Looking for Yesterday

"Looking for Yesterday." Bobby Wray returns to the North East after an absence of fifteen years. After the sudden death of his father. he has been estranged from his mother since he discovered her affair. He stays with his sister Maggie and she tries to get him to build bridges with his mother when the truth is revealed about his father.


17. 17

I was out of my seat in two seconds flat. I held one of her breasts in my hand and caressed it then I began to kiss her neck and she responded by unzipping my pants and took out my old man and began to play with it.’

“Then what happened said John excitingly?’

“She pushed me back onto the bed then straddled me and before I knew it I was inside of her and she was riding me for all she was worth. I grabbed her by her firm buttock and lifted her off the bed whilst she wrapped her legs around me. She was letting out little screams then moaning all the while which was sending me crazy with lust.’

She was squeezing my Penis with her vaginal lips whilst moving up and down on me.

Christ it was the most pleasurable thing that I’ve ever experienced as she brought me to orgasm and when she sighed and said I comen I comen, It brought me over the top again. The next morning we were at it again and I had her in every which way you could imagine. I tell you for an eighteen year old girl she was hot stuff.’

“You lucky bugger said John.’

“But wait there’s more; her mother had sent Adelena a message on her bike and I had finished my breakfast and got up from the table to put my plate in the sink and when my back was turned Signe put her arms around me and unzipped my flies.

I turned around and she began to give me oral in the kitchen.’

She was some woman I can tell you; I cleared that wooden table and lay her down on it she had only a blouse on ; no bra and her breasts were as firm as peaches she had no under wear on and she lifted her skirt to reveal that she had no hair down there I ripped of her blouse and my head went to her breasts then I pulled down her skirt and I took her stretched out on her kitchen table. For thirty year old women she had an incredible body. She straddled me over one of the kitchen chairs and bounced up and down on me. She was making louder noises than her daughter and when she came it was like water running down my leg.’

“You lucky bastard mother and daughter said Simon.’

“Hey but wait till I tell you this; that night I was lying on my bed and I thought that Adelena would come to my room again as she had done the night before but it was her mother who knocked then I was at it with her when her daughter came into the room and they both went at it with me. Christ I was knackered as the two of them wouldn’t leave me alone all night. I ate my breakfast the next morning and guess what they said.’


“I hope we have made you stay a pleasurable one and the next time that you visit Demark we make you come again.’

“I got to tell you lads; it was the two best nights of sex that I’ve ever had.’

I got into the lorry and drove down to the ferry terminal then went my cabin and slept for ten hours straight; I never budged once.’

I think we would have been in bed for three days after that sex marathon.’

“No wonders you love your job so much.’

“Come on you might have the chance tonight to prove yourselves.’

“What time is it?’

“It’s gone eleven now.’

“We have ten minutes to get up the road.

Bobby led the way out and they made there way along to the night club.


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