The Civil War of Annesia

The kingdom, once a beautiful and prosperous land, has fallen. Thousands of years of unrelenting war has shattered it into three new lands, and their history is all but forgotten. The now ruined capitol of the kingdom of old has been found, and myth claims that it holds a gemstone so powerful, one kingdom could destroy the others, and rise up to become the most powerful in existence.


12. Innocence Lost

     Suddenly, he was a child again. Someone was knocking on his door.

     His father, who had been in incredibly high spirits, froze, his face grim and shocked.

     "What happened to my wife?"

     The man could only shake his head, in solemn sympathy. Then, he handed Saeflod's dad a letter. To Saeflod's young eyes, it seemed like an entirely mundane envelope, with the exception of the seal of the Styrenesian military on the front. To his father, and to his present self, it was a cursed thing.
      "Daddy, what's wrong?"
      "Saeflod..." He wrapped his arms around him. "Wielma...your mother, sh-," tears were welling up in his eyes. He cleared his throat and shook his head. Forcing himself to regain his composure, he continued, "is gone."


To the family of Wielma Lacun:

              Lieutenant Lacun and her entire squadron are missing in action.

They lost contact with headquarters while in Hierdelician territory, collecting intelligence.
Head of the Bureau of Foreign Intelligence,
Sergeant Hurricane

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