Looking for Yesterday

"Looking for Yesterday." Bobby Wray returns to the North East after an absence of fifteen years. After the sudden death of his father. he has been estranged from his mother since he discovered her affair. He stays with his sister Maggie and she tries to get him to build bridges with his mother when the truth is revealed about his father.


14. 14

The Yuppies as they were now being called thought nothing of spending fifty pounds a night going around Whitley bay hoping to attract the attention of some girl.

Invariably they would end up in a night club then come home in a taxi alone.

Bobby was used to the club scene in Portsmouth when the lads from the HMS Raleigh would frequent the local bars. He would get the attention of a lot of gay men because of his cowboy get up. a lot of gay men dressed up in gear worn by the group “The Village People. They wore black tight leather trousers and American cop jackets with nothing on underneath. He could spot the gay men and women a mile away and stayed clear of them if he went out. There was this bar that he liked called “The Rodeo where they played country music. Girls would come in and do line dancing which had become very popular. He learned the steps very quickly and it wasn’t long before he was joining in with them. Bobby never went home alone; there was always some different girl that he took home each night when he was out.’

Simon spent the evening telling Bobby about his ex wife Lucy Jackson and how she had practically left him skint then came back to pick his bones.’

Bobby told them about his job and what he did with himself each weekend when he wasn’t working.’ They both were astounded at the money he was making.’

After two pints in the ship they walked along to Fitzgerald’s bar along the road. Bobby fought his way through the sea of people who would not move. He got the attention of a young woman who was serving and she clearly fancied him as she flashed him a smile and toyed with her hair as she served him then asked if he was going to Deep later as she got off around eleven thirty.’

Maybe, but I’m out with two of my friends and I wouldn’t want to leave them; I’ve just come up from Portsmouth and I haven’t seen them in fifteen years so this is like a mini reunion.

“I go out with a couple of my friends who would keep your friends company.’

“Maybe tomorrow night we could meet up.’

“Okay here’s my number give me a call, my name’s Martine; what’s yours?’

“Bobby Wray.’

“Well Bobby Wray I hope that you call me.’

Bobby took the drinks from the bar then headed over to where the lads were standing.

“I see you’ve scored already said Simon.’

“Yes, she has two friends who wanted to meet up in Deep later but I’ve asked the taxi to pick us up at eleven thirty.

“Ring them and cancel.’

“Are you up for this John?’

“I will come with you both but I’m going home alone mate.’

“Give me a minute; Bobby went back to the bar and spoke with Martine then came back.

“Sorted, Martine is going to ring the taxi office and she said that she and her two friends would meet us in deep at eleven thirty.’

“Best get there at ten past or you won’t get in said Simon; they start queuing up then as it it’s a very popular night spot.’

“What time is it now?’

“Twenty past nine; we have plenty of time lads.’

Maybe you can show us around Simon you seem to know what’s what.’

“Well I must take you to Idol’s first so come on sup up and we will walk down.

They drank what was left in the glasses then bobby took them back to the bar.

“Eleven thirty cowboy said Martine as Bobby set the glasses down on the bar.’

Bobby just gave her a wink then turned and headed for the exit.’

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