Looking for Yesterday

"Looking for Yesterday." Bobby Wray returns to the North East after an absence of fifteen years. After the sudden death of his father. he has been estranged from his mother since he discovered her affair. He stays with his sister Maggie and she tries to get him to build bridges with his mother when the truth is revealed about his father.


35. 35

“Well I hope so; I want to hear you play that guitar for me.’

“What make is your guitar anyway.’

“It’s a Gibson tortoise shell; it has a lovely ring to it when it is played.’

“I look forward to hearing it.’

“Did your father buy you the guitar;

“No, I saved up my pocket money from my aunts and bought it with that.’

Then he remembered that his real father sent him his pocket money each week so in affect his real father had bought it for him.


How old were you when you first started learning how to play it.’

“It was shortly after my sixteenth birthday.

“It cost me nearly two hundred pounds and it was money well spent.’

The guy in the music shop threw in a capo and a spare set of strings and a copy of Burt Weedon’s guitar tutor. I played day and night for months trying to learn how to strum along to “Skip to my Lou” then I leaned how to finger pick tunes.’

The salad arrived and both of them dug into a huge prawn before Martine continued.

“Did you play in a band?’

“No, but there was this elderly guy who was bang into country music; he and I would Jam away until the early hours to the songs of Hank Williams and Slim Whitman.’

By the time I was eighteen I was fairly accomplished and could play just about anything.

“You should do it professionally.’

“I don’t think there is any call for country singers in Britain.’

“You would get work in all the clubs.’

“I don’t fancy travelling around from gig to gig for just a few pounds Martine.’

“You did it to get around Europe; yes that’s true but I was happy to sing and play for small crowds so I could get to the next town.’

“It got you to Nashville.’

The waitress took there empty salad bowls away and then the main course came out.’

“Is there nothing else that you would like to do apart from running a motel and café?’

Martine tore off a piece of Garlic pizza took a bite then thought for a moment.’

“I would like to run my own agency for pubs and clubs booking acts.’

“Do you have experience?

“It cannot be that hard; I would give each act an audition first and if they were crap I wouldn’t hire them.’

Once I had enough acts I could cover most of the clubs in the area and further a field if an act were prepared to travel.

“How’s the Spagettini?’

“It’s lovely; too much for me though; I do not eat a lot.’

“I thought you were hungry?’

“I was but have you seen how much food there is here.’

Martine had only eaten one slice of Pizza and just a quarter of her Spagettini.

Bobby had devoured all of his and he drank a glass of water to wash it down.’

“I see you’ve eaten all of yours.’

“Sorry I was a bit peckish after all of that gardening I did today.’

“Don’t apologise I like a man who enjoys his food. Better that than to waste it.’

The waitress came over and asked if Martine would like to take home what she had left. We can wrap the pizza and put the food into a carton for you.’

Thank you that would be nice.’

It was now nine thirty and Bobby paid the bill and left a generous tip for the waitress.’

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