It's time for you to leave



1. ....please

"Why the hell are you still talking to these bitches!" My father yelled at me showing the text messages I have with my friends.

"Because there...." I start,

"No there should be no reason to talk to them, there a bad influence on you!" While my father goes through my phone,

"Wait.... Wha-what are you doing" I try to reach for my phone but my father snatches it from my reach, taking advance that he's as tall as a fucking building.

"There it's done," he said putting my phone on the table "you are not allowed to talk to your friends ever again" he walks away to somewhere to the house, I don't care where.

I ran to my phone looking inside it. He deleted Emilia's AND Diana's numbers, then I look for my Kik app. Thats gone too.

"Why," I started crying," Why father, there nice to me. There not a bad influence." I fell on the ground, holding my phone tightly to my chest.

"Hey get up, I'm helping you." Father came back with a beer,

"No, there good." I whisper, father chocked on his beer and look right at me. Shit he heard me.

"There good?" He paused,"Are you taking back to me? How come you believe that you have a right to talk back to me! I'm our farther, the only reason your here is because of me!" He stood up knocking down chairs and throwing the table to the ground.

I ran to my room, locking the door and hid myself in my closet. I started to cry, holding my phone closely to my chest not knowing what to do. I hear the yelling and smashing of my father in the other room. I try to ignore it. I was failing.

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