Girls Like You Have Such An Easy Heart to Steal

Have you ever felt like you just wanted to fit in? Well, so did Noah. Coming from a small town, who has now moved to the big city. What's worse than being apart of a crowd? Not having any friends at all.
But everything changes for Noah when the 'bad group' adds him in.
How will this straight A student from a small town change when he gets in with this crowd?


2. Broken Glass

*"Noah!!" That soft as silk voice called to me. I ran toward her, she was on the swing set at recess. One of the fifth graders was holding her Barbie hostage high above her head. 

"Give the doll back, Elijah." My posture was tall and powerful, my insides were small and cowardly.

"Why don't you make me, Noah?" He mocked my name in Addie's small voice.

I looked around for anything to help me; a rock, a stick, anything. I found nothing. While I was distracted, Elijah slapped the prescription glasses from my face, knocking them into the grass. He raised his foot above them and the frames caved under his weight, causing the glass to break. 

"Oops." He let out a laugh. 

The bell rang, he threw her Barbie behind him, and he ran to the doors.

"I'm sorry about your glasses, Noah." She rubbed my shoulder apologetically.

"My step dad's going to kill me if I broke another pair." I took the broken pieces of frame into my hand. 

"But you didn't break them, Elijah did." She reassured me and we walked inside.*


I woke up smiling like an idiot. Addie meant the world to me, she really did. I looked at my phone to see if I had a notification from her, a text, a call, nothing. The clock on my phone read 4:32, which meant I had a few more hours to catch up on my sleep. 

I closed my eyes and waited for sleep. A ding from my phone woke me up. 

Addie<3: Hey, Noah are you awake?

I smiled like a goofball and wrote back, Yeah. Couldn't sleep. You?

I waited a few minutes and sighed. Could she have fallen asleep that fast?

Another ding cleared my worries. Addie<3: Nope. Bad dream. :(

I typed, Awh. I miss you. :(

I bit my lip as my anxieties rose to a familiar level.

Addie<3: I miss you too! :'(

We talked about Steve, my phone, my sister's newfound attitude, everything. 

It took me having to get away from Addie to tell me how much I really loved her.



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