Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


7. chapter 6

-Couple weeks later-
*Madison Pov*
'I can't remember all the shit that we said last night, last night.
We probably won't remember what we did, last night, last night.
I'd rather be right here, tonight with you, than with anybody else in the world.
I'd rather be right here, tonight with yo-' I stop my alarm on my phone and open my eyes
"Yay! First day of school" I mutter to myself. I get up and walk into the bathroom, i do all that hygiene stuff and then wrap a towel around my body and hair, i walk into my clothes and change. i grab my hair dryer and straightener and go to my little desk. I plug my hair dryer in and dry my hair, after that i plug my straightener in and straighten it. I finish and grab my bag.
i run down stairs and see Calum and Michael up
"Wow! Calum Thomas Hood is up at 6 in the morning!" I tease him
"I am doing this for you" He said and i laugh
"You want to eat?" Michael ask and i nod. i have been eating a little more everyday but still not enough. i finish
"I made sure you, Alec and Mason had all your classes together and lockers next to each other" Michael said
"What about Ella, Emma and Chloe?" Yes i met Chloe and Emma 2 days ago, i think she has a crush on Alec because she looks so stupid trying to get his attention! Its hard for me and Mason to not laugh.
"Well Ella and Chloe are in 12th and Emma is in 9th, they are in diffrent sections of the building" Ashton tells me and i nod
"Want us to drive you?" Michael ask
"No, People still don't know i was adopted by Michael Clifford" I tell them and Michael faces kind of looks sad
"Plus Ella already said she would drive me" I add and a car horn is hunk outside
"Im out! bye" I say and walk to the car and sit in the back to sit next to Mason
"Ready?" He ask
"No" i say with no emotion
"That's the spirit!" Alec say and i laugh
"The office is over here" Mason tells me, me, Alec, Emma and Mason walk to it. Chloe and Ella went to there lockers and i think to Gym? Mason opens the door and we walk in, i walk to the desk
"Name?" The mad ask
"Uh, im new here. Madison Clifford" I say my last name really quiet
"Yes, Mss.Clifford, here is your locker number, combanation, schedual and map." He hands me all theses papers
"Your teachers will give you books and a list of suplices you need" I nod and walk off
"And Miss!" He yells i turn around and he hands me a paper
"This is our dress code and you need to talk to the principle about your hair" He points to a door that say 'PRINCIPLE' i roll my eyes and walk in
"How can i help you today?" He ask
"Uh the guy outside said something about my hair and clothes" I say
"Name?" He ask
"Madison Clifford" I say and his eyes widen
"Are you related to Michael Clifford?" He ask
"Uh, he's my dad" His eye widen more
"How old are you?" He ask
"He adopted me" I say and he sigh
"How is Mr.Clifford?" He ask
"Doing fine, he is in a band with 3 of his best mates" I say
"Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin?" He ask and i nod
"Are you a fan?" I ask
"No, the 3 of them used to come here" (A/N Lets pretend they new each other since they were kids)
"Really?" I ask
"And my daughter is in love with them, she is 13" He tells me and i nod
"Uh can you change my last name in the system, while i am here i wanted to ask" I ask
"Lets make a deal, i will change it and let you dress like that and your hair if you can get the 4 of them come to my daughters birthday party on saturday?" He ask
"Let me call them" I say and take my phone out
-Phone call with Michael-
"Mikey! Can you do me a favor?" I ask
"Yeah, what?" He ask and i explain everything
"Yeah, sure we can. Anything for a fan!" He say
"Thank you!" I yell
"Whats you locker number?" He ask
"Uh 350, why?" I ask
"That was mine, Lukes have 351, Calum's was 352 and Ashton was 353" He tells me
"You gave us your old lockers!" I say
"Yeah, listen i have to go, we are recording sounds for the album, bye baby girl"
"Bye Michael" I say
"He said yes" I tell him
"Great, here is the adress for the party and um, what do you want your last anme to be?" He ask. What's Mason last name? Miller!
"Miller" I say
"Like Mason Miller" He say
"Yeah, he's my twin. Longer story short: He was adopted without me and just 5 weeks ago i was reunited with him" I say and he nod
"Off you go" He say and i walk out
"So?" Alec ask
"I get to dress like this and keep my hair like this" I say smirking to the man behind the desk
"Lets go to out lockers" He say
-First class-
Alec and Mason sit in the back and save me one
"Uh hi, im new. Madison Miller" I tell the teacher
"Oh yes, please introduce yourself
"Hey, my name is Madison but you can call me Maddy" I say
"Tell us about yourself"
"Uh i live with my dad, 3 uncles and my older brother" I say
"There names" Lady! They dont need to know!!!
"Uh my dads name is um, Max? And my uncles are Alex, Charlie and Lucas and my brother is Mitchell" I say
"Have a seat" I walk to the back and in the middle of Mason and Alec. Everyone gasps. Everyone whispers to themself and look at me
"What's going on?" I ask Mason and they gasp again
"Nobody ever sits near us since we are part of the school's bad boy group and when we turn 17, we are going to be in the gang" He explains
"Everyone is scared of us" Alec adds and i nod
"Come sit with us, you can meet the rest of our friends" Mason said
"There part of the gang" Alec said, Mason puts his arm on my shoulder
"Dont worry, they will love you! And Emma, Ella and Chloe are going to be there" He says and i nod, everyones eyes are on me as we walk to there table. i hear people whisper things like
'What do they see in her that they let her in the group'
'Her hair is horrible, who did that'
That last on was funny because she has a 5sos case and folder and the names Calum and Luke on her hand and Calum and Luke are the ones how did my hair the most. We get to the table and i sit next to Alec and Mason sits next to him.
"Guys this is my little sister Madison" Mason said
"By 2 minutes!" I say
"This is the long lost twin you have been talking about" One of the guys said
"Is she single?" Another ask
"Yes but you cant date her!" Mason snaps and i laugh
"This is Christan, Jack, Ryan, Vic, Tony and Aiden" Alec said. Ella and Chloe join, Ella sits next to Jack because thats the only seat open and Chloe takes the seat next to her
"Just to tell you, That's were Chloe sits and she really likes Alec so she might give you evil glares. She probably wont beat you since you are Mason's sister" Vic tells me, Yeah i sat next to him, he looks nice.
"Ok" I say
"Here she comes" He tells me, i turn around to see her stop once she saw me, she glares at me and goes and sit next to Jack.
-Time skip-
"Dont forget homework!" Our teacher yells as we walk out, thank you bell! School is over!
"Ella cant drive us, so we are walking" Mason said and i nod. Me, Alec and Mason walk out and see Emma Walk to us. She glares at me then smiles at Alec
"So Alec, i was wo-"
"EMMA WE HAVE TO GO! MUMS HERE!" I hear Chloe yell and Emma rols her eye
"I tell you next time, bye" She walks away, swaying her hips a little. Me and Mason look at each other and start laughing.
"Alec aren't you going to turn 17 in like 3 months and she just turned 14 like 1 month ago?" I ask
"Yeah, i haven't said anything because i dont want to hurt her feelings" He say
"Aww! Alec has a soft side" I say pinching his cheeks and i smiles, running he hands through his hair, we just star at each other till someone claps there hands in front of our face
"We have to take Maddy home before Michael sends out a S.W.A.T. Team to come look for her" Mason said and we start walking.
The things that kid does to me....

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