A little

It was a dream but then came true and then was a dream again and its so complicated i only wrote the last dream



1. The Recent Dream

A Little    




    As I got up when I heard the bell ring a person came from the right of me and kissed my right cheek. “Do you wanna go out with me?”

    DJ’s voice went through my head. My reaction was going to be yes, but then I realized he was with Avery. “What about Avery? Your picking me over her?”

    Dj backed up from me a bit. “No, Im not because I really like her.”

    “Then why are you asking me out?” I questioned.

    “I…I don’t know to make you happy.” He said and he walked away into the crowd of people ahead, but I could still spot him out.

    I sadly picked up my bag and went to the dressing room, - I had a show to put on.



    I could see the judge. She expected us to be broadway perfect even though we were just preforming in our gym upfront our school. We were preforming a part from Cinderella.



    “Were going off to the ball - smell you later Cinderella!”

    I looked down sadly. I grabbed a wash cloth and started walking towards a table.

    “Wait! Ella!” 

    I turned to the voice which looked like a girl my age.

    “Who are you? What do you-“ She put her finger over my lips and told me to hush.

    “Give me two seconds.” She said.

    In two seconds i was in a dress that seemed like a nice day dress and had some how teleported into the ball room.


    “Have fun dear.” She said as was gone in a blink of an eye.

    “Ella! You made it!” Yelled my three friends Hanna, Rita  and Rose. They had the same style dress as me just in different colors - we all matched.

    “Attention Ladies!” Yelled a man. “Please change into you evening gowns.” He said and everyone left the ball room to change.

    “Change? I don’t have another dress.” I said to them in a panicked voice. They all gave me worried looks.

    “Ella over here!” I heard a voice and was pulled towards it.

    “You again!” I said.

    `”Shush!” She yelled and in two seconds I was in a great evening dress.

    “Wait This seems like too much!” I yelled but by the time i finished my sentence she was gone.

    “All Ladies into the ball room please.” Announced the male voice.




    Only me, Hanna, Rita, and Rose were left on the dance floor. Then we stopped and faced the judge.

    The judge rose her head. “Thats it?” She asked.

    “We had no prince.” Said Rose.

    “I’ll be the prince.” Yelled DJ from the gym bleachers. 

     “Oh no.” I said in my mind but it was too late to stop everything happening because I was already dancing with him.

    “So why did you jump into being prince charming?”

    “So I could dance with you.”

    “Thought you liked Avery.”

    “I do.”

    “Then why are you dancing with me?”

    “I just am?”

    “Tell me.”



    And by then we all switched partners. After he danced with all four of us he went back to “Pick one of us.” Obviously to the story line it was me and he’d say, “Will you marry me?” and I say “Yes.” and to keep it PG, were done.

    “I’ve made a choice.” Said Prince Charming. I rolled my eyes facing away from the judge. Charming walked around all of us. I had in mind he would kneel down with a plastic ring and say “will you marry me?” and i had to surprisingly say “yes”.

    Charming came upfront of me and Knelt down, I put my hands on my chest in shock.

(of corse acting)

    “Will you go out with me?” Asked Prince Charming. I was silent. That wasn’t the line. The way he looked at me with sparkles in his eyes - he meant it - he meant every word. Five seconds later I managed to remember my line.

    “Yes.” I said. Atlas I thought the play was over but instead Prince Charming got up and kissed me. This wasn’t the prince anymore - It was DJ. Everyone applauded and the judge had rose from her chair and clapped loudly. After a few seconds we let go and took a bow. Then we walked off and changed.

    “What was that?” I asked DJ.

    “I need to talk to you actually…..” Said DJ. My heart started to sink a bit.

    “I was shy, and when you asked me about Avery i wanted to seem strong so I said I really liked her even though, I really don’t.”

    “Oh….So does that mean you like me?” I asked and I got captured into his eyes.

    “A….A little.” He said and like magnets our lips met again. If this is a little then I guess I like DJ a little.

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