Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


5. chapter 4

*Madison Pov*
"Mitch i know you miss him but i want to see him alone" I explain to him
"I under stand. he's like your other half and you been missing your other have for 6 years now" he says and i kiss him on the cheek
"Thank you" I say
"Im going now" I tell them
"You need a ride?" Michael ask and i shake my head
"Penny board" i tell him and i leave

-Hill Avenue-
I see the park and Mason sitting on the swing
"Hey" i say
"Maddy" He stands up and hugs me
"You came" He sound surprised
"Its been 6 years since i seen you and i got a chance to see you. Of course i came" I say and he lets me go
"Nice case. Didnt think you listen to them" He laughs
"I don't" I tell him
"Then why the case?" He ask
"The one called Michael Clifford adopted me and Mitch" i tell him
"Oh, you got adopted! When?" He ask
"Like 2 days ago" I tell him
"Wait! You are telling me after i got adopted you never got adopted till now?" He ask and i nod
"I mean Calum said i and the girl version of the 4 of them mixed together and Mitchell is like Luke and Michael mixed together" I shrug
"What about you?" I ask
"Who the family that adopted you?" I continue
"They kicked me out when i turn 13" He said
"Oh! Where do you live?" I ask
"Well when i was 10 i met this guy name Alec and we became close friends and he was bad news, still is. He must of rubbed that onto me and they kicked me out. I moved in with him and his older brother and sister because Alec's parents died and His older brother became Alec and his sister guardian. So since i was 13 i was toke care by Alec's older brother. We help, we clean the house, cook food. Do all that so when Alec's older brother came home it was clean and there was food so he can rest and not have to worry about anything at the house since he works all day Monday-Friday" He explains to me
"You want to meet them?" He ask and i nod
"Tomorrow?" I ask
"Yeah, around 5 because that's when Alec's older brother get home" He tells me
"So what school are you going to since school does start in like 5 weeks?" He ask
"Don't know yet, just know i am going to 10th grade" I say
"So am i, hope we go to the same school" He side hugs me
"You want to come to my house to meet my family and see Mitch" When i mention Mitchell he shot up
"Yes!" He ask and i laugh
"Come on"

"Guys! i brought food!" I yell and they all run
"Where?" The yell
"There isnt any, i just know that the only way for you to come was if i said food" I tell them
"Awwww!!" The whine
"But i brought a person" I say moving out of the way of Mason
"Mason!" Mitchells and they do a wierd guy hug
"Been away mate" Mason said
"Lads, this is my little brother and Maddy's twin" Mutchell says to the guys
"Nice to meet you" Michael says shaking his hand

-Next morning-
Mason went home yesterday and we got to catch up a bit. I got up and toke a shower, then want to my closet and changed
They keep buying there band merch for me. i walk down and see Luke and Calum doing something to Michael's hair and Ashton taking a video. Mitchell comes next to me
"Don't say a word or go in front of the camera" He whispers
"Why?" i ask/whisper
"They don't want to expose us yet because there scared we might get hate" He explain/whisper and i nod
"Done" Ashton said putting his phone away. i am kinda sad they don't want the world to know about us
"What are you guys doing?" I ask
"There dying my hair to like a purple/galaxy color" He explains and i nod
"So what are you guys going to do today?" i ask
"We have to go to the studio to record some songs around noon" Luke says and i nod
"I have to go to work, boss needs someone to work morning shift today" He tells me, i swear this kid has a death wish
"¿Quieres que te mate?' i ask (Do you want me to kill you?)
"Sólo hoy" He responds (Just today)
"Better be" I mutter
"What just happened?" Luke asked and the guys also ask
"Well you see Lukey, Can i call you that?" I ask
"Fine, only you" He says and i smile
"We are 1/4 Mexican, 1/4 Australian, 1/4 Italian and 1/4 British" I answer
"How?" Michael ask
"Mum was 1/2 Australian and 1/2 British. Dad was 1/2 Italian and 1/2 Mexican" I say
"Since i was 8 when we went to the orphanage and the twins were only 4 they didnt learn a lot of Spanish so i help them and then when they learned how to read by me and some older kids help me to i got them books and all that" Mitchell explains
"Oh" They say and everyone goes back to there phones and Luke and Calum finish Michaels hair
"I know why they call it a period!" Ashton yells out of nowhere
"Why?" Calum laughs
"Its a period of time when woman suffer" He answers
"Amen to that" I laugh
"Is there food?" I ask
"Yeah, think you can eat a little more than usual?" Michael ask
"I'll try" I mutter walking to the kitchen and getting i piece of toast, one piece of bacon and a little scramble eggs. i eat it all then try to eat a little more eggs, i stop when i star to feel a little weird
"Hold it in" Someone says behind me, i turn around and see Mitchell, he hands me water. i drink it and i feel a little better
"You good?" he ask and i nod

-Later that day-
Mitchell called me saying he wasn't going to be back till late tonight
Mason-You coming over?
Madison-Yeah, send me your address
Mason-(Random address)
Madison-That's like 2 blocks down, ill penny board over there
i put my phone away and go down stairs
"Im heading out" i say
"Call me if anything happens" Michael said and i nod
"Bye!" And i head off. I get to Mason house, its almost as big as ours and ours is a 3 story mansion. i knock and Mason answers
"Maddy, come in" He say and i walk in
"Alec's older brother is running late but he will be here" He explains and i nod
"ALEC! ELLA!" Mason yells and two people come running down
"Is this Madison?" The guy ask, he's the same guy from the mall!
"Yeah this is my little sister Madison" He introduces me
"Hi, you can call me Maddy. Im only 2 minutes younger!" I say
"Alec" He smiles and i give him a small smile back, im pretty sure i am blushing right now
"You must be El-" i was cut off by her hugging me
"Oh My God! ANOTHER GIRL!" she yells
"But you also have Emma and Chloe" Alec tells her
"Yeah but they are at America and wont be back till 3 days before school starts" She snaps at him
"Who?" I ask
"You'll meet them on the first day of school" Mason tells me and i nod. The door opens
"IM HOME!" someone yells
"That's there older brother" He whispers in my ear hugging me, he still remembers i am scared of older men. i put my head now
"Hey guys, who's this?" The voice sounds familiar. i look up and see Ethan
"Ethan?" i ask
"Little M?" He ask
"Ethan!" I yell and i run up to him and he stretches his arms out to hug me
"Little M! Its been 2 years! You've haven't even grow!" He laughs and i hit his chest
"I grown 5 inches" I protest
"What?" The 3 of them ask
"When ever Mitchell, mine and Mason's older brother, had to go out. Ethan would watch me but stop watching me when i turned 13" i explain
"This is Madison you were taking about, i was thinking of her but just thought you meant someone else" Ethan said
"Yeah this Madison" Mason said
"Wait! Ethan if you and Mitchell were close friends, why didnt i or Mitchell know that you have Mason?" I ask
"Well i let Mason live here after i stop watching you and moved, so me and Mitchell didnt hang out so much and when we did it wasn't here, it would be at the gangs house or just out there randomly" He tells me
"You know about the gang?" Ella ask
"Yeah, Mitchell told me" I tell her
"Me and Mason are soon to be part of it, we just have to turn 17" Alec tells me
"2 more years kid" I say to him
"Nope! 2 more years for Mason, 1 more for me. Im 16" Alec says and i nod
"Where's Mitchell?" Ethan ask
"Work?" I say but came out as a question and he nods
"I think i need to go" I say
"Let me walk you" Alec said
"I guess" i shrug. i hug Mason good bye and Ella and Ethan and me and Alec left
"So, your Masons twin sister" Alec said
"Last time i check" i respond and he chuckles
"Your a cool girl" He tells me
"Same to you" i say and start messing with the penny board in my hand. We talk and we got to my house,
"This is it" I say
"Nice meeting you" He said and i hug him but the door opens and i see Michael, Luke, Calum and Ashton
"Hey dad" Did i just say dad?
"Did you just say dad?" Michael ask with a smile on his face

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