Welcome Distraction

[ haikyuu!! fanfiction for the competition ] ☀ It's supposed to be a "sleepover", but all Kenma wants to do is level up on his new downloaded game. It takes everything Hinata's got to provide a distraction.


2. ☀ Two






It was eight o'clock before Kenma actually arrived, and Hinata had been pacing up and down the hallway for two hours now.

The doorbell rang, loud as a siren, and Hinata - for the second time that day - jumped right out of his skin, and then fervently hoped Kenma hadn't heard the loud bang of his feet against the wood. He'd already looked whiny and desperate this morning, and he didn't want to add 'pathetic' to that list just yet.

Waiting at least a few minutes to make sure Kenma thought Hinata was doing something upstairs that was more important than letting his friend in, the boy pulled open the door. Kenma was standing on the doorstep with his phone between his thumbs, and didn't even look up from his game.

"Hey," Hinata said, a little stupidly. "What game are you playing?" Hinata frankly did not give two rats tails about the game, but anyway. He might as well give an attempt at being polite, especially seeing as his phone meant everything to Kenma.

Kenma sniffed his nose very slightly, and then jammed his finger down against the screen. "Why were you standing in front of the door for so long?"

Hinata's ears went red. "I- I wasn't! How did you know?"

"Your face was practically pressed against the glass."

Hinata rubbed his hand behind the back of his neck, and his eyes flickered to the floor. Damn it! He'd been so subtle. "What game are you playing? It looks fun-" Hinata leaned over Kenma's shoulder, and observed the huge monster. It was pretty ugly, Hinata thought, and reared its head upwards - except it looked more like sideways - because the '3D effects' were practically non-existent. Hinata pointed at Kenma's funny stickman and was about to make an incredibly witty comment about the way his mouth was dripping off his face, but accidentally touched the screen.

"Whoops- sorry Kenma-"

G A M E  O V E R

Kenma's entire face dropped. "You stupid idiot."

"Sorry, Kenma," Hinata slid his hands up his face in an attempt to hide from the setter's bored glare, to absolutely no avail. "Sorry, sorry, sorry- Do you want to come in?"

"Not really. But I guess," Kenma slipped his phone into the back pocket of his jeans, and Hinata nearly died from shock. Right there on the spot. Honestly nearly collapsed. Kenma looked so different. Firstly, his hands were actually free, limp by his sides, and secondly, he wasn't wearing the infamous red of Nekoma's uniform. Instead, he was wearing blue, and it was almost unnerving.

Kenma looked up. "Stop staring."

"Sorry," Hinata grinned, and then laughed a bit, "You look weird."

"Thank you, Hinata."

"Wait-wait- Like in good way," Hinata's cheeks went pink. "Wait- no, I mean like, you just look different. I'm not used to it."

"Okay." Kenma was still stood on the doormat, squirming a little bit because Hinata had a very intense gaze, and he had lost the security of being able to focus on some kind of device. He didn't like it.

The two boys stood in front of each other, Hinata happy for two reasons: he wasn't surrounded by immensely tall volley ball players as he usually was, and Kenma was looking a bit uncomfortable too, so Hinata wasn't the only one.

"So," Hinata grinned, and looped an arm and Kenma's neck, leading him up the stairs into his bedroom. "I was thinking we could watch something and eat some food. We could order takeaway?"

"Yeah," Kenma's reply sounded more like a grunt, but Hinata didn't dwell on it. He'd probably stop being so grumpy once they started to watch the film.

Hinata blinked a couple of times, "But it's cool if we don't watch a film, you know. We could just talk. About volleyball."

"Yeah," Kenma sat down on the floor and pulled out his phone.

"It would be pretty awesome if you didn't play on your phone."

"It would?"

Hinata groaned inwardly. It was like he had to explain everything to Kenma, who seemingly didn't understand the simple fundamentals of life or friendship or common courtesy. "We can't both play on your game, so it's not really fun for me."

"You can watch."

Hinata sighed. "I'll go and get the drinks while you finish that game, and then we can talk, see? That's fair, right?"

Kenma shrugged nonchalantly. "Mhm." He leaned right over his device, his hair falling right over his eyes.

Hinata rolled his brown eyes, and left the other boy sitting alone in his room. Kenma was always so rude! He had absolutely no conscience whatsoever when it came to his friend's feelings, and even though Hinata was trying as hard as he could to keep his temper in check, it was becoming increasingly difficult. Kenma was difficult.

Hinata pulled some fizzy drinks out of the fridge, and popped the top of the cans, because he always found the little 'click' sound kind of exciting and funny. He half-ran back up the stairs to see Kenma again, sitting in the exact same position he'd been left, only his fingers were moving even more furiously.

Hinata waved the coke in front of Kenma's vision, "Heyyyy, Kenmaaa?" When Kenma didn't respond, Hinata put his own coke on the floor and waved the other drink even more wildly "I've got your drink-" Suddenly, in a matter of seconds, Hinata had bumped the can against the top of Kenma's head, and the whole thing had gotten completely out of control. There was bubbling, fizzing, popping liquid spilt everywhere. Most of it was on top of Kenma's head, whilst some of it dribbled right down his face and into his mouth. A little bit was resting on top of the game, and the rest was all over Kenma's jeans and t-shirt.

"Oops," Hinata bit his lip. "Sorry, Kenma. That was an accident."

Kenma dropped his phone, and it only just missed a small puddle of coke on the wood floor. He raised his head very slightly, and a few droplets fell onto his long eyelashes. "You idiot," he hissed, and then began squeezing out his hair onto the floor. There seemed to be a lot of coke in such a small bottle.

Hinata felt anger in the pit of his stomach, because it wasn't really his fault, was it? He'd been trying to be a good friend. "If you'd only taken the coke, this wouldn't have happened!"

"You're blaming it on me?"

"Yes!" Hinata reddened. "I brought you a drink, and you didn't accept it. So I gave it to you."

Kenma's cat-like eyes narrowed very slightly, "So it was on purpose?"

"NO!" Hinata grabbed some tissues from a box on his desk, and began mopping up the floor. "It was an accident, but you did deserve it." Hinata threw some tissues in Kenma's direction, and his friend snatched the up, rubbing at his face and sopping hair.

"I need some clothes," Kenma snapped.

Hinata swallowed away some of his frustration, and stood up. He needed to stay calm. "Fine. Okay." Hinata pulled a hoodie and some more jeans out of his wardrobe, and he wads glad Kenma wasn't Lev or Kageyama, or else the clothes most definitely wouldn't have fitted. He tossed them in his friend's direction, and Kenma picked them up and stalked out towards the bathroom to change. The minute he left, Hinata pressed his head against the wardrobe door. Why was it all going wrong? Why did everything keep having to mess itself up? Why, why, why?

He sighed, letting his breath stagger out to nothing. It was so difficult being friends with Kenma, when everything wouldn't flow properly. Maybe Hinata shouldn't have tried so hard to be the setter's friend, since they obviously weren't a good match for the other. In fact, it was more than that. They were like complete opposites.

Kenma came back in, his face no longer angry or irritated - just bored again. He dropped the empty can of coke in the bin, and then took Hinata's up instead. Cross-legged on the floor, Kenma picked up his phone and began playing all over again, determination on his face that said I'm playing this, and you can't stop me.

Unfortunatley for Kenma, Hinata was never one to give up on a challenge.




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