Girls Like You Have Such An Easy Heart to Steal

Have you ever felt like you just wanted to fit in? Well, so did Noah. Coming from a small town, who has now moved to the big city. What's worse than being apart of a crowd? Not having any friends at all.
But everything changes for Noah when the 'bad group' adds him in.
How will this straight A student from a small town change when he gets in with this crowd?


6. Khakis and Black Polos

If I was going to be a member of the 'cool kids', I had to dress like them and lose my superhero shirts. 

I dumped my Green Lantern, Iron Man, and Hulk T-shirts into a box and put them on the top shelf in my closet. 

I went with my mom that night to get new clothes for school and just to hang out in. 

I scanned the racks for at least one black polo. 

"Noah, what are you looking for? The polos and other clothes in your closet are fine."

"I'm a little old to be wearing that stuff." 

I finally found two black polos in my size, and then looked up and down the aisles for some knock off converse shoes. Who would know the difference? Besides, I didn't have $60 to spend on one pair of shoes.

The next day at school, I spiked my hair up at the top and put on a black polo, khakis, and converse. It didn't feel right, any of it.

I didn't like it.

I would have taken it all off if my step father hadn't been hungover, I wanted to get out of the house as soon as possible.

I walked to school with my sister beside me. 

"So..that's new.." She looked at my attire.

"Yeah." I shuffled my backpack to one shoulder.

"You look like one of those greaser guys from the 40s."

"I guess." 

"What's wrong with you?" 

"Nothing. Now stop following so close, the guys will see you." I walked up the stairs of the school, leaving my sister behind with a hurt expression clear on her face.

"Nice. Now you don't look so..weird and childish. You look like one of us!" Blayne smiled.

"That's really cool, No." Zach nodded in my direction.

I smiled. I was a cool kid.

"He may look cool, but does he talk cool?" Cory asked. He was the smallest of the group, often times, Blayne called him pipsqueak.

"Well, Pipsqueak has a point. Let's hear it." Blayne folded his arms.

I dropped my voice an octave and made my eyes do that weird 'I don't care if they're half open' thing.

"You guys want to go watch the cheerleaders practice after school?" My voice was really slow like I was narrating a movie.

Zach, Cory, and Blayne nodded.

"He's ready." Blayne slapped my shoulder and they turned, walking to class.

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