Girls Like You Have Such An Easy Heart to Steal

Have you ever felt like you just wanted to fit in? Well, so did Noah. Coming from a small town, who has now moved to the big city. What's worse than being apart of a crowd? Not having any friends at all.
But everything changes for Noah when the 'bad group' adds him in.
How will this straight A student from a small town change when he gets in with this crowd?


8. Cracked Pavement and Black Spray Paint (again)

While we walked the 5 blocks to the library, I got a text message.

Addie: Hey, haven't heard from you in a while. Call me?

I looked around to the three guys and four cheerleaders behind us.

I ignored the text, for now.

"So what are we doing here?" I asked as Blayne took off his backpack.

"Tagging our territory." He shook a can of black spray paint.

"What do you mean 'territory'? This isn't like our table at lunch or our lockers. Or even a hallway. This is a public building. It's against the law!" I looked at Blayne.

Zach and Cory rolled their eyes. 

"I knew that guy wasn't hard enough to be in our gang." Cory took a can himself.

"Yeah, what a pussy." Zach added.

The cheerleaders giggled and Katie wrapped her arms around Blayne. 

"I'm so glad you're not a pussy, baby." She made out with him. It looked like his whole tongue was down her throat. It wouldn't be hard to fit, I promise.

I grabbed my jacket from the sidewalk and turned to leave when I heard an engine turn off behind us. A car door slammed. 

"It's a pig, let's go!" Blayne ran with the cans and his open backpack and hopped over a chain link fence with Katie, Zach, and Cory. The other cheerleaders sprinted off in different directions.

I stayed put, I wasn't a good runner.

"What are you kids doing out here this late?" He shined a flashlight over on the library wall.

"Officer I-" 

"It was a rhetorical question son. Get up against my car."

I did as he said and he placed handcuffs on my wrists. 

I started to cry. "Please don't take me to jail! I'm a good student, well, I'm average! But I can name all 50 states in alphabetical order, wanna hear? Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas-"

"Boy, be quiet. Where do you live?" 

"Across the street, sir. In that white house." I sniffled. 

He put me in the back of his car and we parked in front of my house. 

The police officer got out and walked to my front door, beating three times.

A light fled out into the dark, but I couldn't see who answered the door.

The door closed and the officer and one of my parents walked to the back of the car where I was.

When he opened the door, I realized my mom had been crying. 

"Where were you, Noah? I've been worried. I got up around 11 to check on you and you were gone!"

"Son, tell your mom where you've been."

I swallowed and looked down at my shoes. I didn't want to tell my mom where I had been or who I had been hanging out with.

"He was over at the library with a group of boys and girls. All of the boys were wearing identical colors, which leads me to believe they are in a gang. I caught them spray painting the library wall. Your son was not participating in the tagging and he did not run when I approached the group. I am letting him off with a warning."

My mom was absorbing his words like she was a sponge.

"Stand up." He looked at me. 

I stood up, and he turned me around and took the handcuffs off.

"Thank you, officer." My mom gave him a hug and I walked up the familiar cracked pavement to my front door.

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