Forbidden Love // H.S

What happens when two people meet, fall in love to then find out they are going to be step-siblings in a matter of 2 months? Well that's what happens to Riley Winters when she meets Harry, the guy she has been always looking for. Will she sacrifice everything to be with him or will she give up the only love she's ever known...


3. ii





"We crave

what we can't



Riley's P.O.V


Beep Beep Beep

I woke up to the sound of my alarm and groaned. I need to remember to turn the bloody thing off on the weekends. 9:00am... Seriously, that's not enough for me. I put my head back on my pillow and tried falling asleep again until my phone starting buzzing. Who the hell now. I pick up my phone and see Naomi calling. Uggghhh really. Can't I be left in peace to sleep in on a Saturday. I slide my phone across and answered her call.

"Mmmmh yes?" I asked sleepily.

"RILEY GET UP IT'S SATURDAY!" I hear Naomi yell down the phone. I pull it away from my ear as she continues to scream.

"Naomi please shut up, I only just woke up for christ sake," I groaned.

"Sorry babe, just really energetic this morning," She giggled. What the fuck did she take this morning.

"I thought I told you too stay off the crack at this time of the morning," I roll over on my side and rested the phone on the side of my face.

"Obviously I didn't listen. But anyway that's not why I called you," she stated.

"Then why did you call me?" I wondered.

"Uh to take you out to breakfast, duh," she stated. Really. She woke me up so she could take me out to breakfast.

"Oh my lord I hate you right now," I admit as I get up out of bed and make my way to my wardrobe, picking out a simple top and a pair of jeans to go with it.

"No you don't you love me," she's so fricken hypo at this time.

"Okay if you say so. I'm getting dressed so pick me up in 10," I let her know.

"Alrighty babe, see you soon. LOVE YOU!" She shouted. I swear my ears are ringing at this point.

"Love you too. Bye," I quickly added before hanging up the phone. I set my phone down on my table and head over to the bathroom to get dressed. I slip on my top and jeans and brushed my hair out and quickly put on some makeup. Not a lot though seeing as I'm only going out for breakfast. I brush my teeth and walked back into my room and slipped on my shoes, grabbed my purse and phone before making my way downstairs. I opened my door and step out of my room the same time as my older brother, Jackson. I glanced at him and gave him a little head flick signally a good morning. He just gives me a wave back and goes into the bathroom. He doesn't really communicate much in the morning. I guess that's why some people say we are like twins. No thank you, I would not like to be his twin.

I walk downstairs and into the lounge room and switched the TV over to the kids channel. Hey, don't judge. Everyone my age watches cartoons. My mum enters the room and takes a seat down next to me.

"Morning sweetheart," she warmly said to me.

"Morning mum. How did you sleep?" I asked.

"Good thank you. Where are you off to this morning? And so early," she laughs at me. Yeah, it's not common for people to see me up at this time of the morning. I'm like a vampire who only comes out of their cave at night.

"Naomi woke me up. She's coming over now to pick me up and take me to get some breakfast," I stated.

"Well that's nice of her," she smiled at me.

"Yeah, I guess," I replied. Not long after I hear a horn beep outside signally that she was here.

"Well I'm off. See you later mum," I got up off the couch and headed towards the door.

"See you later sweetie," she yelled out to me before I closed the door and walked towards the car. I opened the passenger door and slid into the seat. Naomi turns down the music she was blasting so she could talk.

"So how are we this morning?" she asked. I looked over at her and death stared her.

"Okay, obviously not good," she laughed at me.

"No not really, so please save me the how are we this morning shit and drive," I groaned.

"Woah okay snappy," she put her hands up in the air as a surrender and laughed at me. She put the car in reverse and pulled out of my drive way and drove off



Fifteen minutes later we pulled up to a little café and got out of the car heading for the door.

"Just what the doctor ordered," I say as I inhale the sweet smell of coffee. I walk up to the counter and ordered.

"Can I please get a caramel cappuccino and a chicken caesar wrap," I said to the lady behind the counter as she punch in my order into the machine, "And can I please get a latte with some raisin toast," Naomi added in.

"That'll be $21.95 thank you," the lady replied and Naomi handed her $22 before giving her 5 cents change.

"Thank you," I quickly said as I walked over to the back to grab a seat by the window. It was a really nice day today thank god. I hate it when it's cloudy or raining. Naomi sat in the seat in front of me and place her bag beside her.

"So, why you so grumpy this morning?" she asked me. I rolled my eyes at her. Like she didn't know.

"Because one, my alarm woke me up at 9. Two, you then decided to ring me and wake me up AGAIN and three, I have a massive hangover from last night," I told her as I rubbed my temple. God it killed. Why didn't I take some pain killers this morning before I left.

"Well soorrryyy but you said I owed you breakfast and that's exactly what I'm doing," she said defensively.

"One caramel cappuccino with a chicken caesar wrap and one latte with raisin toast," one of the ladies yell out and I get up out of my chair to grab the tray that had our order on and headed back to our seat. I place the food down in front of us and Naomi quickly grabbed hers and her latte and I placed my food and coffee where I'm seated before walking back up to the counter and gave the lady back the tray. I sit back down at my seat and unwrapped my wrap and took a bite out of it. Damn this is the best thing ever. I take a sip of my coffee and I let the liquid slide down my throat. It burnt my tongue a little but I didn't care. This coffee was the best. Small talk was exchanged here and there seeing as most of the time we had a mouth stuffed with food.  

"So, how was the party for you last night," Naomi added before taking a bite of her toast. Instantly flashbacks replayed in my mind as I remembered what I did last night. Dancing with that green-eyed, handsome boy and then kissing him which then he gave me a ride home later that night.

"Yeah um not much. Just had a few drinks and that was it," I replied. I didn't really want to tell Naomi what happened last night cause I'm afraid she'll be angry at me because of my ex.

"Really... Cause that's not what I heard last night," she raised her eyebrows at me. Oh shit. Here we go.

"Okay so I might've danced with some guy.... And then kissed him," I hung my head in shame. The weird thing though was that there was no yelling or anything. I look up to see Naomi wiggling her eyebrows. The fuck? I would've for sure thought she'd be pissed.

"You're not mad?" I asked confused.

"Why the hell would I be mad?" she looked at me with a confused look on her face.

"Because of my ex and all," I replied.

"Fuck that dick. He lost you and now you get to move on and meet someone better," she told me. Wow, never would I thought I'd be hearing that from her.

"Yeah I guess you're right," I added.

"I'm always right," she flicks her hair back as she giggles a little, "But anyway, what's he like," she put her hands under her chin and rested her elbows on the table, prepared for the details I'm about to tell her. I just laughed at her.

"Well for starters, his name is Harry-" she cut me off, "OOOOOHHHH Harry hey," she winked at me.

"Shhh. Anyway, he has the amazing green eyes and the curliest brown hair I've ever seen," I described to her, "Oh and he has a british accent," we both awed.

"Damn he sounds hot," she winked. Oh trust me you haven't even seen half of it yet. I grab my coffee, taking a sip of it while looking out the window. I notice someone outside and I observe them for a bit. Why does that person look so familiar? The person that I had been staring at for 2 minutes turned around and looked straight at me. I spat my coffee onto the window and my eyes went wide. No way. What the hell is Harry doing here!? He laughed at me and then started walking over towards the café door.

"What the hell was that about," Naomi asked confused.

"It's Harry," I quickly replied while grabbing a napkin wiping away the coffee that I just spat onto the window. Naomi turned around and took a quick glimpse at Harry walking through the door and coming our way.

"Jesus christ he is hot and he is heading our way," she informed me.

"Yeah I kinda figured that," I rolled my eyes at her. I look up to see Harry standing in front of me with that cheeky smirk on his face.

"Hello love, remember me?" he winked at me. I looked down as I blushed.

"Yeah how could I not," I quickly added.

"So what's a pretty face like yours doing here?" he asked.

"I could ask you the same thing," I replied which caused a little chuckle escape his lips. Mmmh his lips, god they were so soft. I would kill to have them back on mine again.

"Well I was just on the phone to my father before you spat the coffee on the window," he informed me. My eyes widened. Oh jeez.

"You saw that," I asked embarrassed.

"Yes I did but don't worry, I thought it was cute," he smiled at me. God damn it stop smiling so much.

"Thanks... I guess," I replied. I hear Naomi clear her throat and I look over at her to see her shrugging her head in Harry's direction, letting me know I should introduce her.

"Right, Harry this is my best friend Naomi. Naomi, Harry," I greeted them. Naomi extended her hand which Harry took in his and shook it.

"Nice to meet you Harry," Naomi smiled at him.

"Likewise," he said back.

"Well I should get going now but you have a good day Riley," he looked over at me and gave me a quick wink before saying his goodbyes to Naomi and leaving the café. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding and put my head in my hands. God that was embarrassing.

"Jesus Riley, he's fucking gorgeous," she fangirled.

"Yeah he is," I added. Why did he just show up here out of nowhere? Maybe he lives around here? Guess I'll just have to find out. 



Naomi dropped me home and I said my goodbyes before walking through the front door. The hoThe house was quiet, meaning mum was probably out and same goes with Jackson. I go to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water and walked into the lounge room and turned the TV over to Netflix. Time for some movies. I found my favourite movie Finding Nemo and put it on. Five minutes into the movie my phone buzzed and I picked it up to see a message from Harry. I unlocked my phone to see what it said.

"What's your plans for the rest of the day beautiful?" - Harry

"Sitting at home watching my all time favourite movie" -Riley

I set my phone down and paid attention to my movie. A minute later I got another text.

"And what would that be love?" - Harry

"Finding Nemo" - Riley

"Open your door in 5 minutes ;)" - Harry

He isn't seriously coming over right now to watch this movie is he. God, if my mum came home and saw he was here she would flip. Five minutes later I hear a knock at my door and I paused the movie to get up to answer it and sure enough, Harry is standing outside it holding a bag of popcorn.

"I didn't think you were being serious about coming over," I laughed at him.

"When someone mentions Finding Nemo I get very serious. Here, go put this on for us why don't you love," he handed me the popcorn packet and walked past me through the door and found his way to the lounge room. Well okay then. I laugh to myself and headed to the kitchen to put the popcorn on in the microwave. A couple of minutes later the microwave beeped at me letting me know that it was ready. I pulled it out and opened the bag, emptying the popcorn into a bowl and made my way back to the lounge room.

I see Harry sitting on the couch patiently waiting for my return. I walk over to the couch and set the bowl of popcorn down on the counter in front of us. I sit back down on the couch next to Harry and grabbed the bowl and set it between us before pressing play on the movie. Now that I think about it, we are kinda Netflix and chilling. Ew. I never liked those sort of things. The only thing I'm hoping out of this is if he kisses me. We were at the part of the movie where Bruce the shark first meets Marlin and Dory and he turns around to swim away but quickly snaps back around and showed off all his teeth, which caused me to jump in my seat. That part always gets me even though I've seen this a million times.

"You alright there love. Did it give you a bit of a fright did it?" he smirked at me. I looked at him and lightly punched him on the arm.

"No... Just that part always gets me," I sink into the chair and folded my arms across my chest and huffed.

"Come here you scardy cat," he set the bowl on the counter and wrapped his arm around me and brought me closer to him. I took in a deep breath and smelt the cologne on his shirt. Gosh, why does he always have to smell good.

"Thanks," I looked up at him to see him staring at me with a smile on his face. God damn it, just kiss me you beautiful human. He must of read my mind because before I knew it his soft pink lips were on mine once again. Just as the first time, the kiss was soft and sweet and our lips moved with each other perfectly. I felt butterflies in the pit of my stomach and electric shocks down my spine. He put his hand on my back and pushed me down on the chair, moving so he was on top of me never breaking the kiss. He swiped his tongue over my bottom lip asking for access to which I opened my mouth for him to slide his tongue in. Our kiss was heated and our tongues danced together. He started to move his hands up and down my body before groping my breast which caused a little moan escape my lips. Before anything could go any further, I heard the door handle jiggle and open signally that my mother was home.

"Riley honey I'm home and there's someone here I would like you too meet," she called out. I quickly pushed Harry off me and sat back up on the couch and fixed my top and hair to make it look like nothing happened.

"Shit," I murmured to myself.

"Guessing your mums home," Harry chuckled to himself. I punched him on the arm which caused and ouch from him.

"In the lounge room mum," I shouted out to her.

"Oh there you are hunny," Mum said as she walked into the lounge room, "And who's this?" she pointed to Harry.

"This is my friend Harry from school. He just came over to watch a movie with me," I stated.

"It's nice to meet you Mrs. Winters," he stood up and shook her hand.

"Nice to meet you too Harry but please, call me Michelle," she smiled at him.

"Oh Riley sweetie, there's someone here I would like you to meet. Wait there," she said as she walked off again before coming back in the room with a very tall man beside her.

"Riley, meet Ian," she greeted us.

"Dad?" Harry speaks up. Wait what, dad!?

"Harry, what are you doing here?" this Ian guy asked.

"I'm here hanging out with Riley. What are you doing here?" he replied confused.

"Ian and I just came back from our date," my mum added in.

"DATE!" I shouted. Oh great. The guy my mum was seeing just happened to be the guy I'm seeing. Just what I needed.


This is the second chapter to my story. I wonder what will happen next?

Find out more soon!

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