Welcome Distraction

[ haikyuu!! fanfiction for the competition ] ☀ It's supposed to be a "sleepover", but all Kenma wants to do is level up on his new downloaded game. It takes everything Hinata's got to provide a distraction.


3. ☀ Three




Hinata curled his knees to his chest and tapped his fingers on the floor. "Hey, Kenma. Are you still angry with me?"

"Not really."

"Are we friends?"

"I guess."

Hinata blinked. "Okay. Will you stop playing on your game now? Can I take it off you?"

"You can try."

The boy looked to the left and then the right, unsure of how to react. Kenma seemed to have given him permission to take his game off him, but Hinata wasn't exactly sure if he'd actually meant it or not. It didn't really sound like his friend at all.

Hinata decided to make sure: "So, I can stop you playing the game?"

Kenma shrugged nonchalantly. "If you can."

Going over Kenma's words in his head and making sure they definitely meant what Hinata thought they meant, Hinata lunged for Kenma's game, expecting to rip it right out of his friend's hands using the element of surprise. Unfortunately, Kenma leapt right out of the way, and Hinata hit his face right off the floor - sort of similar to the way he often messed up his dives in volleyball. The boy yelped and sat upright, jumping again at the other, this time even quicker. Hinata's hands flailed, flapping wildly as he tried to snatch up the small device, but Kenma kept dodging, looking just out of the corner of his eye to see where the spiker would pounce from next.

After a few minutes of jumping around like a couple of maniacs (well, Hinata jumping around like a maniac and Kenma moving out of the way), Hinata sat in the middle of the floor, cross-legged and utterly out of breath, whilst Kenma leveled up with a short sigh.

"Are you ticklish?"

Kenma shrugged. "Not really."

Hinata moved forward to try and tickle his friend, but Kenma just sat completely still, obviously not in the slightest bothered by the whole business. Hinata thought about how if there positions were switched, he'd probably be rolling around on the floor in stitches by now. Kenma's stamina at this game was particularly incredible, and the younger boy didn't like to think the other was better than him. 

"What distracts you?" Hinata asked thoughtfully, tapping his chin. "Loud music, huh?" Hinata poked Kenma right in the face and Kenma flinched a little, earning a grin out of Hinata, who decided to continue. 

"That's annoying," Kenma murmured. "But it doesn't bother me that much." He flicked his blonde-brown hair out of his eyes, and gave the orange-haired boy a slightly withering glance. "You could try a little harder."

Hinata couldn't exactly use his brain to think of something clever or strategic, so he just began to run around, clapping his hands loudly and jumping from foot-to-foot. It was infuriating, and Hinata was sure Kenma might snap and drop his game to shut him up. After all, Kenma really hated it when Hinata began baffooning around like a six year old.

"Isn't this irritating?"


"Why aren't you stopping playing?"

"Because I'm winning the game. Try harder."

"But nothing's working."

"Surprise me."

"But I caaaaaan't," Hinata fell onto his knees in front of the other boy, tipping his head back in something that looked like anguish. He couldn't help but be overly-dramatic in these situations: he was losing, and he couldn't think of anything to do.

Kenma exhaled, eyes focusing on his game even more. "Do something I wouldn't expect."

Hinata thought as hard as he possibly could, his forehead creasing into a criss-cross of lines. This was so difficult. Try harder. Surprise me. Do something I wouldn't expect. Distract me.

An idea sort of popped into Hinata's head. It was a bit stupid, and a bit embarrassing, and possible more effort than was worth it... But it would work, he was sure. Maybe it was a little weird, but so was Kageyama and Hinata's freak quick, and that worked out pretty well. It couldn't harm to try, could it? 

Not sure where to start, Hinata decided to just sort of kind of in a way maybe go for it. Make it quick. Just do it. It would be fine. Do it now. Do it right this very second and don't think about it. Do it. 


Hinata decided to kiss Kenma. He sat in front of Kenma, and placed his left hand on Kenma's right shoulder, and his right hand on Kenma's left shoulder. Hinata scrunched up his nose and shut his eyes very tight, and then lunged. Kenma's face was quite far away and it was taking a painfully long time to reach his lips, and maybe Kenma was already moving away or turning his head to one side-

Hinata squinted and then opened one eye to try and find Kenma, and then realised immediatley that he was - in fact - right on target. Kenma's eyes were as big as tennis balls and only a couple of centimeters from Hinata's, and his mouth was very slightly parted in surprise, which Hinata found annoying because it might make things more difficult. 

"Close your mouth, Kozume."

Kenma closed his mouth, and Hinata kissed him as quick as possible. There was a thump on the floor, and Hinata looked beside him to see Kenma's phone had been dropped right out of his friend's grasp, and now lay on the floor with the screen flashing GAME OVER persistently.

"I win," Hinata muttered, not entirely sure if he was happy about it or not. He was still pretty close to Kenma.

Kenma was blinking rapidly and furiously, a light blush staining his pale skin. 

"Not really," Kenma scratched his head. "I won the kiss, I guess."

Hinata rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah, I guess. That was pretty weird."


"It was, yeah," Hinata blinked too. "I mean, like, it wasn't that bad."


"It was okay. Like, I'm not saying I enjoyed it. I mean, I didn't not enjoy it. Hey, maybe we should play a game where you have to try and stop me talking. That would be fun. You could, like, try and kiss me again."

Kenma seemed to agree, and the next kiss was definitely a welcome distraction for both.






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