Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


9. chapter 8

*Michael's p.o.v*

"I think i'm ready" she tells me

"For what?" i ask

"To tell you, Luke, Ashton, Calum my past. here goes nothing..." she replies 


*Madison Pov*
"Is everyone here?" I ask and everyone says 'yes' I made Mason come because he's part of my family, and i want him to pick a room, he pick the one across from mine. I invited, Ella, Emma, Chloe, Alec and Ethan because Mason never told them anything and Mitchell never told them anything
"Who want to go first?" I ask Mason and Mitchell
"I guess i will tell them about me" Mitchell said
"Are you sure?" Michael ask
"You guys don't have to tell us if you guys aren't ready" Luke added and the 3 of us shake our heads
"We're ready" We say
"Go Mitch" I say
"So all you guys now is i am in a gang, right?" He ask and they nod
"Ethan knows what i do but the rest of you don't" He adds
"I do drug dealing since i was 16, I've killed people, out them in hospital, I've been arrest like 10 times already, I've had to do some many bad things that i don't regret because its been for protect Maddy and other people that i love" He said while looking at Ella. Mella! I ship it!
"Do you still do it?" Calum ask
"I haven't been arrested in 3 months and haven't killed anyone in a year" He said and they nod
"Im done, who's next?" Mitchell ask and Mason raises his hand
"Alec you're part of it" Mason said and Alec sit next to him, Please don't be gay! i have nothing agents it but i might have a crush on Alec. Ok i do have a crush on Alec!
"Ever since i was 10 i have been stealing, getting into fights. till one day the family that adopted me kicked me out when i was 13, i would of gone back to the orphanage but that was 7 hours away and didnt know the way, so i went to Alec's house. Ethan became my guardian and after that i still stole things and got into fights, got arrested 3 times but Alec was always there with me, so we did all those things together. He was my brother" Mason said. Everyone looks at me
"If you don't want to tell them how we ended up at the orphanage, i can tell them" Mason said, sitting next to me, grabbing my hand. Mitchell sits next to me on my left, holding my hand, i give both of them a slight squeeze
"No, i can do it" I say. i take a deep breath and start.
"Our lives before me and Mason turn 2 and Mitch turned 6 was the best, we were a happy family and loved each other. One day our dad went out to the store to buy candy for halloween, he never came back. He had been gone for 3 days, then my mum got a call saying my dad had been in a car crash and they just found him, he died. our mum was never the same after that, she drank and hot high, slept around with all these man" I said, i can feel tears fall
"Im pretty sure she even hooked up with some woman too" Mitchell add and me and Mason nod
"Then she got married to our step-dad. When me and Mason just turned 5. My mum and step-dad thought that since we were at this age they can finally get hit, so every time we saw them she would hit us and kick us" My voiced cracked
"She made Mitchell do these weird things to her which later on as we got over and replayed those memories, we finally know what she did to Mitchell" Everyone cringed at that, they know what i mean
"One day, like 2 months after me and Mason turned 5. my mum and step-dad got arrest and put in jail for 35 years" I finish
"Did your step-dad um, you know, rape you?" Michael ask
"I was lucky. But when i turned 12. Mitchell told me he did that to young girls before and during he got married to my mum" I say
"Come here" Michael said and i hug him, wrapping my arms around his neck and crying on his shoulder. Ella was crying and Mitchell was to so they hugged. Ethan was calming down Chloe. And Emma was hugging Mason, Ashton and Luke were taking deep breath to calm down but Calum punched the wall, making a hole. i let go of Michael and hugged Calum
"Baby, i am do sorry! i wish i was there to help you" Calum said to me and i shake my head
"Im here now, i am fine now. Happier than i have been before" I tell him. Calum's nickname for me is baby but not in that way. More in a way that i am a little baby to him.
-Next day-
I woke up to see Luke poking my cheeks
"What?" I ask slapping his hand away
"I just wanted to tell you Emma, Ella, Chloe and Ethan left. Mason already moved in since Michael already told you so there was no point of waiting, Everyone is up and we let Mason skip because today we have a interview" He said
"So?" I ask
"So, today is the day Michael tells the world you, Mason and Mitchell are his kids!" He smiles
"Really" I ask sitting up and Luke nods
"What time?" I ask
"In one hour" He said
"I need to get ready!" I say
"Don't worry, today you will be a mini Lukey" He said and i laugh
"I could find this one shirt that had a skeleton hand pointing up or this other one that says 'You complete me' So i got this from your closet" He holds a bag up and i grab it want walk to the bathroom

i walk out and see Luke changed in the same clothes as me
"Yay! i look like Luke Hemmings" I roll my eyes and he hugs me
"You know you love me!" He screams and i laugh
"Today we have a very special guests" The lady said
"Give it up for 5 seconds of summer!" She says and the crowd goes wild as the walk out and sit down on the couch
"This first question is for Michael" She said
"Go for it" He said
"Ok, is it true you adopted 3 kids?" She ask
"Uh, yeah. Thy are actually back stage" He said and the crowd starts chanting 'bring them out'
"Why not bring them out" Luke came to get us. He throw me over his shoulder as Mitchell and Mason laughs, the 3 of them walk to the stage as i hanged off of Luke's shoulder
"Nice view" I say and Luke laughs
"Thanks" He said as he slaps my butt and sits me down, then he sits next to me
"So what are your names?" She ask
"Im Mason, this is Madison and our older Brother Mitchell" He explains
"Tell us about yourselfs and how it is to live with 5sos"



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