Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


10. chapter 9

*Madison Pov*
"So tell us about yourselves and how it is to live with the boys" She said
"Uh, Im Madison, Im 15 years old. Im really shy at first but when im comfortable and start to get to get to know you i am a really wild and crazy girl" I say
"Living with the boys is fun, they are crazy and act like a bunch of 10 year olds. Sometimes the act serious but most of the time they are fun and crazy people. i do see Luke, Calum and Ashton as my uncles and Michael as my dad. But i am not ready to call Michael dad yet." I add
"Im Mitchell. Im 19 years old. I am alot of things. crazy, fun, wild, shy sometimes but really protective" Mitchell said
"The boys are like my brothers. even thought Michael adopted me, he's not like a father to me. more like a brother to me" He said
"Hey! Im Mason. Im 15 years old-"
"Are you and Madison twins?" The lady cut him off
"Yes, we are" Me and Mason say together and the crownd goes 'Aww'
"Ok, continute" She said
"Really im the fun and cool one of the family" I all he said, then i smacked him on the back of his head
"Abuse! Abuse!" He yells and everyone laughs
"Thats it for this show. Everyone have a good day"
"And cut. Thats it for today!" Someone yelled
"It was nice having you" The lady said to us and we nod
"Bye" We said and we left
We get home and i am to tired
"Im tired" I mutter
"Want me to take you to your room?" Mason ask and i nod
"Get on" He said bending down, i jump on his back
"To my room" I say, slapping his butt
"Watch the ass" He said
"What ass?" I ask
"Dont make me drop you" He warn
"You drop me, i'll make sure you will never have kids" I say
"I'll tell Alec" He said
"You wouldnt" I say
"I would" He smirks
"Mason please dont" I whine
"Only because i love you" He said
"I love you too" I say and he drops me on my bed
"You still have it" He said, grabbing the bear he gave me
"Yeah" I said
"Sleep well" He said
-Time skip-
I wake up, i roll over but to land on something, not something. Someone! i look up and see Alec?
"Hey Alec, what do you want?" I ask, sitting up
"Well i wanted to ask you something" He said
"Yeah" I say
"Uh, would you, Um, W-want to um go on a uh date with me?" Its so cute how he is so nervouis
"Yes" I say
"Oh, i understand that you don- Wait did you say yes?" He ask and i luaghed
"I did" I say and he smiles
"I'll pick you up and 7" He said
"Where are we going?" I ask
"You'll see" He said
"What do i wear?" I ask
"Something casual but also confertable" He said and i nod. He leave and i check my clock, its 5. Oh i have 2 hours to get ready. Wait! What the fuck and i going to wear! i know the dress code but what am i going to wear? If i ask the boys, they will fucking dress me like a guy, i can see it already. I'll call Ella, Chloe and Emma. Wait but Emma hates me enough since i toke her seat next to Alec. I'll just call Ella. i get my phone out amd text her
Madison-Hey can you come over?
Ella-Yeah, what's up?
Madison-Your brother ask me on a date and i dont know what to do
Ella-Ethan? I thought he liked Chloe. Plus he is really old for you
Madison-No! Alec!
Ella-That makes more sence
Madison-Duh, can you come over?
Ella-Yeah be there in 20
Madison-Thank you!
I put my phone away and went down stairs
"What did Alec want? Because when he walked down stairs he had a smile on his face and look happier then ever brfore" Michael said
"Did you guys have sex?" Luke ask and i laughed
"No! Dude, im freakin 15" I say
"Hey, i lost mine when i was 15" He said (A/N This is NOT a real fact)
"Really?" I ask
"Nah, im just messing" He said
"When did you lose yours?" I ask
"When i was 17" He said (A/N Again! This is NOT a real fact!)
"What about you Michael?" I asked
"16" He said (A/N you know what i am going to say)
"Oh, And you Ashton?" I ask
"17" He said
"What about you Calum?" I ask
"Why do you want to know?" He ask
"Well everyone told me theres, why not you?" I ask, He looked around
"Uh, um, You see, I um-"
"You're still a virgin?" I cut him off, He blushes
"Aww, Cal" I say hugging him
"I think its cute you are waiting for the right person" I say which made him blush even more
"Your face looks like a tomato" Ashton said
"What about Mitchell, when did he lose his?" Michael ask me
"I dont know?" I shrug
"I would ask him but him and Mason went out to buy Mason stuff for his room" Michael said and i nod.
"What did Alec want?" Michael ask
"Um, he asked me on a date" I say
"Did you say yes?" He ask and i nod
"As long as he doesn't break your heart, we wont kill him" He said and i roll my eyes
"I'll get it" I say and walk to the door. i open it
"Hey Ella" I say, when i look at her i see she brought Chloe and Emma. Great
"Oh hey guys!" I say
"I hear you are going on a date" Emma said
"Yeah, i am" I mutter
"With who?" She doesnt know
"Some guy" I say, i look at Ella and give her a 'Do you want me to die' Look and she shrugs. I feel the love!
"Come on, lets get you ready" Ella said and we walk inside
"Im going to be in my room with them" I say and the just wave, looking at there phones
"Im going to do drugs" I say
"Have fun" Michael said
"Im going to get drunk and go work at a strip club" I say
"Be safe" Luke said
"I know what will make then snap" I tell the girls
"Im going to run away with Alec" I say and they all shot up
"Luke, Calum get the guns. Ashton find where Alec is right now" Michael says and me and the girls laugh
"Im kidding" I say
"Lets go guy" I say and we go to my room
"So Alec?" Chloe said wiggleing her eyebrows
"They think me and Alec are a thing" I shrug my shoulders, i can feel the death glare Emma is giving me
"You ready?" Ella ask
"We have 2 hours" I say
"What! Then lets start!" She yells and well, lets say my room is going to need a big cleanig after this
-2 hours later-
"Wow!" I say as i look in the mirror
"You look hot!" Ella said and i roll my eyes
"So, who's the lucky guy?" Emma ask. before i could answer there was a knock on the door
"Madison! Alec's here!" Ashton yells
"Oh" Emma mutters and i give her a small smile
"Coming!" I yells, i walk down stairs to see Mitchell, Mason, Luke, Michael, Calum and Ashton talking to him
"Look, me and you may be really close mate, praticly brothers. But this is my sister, you hurt her. i will not even hesitate to kill you, Got it?" He ask. Whoa! That just happened
"Yes Mason" Alec said, kind scared
"Guys, your scaring him" I say and they all look at me
"Wow!" Alec said
"Y-you look beautiful" He said which made me blush
"Thanks" I say
"I want her back before 10, if you are 1 sec late, i will kill you" Michael said
"Yes sir" Alec said
"Ready?" He ask, exstending his arm. I nod and take his hand. We walk out, with Emma and Chloe following since they are leaveing
"Who's picking you up?" I ask Ella
"I'm going to wait for Alec to bring you home and Ethan was suppost to bring food for us" She said and i nod. (A/N Its a friday)
"Lets go" Alec said and we walk to his car, he just got his liccens
"You know, you're the first person i drove somewhere. In this car and with my liccens" He said and i smile
"Really?' i ask and he nods
"So where are you taking me?" I ask
"Just wait" He said and i roll my eyes
-Time skip-
We are at the park. But it looks diffrent, there are lights hanging from the tree, no kids here. A picnic table set up. There is also a lake.
"Is this it?" I ask and he nods
"Ethan helped me set it up, you might see him run around here for a while, he didnt want to leave" He tells me
"But didnt he hae to bring food to them?" I ask
"LATER!" Someone yells and we look around to see Ethan go down the slide and then climb back up. Ethan might be a bad ass and in a gang but thst doesnt mean he does not act like a 5 year old.
"Its beautiful" I say
"Come sit" He said pulling a chair out for me
"ETHAN!" Alec yells and i laugh
"WHAT?" He yell/ask
"Food!" Alec yells back
"Get it yourself!" He yell
"Im busy playing" He add
"Yeah, with you dick" He mutter as he get out. that makes me burst into laughter
-Time skip-
Ethan finally left and we finished, Alec got a blanket put of the car and we are sitting on it, in front of the lake. Alec stands up and starts taking his shoes, socks, pants and shirt off
"What are you doing?" I ask and keep looking at his 6-park
"Getting in, and take a picture, it last longer" He smirked which made me blush. he jumps in
'You coming?" He ask
"I don't have a bikini" I say
"Then get in with your bra and panties, its the same thing" He said
"I wont look" He said as he turns around, i start stripping but keep my bra and panties on, i jump in
"Well look who joined" He said and i smile, he moves some pierce of hair away from my face, he wraps his arms around my waist, we a extremely close
"Can i kiss you?" He ask and i nod, he leans in and i fell his lips touch mine. I start to fell funny. I have butterfly's in my stomach. I fell alive when i feel his touch. Alec is my drug. He bite the bottom of my lip with makes me grasp, he takes the chance to slip his tonged in. We finally pull away
"You don't know how long i have waited for that" He say
"Maddy" He said and i look at him
"Will you be mine?" He ask

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