom wouldn't order it with her credit card, so, I'm out of luck until it distributes into the stores."

I sighed. "Yeah, me too." 

Since when did Addie like comic books?

We talked for hours about the previous issues of Invasion, including the one where Dr. Neale experimented on the dead alien bodies and then they came back to life.

She squealed with excitement. "That was so intense. Hey, I gotta go. My mom's calling for me. Bye Noah!" The call ended.

"Bye Addie..." I said to the dial tone.

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