Looking for Yesterday

"Looking for Yesterday." Bobby Wray returns to the North East after an absence of fifteen years. After the sudden death of his father. he has been estranged from his mother since he discovered her affair. He stays with his sister Maggie and she tries to get him to build bridges with his mother when the truth is revealed about his father.


23. 23

“You had better or else

“Else what you fuckin’ prick, you can go fuck yersel.

 “You’re gettin’any of this money to piss up the wall wi yor charva mates.’

“I’m warning you, you fuckin’ cow bring that money home.

“Piss off you knob.’

The girl ended the call and the elderly women were just shaking their heads.

Many were afraid to speak up and even the driver ignored it.

He was sick of his bus being pelted with bricks from people who he’d thrown off his bus in the past. Many an old pensioner had been punched in the face from both lads and young girls for speaking out.’

The two girls laughed as the children had sausage roll and pastry all over the pram but neither of them budged to help clean up the children in their care.

This was the society in which people were living in today.’

The phone went again and the girls just ignored it. They placed the phone that looked as big as a house brick with an Ariel in the rack at the bottom of the pram as it rang and rang all the way to North Shields.
“ I’m telling you now I’m not getting a bus home Maggie said Bobby.’

“Just ignore them they will be getting off shortly.’

“It’s because people ignore this type of behaviour that society is the way it is.’

By the time the bus reached Shields the bus was full and people who were all trying to ignore the women who were on the mobile phones. None of the younger people got up to allow the elderly to sit down and Bobby had already given his to an elderly woman and was standing up now and very annoyed.

The two girls got off with their prams as people on the bus just stared at them. One of them stuck her two fingers up then burst out laughing before carrying on to the Social Security office. Bobby allowed the elderly woman to pass him and his sister before moving forward to get off.

“Never again Maggie said Bobby as he walked along the path of Northumberland square and past the old wooden doll.

“I wonder what that old lady would have done if she’d heard them two young girls today. I bet she would have belted them both round the ears.’

It’s every day now Bobby;’ things have changed here.’

“Not for the better I can tell you that.’

“If those two were my kids I would be ashamed.’

“Look at them Bobby they didn’t look any older than fifteen if that. Now when my mother had me she was just two years older than them.’

Things were different then Maggie; there was no family planning clinics or contraception available. No one today needs to get pregnant at that age.’

“But they do Bobby and do you know why?’

Bobby shrugged his shoulders. “It’s because a lot of them have such a bad home life they get pregnant to get on the housing list so they can get benefits to live because you get more on benefit than having to go to work.’

They crossed the road and made for the insurance company. They walked up a set of steps that had been worn away with time then went up the stairs and waited behind a glass window until it was opened from the inside.

Hello, how can I help said a young gentleman.’

Hello my name is Robert Wray I have come about my late father’s estate. I believe he was insured by you.’

“Could you please give me your father’s full name and his date of birth?’

“Andrew Robert Wray; he was born on the second of May 1932.’

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