Looking for Yesterday

"Looking for Yesterday." Bobby Wray returns to the North East after an absence of fifteen years. After the sudden death of his father. he has been estranged from his mother since he discovered her affair. He stays with his sister Maggie and she tries to get him to build bridges with his mother when the truth is revealed about his father.


32. 32

“Yes and he brought you up as his own.’

Bobby parked the car outside and sat there for a long time.’

“Did you know as well?’

“I’ve known all along Bobby; but have I treated you any differently even though you are only my half brother?’

No, but why didn’t you tell me?’

“I never told you because you were too young to understand.’

“Does Frankie know that I’m his son?’

“Yes and how do you think he feels knowing that?’ he loves mam that much he went along with what ever mam wanted.’

“He’s had to keep that inside of him all of these years Bobby because your mother didn’t want to hurt you any more. You see Bobby a mother’s love is unconditional; she loves you so much.’

“On my birth certificate it says Bobby Wray.’

“Dad did that because he always wanted a son.’ He treated you no differently to me Bobby.’

“Dad could have left all the money to me really; but he left it to you and all of his treasured country music records.’

Bobby what is done is done can we just move forward and stop all of this; I am sick of it.’

“I need to think about this Maggie; he kissed her on the cheek before she got out of the car. Bobby Drove away; he headed down to the coast; his mind was scrambled.’

He fought a conscious battle in his head as the car headed down beach road to Tynemouth. He parked up where the plaza once was and went to the boating lake and sat down on one of the benches He looked out onto the lake where there were swans and ducks being fed by young children and he remembered how his father would bring him here as a child to do exactly the same. They would row the boat up and down the lake together and he would help him to catch stickle backs and place them in a jam jar. Maggie would always take a back seat as dad let Bobby in the front of the car. When he had parked up Bobby would slide over and pretend to drive it. He thought about his Aunt Mildred and Uncle Sammy how they had taken him in when he ran away and told her about his mother and Frankie Dillon. He rang the number of his aunt and waited for a reply.

Hi Aunt Mildred; how are you and Uncle Sammy.’

 “We are fine Bobby we are coming down next week for the funeral.’

“Can I ask you something Aunt Mildred?’

“Yes Bobby, you can ask me anything.’

“Did you know that I was Frankie Dillon’s son not my fathers.’

“Yes, Bobby I did; I rang your mother soon after you arrived and we had a heart to heart. My sister had always confided in me because I was older. She told me that you were really Frankie’s son but I was never to tell you. She thought that you would have returned home after the dust had settled but you had made up your mind that you weren’t going back. “Your mother asked if I would look after you and she sent money from your real father. You know that money that we kept in the old tea tin.’

“Yes the one with the horse and cart on the front.’

“That’s the one, well all that money in there was sent from your real father. He sent your pocket money every week. He paid for your holiday we had in Blackpool and all of you clothes.’

I have something I want to tell you.’

“What Bobby, 

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