Looking for Yesterday

"Looking for Yesterday." Bobby Wray returns to the North East after an absence of fifteen years. After the sudden death of his father. he has been estranged from his mother since he discovered her affair. He stays with his sister Maggie and she tries to get him to build bridges with his mother when the truth is revealed about his father.


62. 62

It didn’t take the lads long and they came down and Steve bought them all a pint of Black sheep ale before they left.’

He went up to have a look at what they had done and it was all ready for them just to retile and put in the shower unit and bathroom suite. The kitchen was ready to be tiled and the cooker, dishwasher, and the double oven connected.

The painter and decorators would be coming after closing on Friday and all the rooms would be done including the two bedrooms up stairs and the small kitchen area.

The tiler would return tomorrow and begin the job on the bathroom Thursday night he would complete the kitchen for the restaurant and the one in the flat upstairs.

By the time closing came that night Steve was shattered. That drinking session had knocked him all to sorts and he just wanted his bed.

He quickly told Maggie what had been done and who was coming tomorrow to finish off before going to wash then go straight to bed.

“This is not getting too much for you is it?’

“No Love, it’s just taking some getting used to that’s all.’

“I will come down after my lesson tomorrow and give you a hand if you like.’

“I should be fine tomorrow honestly.’ Goodnight.’

Goodnight Steve.’




Bobby went around for Martine after work and they drove back to the house. Bobby had to fill the tank with petrol as the indicator was showing that it needed some.’

They didn’t eat supper when they got back and chose just to go straight to bed. They made love as they had done since their first meeting and then she fell asleep.

Bobby slipped out around four a.m. He drove to Earsdon Village to a house that Lucy Jackson know owned along with a new BMW parked in the drive way.

Norman Ryder met him soon after and the two men got masked up and climbed the wall to the back of the property. Norman found the spare key under a plant pot in the back garden and opened the door and disconnected the house alarm.

They crept up stairs but the house was empty. Lucy had gone on holiday to St Tropez as they found a note.’

They turned on the bedroom light and searched inside her wardrobes that were fairly extensive with several dresses, shoes, and sexy underwear.

In three shoe boxes there was a large quantity of cash. Lucy didn’t believe in banks, or paid insurance so this was perfect for Bobby to extract revenge on the bitch who had robbed his friend.’

“She would be finished after this; Bobby had asked Simon to make sure that he was seen that night with Susan and to get her to ask him to stay over so he had a perfect alibi as to his whereabouts and could not be blamed.’

There was over three hundred thousand pounds in cash in the house. Bobby paid Norman two grand to fix the house so when it went up in flames there would be no trace of a burglary. He would crack a gas pipe then leave a tea light burning in the kitchen. The escaping gas would ignite and cause a massive fire ball that would destroy the house and all of its contents.

Lucy would have no clothes, and no money to buy any with. Lucy Jackson would be ruined just like she ruined Simon’s life.’

She couldn’t tell the police that she had three hundred thousand pounds in cash in the house because she would be done for tax evasion; so basically she was screwed.’

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