Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


43. chapter 39

*Madison Pov* -One week later-
Today is our last day in America. This week was fun but we didnt do much but relax, we did go out to see somethings and went to a party after the guys concert the night we got here but after that we relaxed. Before we leave the guys have another concert. After this break the guys will be busy and they'll have to go everywhere, we dont have to go since it wont be a big tours and we start school so another reason why we cant go. But we have Emily and Miley to take care of us when they are gone. Oh and our older brother Mitchel.
"Maddy have everything ready? because after the concert we are going to the airport" My dad ask
"Yeah, my bag is there can you take i down?" I ask him and he nods grabing it
"Thank you dad, what time is the concert?" I ask
"At 7 so start getting ready we leave in a hour" He tells me
"Shit! why didnt you tell me" I said and close my door. We rented a house here if you are wondering where we are. I start to pick out clothes and head into the shower. After that i blow dry my hair and curl it, i put on my neckless and bracelet, my plaid skater dress and black knee high boots. I grab my R2-D2 bag and phone and went into the livingroom
"Ready" I said and Emily looks at me
"You are so beautiful" She hugs me and i giggle
"I try" I tell her and look at her, she is really gorgeous, i wonder if i'll ever be like her and not my plain self
"Where's the guys and Miley?" I ask
"Im scared but they went to dress her" She tells me and i laugh
"Thats why they made me order 5sos clothes for a 3 year old" I tell her
"Oh shit" She says and we hear someone come down the stairs
"Carter, wow" I said and she smiles, she is wearing a light pink skirt with a black tanktop and her combat boots. Carter did come with us, after begging and beggin Luke finally made her come, but their still not dating
"Carter you are going to distraced Lucas" I say and they laugh
"I heard my name! Do not fear, Dr. Fluke is hear!" Luke yells and comes running down but only to fall face first
"Luke!" Carter and Emily run to him and i stand there and laugh my ass off
"Im ok" He groans and stands up and im still laughing
"Dont worry about me im ok" He say and i hug him
"I wish i got it on video" I said and he laughs
"Ready!" Ash yells and the 4 of them come down and little Miley is all dressed up in 5sos merch
"Oh no" I mutter
"I dont care, lets go or we'll be late" Emily said and picked up Miley
"Yes mum" They said and we get into the car, we get there and we go through the back. They guys start getting ready and we wait in the dressing room before the concert starts. I take Miley and we wal around, some how we ended up on stage and there were a bunch of fans coming in
"OH MY GOD!" They scream and i wave. Then they get confused and some point to Miley. I sit on the end of the stage. Girls that have front row seats yell
"Who is the little girl?" One ask
"Uh this is Miley, she is Emily's little sister" I said and Miley looks at me like im crazy and i shake my head
"Micheal girlfriend Emily?" One ask and i nod
"She wanted to come with her big sister so she came with us" I tell them
"Where's Anthony?" One ask
"How do you guys know him?" I ask
"His Instagram page, same last name as Emily's and there was a picture of the two of them together saying something like "Best day with my sis" and yeah" She says and i laugh
"You guys do you homework, and he's back at home, he has work and they need at least a week notice and we found out we had to come on Tuesday" I tell them
"Are you guys dating?" Another ask
"No" I tell them
"And what happen to Alec, you dont have to tell" She said
"We did break up and he's at home with his sister and brother. Same with Emma and Ella. They couldnt come" I Tell them
"Maddy, Miley come on!" Carter yells
"Well we have to go, bye" I tell them
"Aww! Ok bye!" They yell and we walk back
"Why you twll them i was mommy sister" Miley ask
"They dont know your Michael and Emily's daugther but soon" I tell her and she nods
"Ready?" I ask the guys and they nod. After 10 minutes it was time
"Good luck" I hug them and they nod and start running on stage and the fans go whiled. Me, Miley, Mason and Carter stand on the side of the stage
"Hey" Mason said and i rest my head on his shoulder
"Hi" I mutter. After a while they stop playing
"Guys i want you to meet someone" Luke said
"Your doing it, now?" Ashton ask and he nods
"Carter please come here" Luke said and she slowly walks to him
"Yes Luke" She say and he hugs her
"Oh ok" She jumps a little and he pulls away
"I dont know why im doing it proabaly because im crazy...."He trails off and The Neigbourhood song Afraid started playing but its not loud,
"You know how we've been friends for a long time now and uh i feel this is the best time but not here but like i said im crazy and i wanted to ask" He looks down
"Just grow a pair and ask her!" Micheal yells and they laugh
"Uh will you be my girlfriend?" He ask and she looks at him in shock
"Oh, i'll take that as a no. Gosh im so stupid im sorry for doing this i thou-"
"Yes!" She smiles
"Wait what?" He ask and she giggles
"Yes i will be your girlfriends" She says and the crowd cheers and he kisses her
"Eww" Miley giggles and covers her eyes and i laugh
"Ok keep it PG there are some little kids here" Calum said and they pull apart blushing
"Im going back now" She says and walks to us
"Who know Lucas had balls" Mason said and i punch him
"Are you and uncle wuke togeder?" Miley ask Carter
"I guess" She said
"You guess? He just ask you infront of a bunch of people" Emily said
"Yes, im Luke Hemmings girlfriend" She says
"Little Lucas, growing up so fast" Mason fake cries and we laugh
"Wittle! He a skyswaper!" Miley yells
"Oh Miley" I said and she smiles. The concert ends and i go to the bathroom in the dressing room to change
We all get into the car and drive to the airport, we get on the plane and i fall asleep
-Time skip-
"Maddy wake up, we landed" Luke shakes me and i groan
"Fine' He said and i feel him pick me up and carry me, i go back to sleep in his arms and after a while i wake up in my bed and see its 5 in the afternoon. I get out of bed and walk down stairs to see my dad, Miley, Mitchel, Mason, April and Emily
"Hi guys. Where is everyone?" I ask
"Ashton and Calum went out to get food and Luke and Carter are on a date,wont be back till late tonight" Mitchel
"Can we play a game?" I ask
"What kind?" Michael ask
"A board game, i havent play one in a long time" I tell him
"There arwe some in the back of my closet, bring them down" He tells me and i run to get on and April follows me
"Come on" I tell her and we walk into my dads room, i walk into his clothes and start looking, i found them but also a box
"April this is the box that was for me and my brothers, the one Chris brought to us when we were in a cabin learning how to use our powers, Why would my dad have it?" I ask myself and open it, there's a letter, 3 small bears and a CD. It was already open. I read the letter
"Hello my 3 beautiful children its me you mum. I finially got out of jail but i've bee out for a while but i was scared to tell you because you would hate me for all the things i did, I wanted to start a new life so i left Chase and moved to Sydney. I found out you were adopted by a wonderful family and i thank them for that, i didnt want to ruin your happiness so i didnt try to reach you guys. I'm back with your dad when i found out he was alive and he forgive me for what i did and i forgave him because he was cheating on me but in the end we are back together. It would be nice to be a happy family again but i dont want to take you away from a family you love. I love you Mitchel, Mason and Madison" Love Mum
I look at the bears and see it has our names on it and the CD say "Mitchel, Mason and Madison" Tears start to form and i grab the box and run down stairs
"Micheal what the hell!" I yell and he looks at me scared
"Maddy how did you find this?" He ask
"What?" The other ask
"Miley go to your room, April go with her" Emily tells her and they both run upstairs
"Maddy what is it?" Mitchel ask and both my brother come to my side
"Mum sent this to us when we were at the cabins 7 months ago, we must of forgot but he didnt tell us and hid it" I tell them and they look in the box and they read the letter
"Maddy i was going to tell you but you guys are so happy i didnt want to show you it" Micheal tells me
"Lies! Your just scared we might go back with our parents!" My voice cracks
"I am! I dont want to loose you guys!" He tells me
"That doesnt mean you had to hide this" Mason says
"We would like to see out parents again but we wouldnt leave" Mitchel says
"I dont think he would really miss his adopted kids since he found his real daugther" I tell them and Micheal looks at me like im crazy
"Maddy dont say that" He tells me and i roll my eyes
"What its true and you know it. If we leave you wont even notice since you are always with her" I tell him
"When you were gone i was worried sick and i had people going out looking for you so dont say i dont care!" He yells
"You only did that so people dont think wrong about you thats why you also didnt tell people that Miley is your daughter!" I spat
"Hey dont bring her into this" Emily says
"Oh shut up ever since you came he doesnt pay attention to us just you and his daugther. Maybe it was a bad idea to talk to you in the first place" I said
"Madison Brooklyn Clifford!" Micheal yells
"Its Logan not Clifford!" I yell and run to my room and slam the door
*Micheal Pov*
"She didnt mean to say that she just mad" Mitchel tells me and i shake my head
"Im sorry i should of told you guys i was just scared" I tell them
"We forgive you, we'll talk to her" Mason said and he grabed the box and they went to her room, I sat on the couch and sighed
"Im stupid" I say and Emily sits next to me
"You were just trying to protect them" She tells me
"I was scared she might be lieing and hurt them again" I tell her and she laughs
"Hurt them, Mitchel and Mason are in a Gang, there are so many people that protects them, Madison is the most protective person i have ever seen, if she would lay a hand on them she would go wild and kick someone ass. They can prtect them selfs and they were what 5 and 8 what could they have done back then, Plus they have those weird powers that can kill" She tells me and i smile
"I know its only been a year but they've grow up so much" I tell her and she nods
*Madison Pov*
I lay on my bed thinking then there was a knock on my door
"Who is it?" I ask
"Us" Mason and Mitchel says
"Come in" I tell them and they walk in and close the door
"Here" Mason gives me my bear with my name on it and i see them holding theres and Mitchel with his laptop
"Want to watch it?" He ask me and i nod. Mason sits on my left and Mitchel on my right. He puts the laptop in front of us and plays the video. It starts with mum in the hospital
"Ready?" Dad ask her and she shakes her head
"Im scared" Mum tells him and he grabs her hand
"Im here, you can do this" He tells her and she nods
"Ready Mrs. Logan?" I doctor ask her and she nods
"Yeah if we are going to show are kids this then i show put this away" Dad says and the 3 of us laugh. Then it starts again
"Look at our baby boy" Dad whispers and i see mum holding a baby, must be Mitchel
"What are we going to name you?" Mum ask him
"How about Mitchel?" Dad suggest and she smiles
"What about a middle name?" Mum ask
"I came up with the first name you come up with the middle" Dad tells her and she thinks
"John" She say
"Mitchel John Logan, i like it" Dad says
"Well little guy your stuck with us" Mum tell him and Mitchel opens his eyes. Then another part comes it Mitchel at age 2 and he is running around and dad is trying to catch him
"Mitchel" He laughs and then he trips, mum starts laughing
"Look daddy fell" Mum told Mitchel and he runs to him and kisses his head
"Daddy!" He giggles. Everything goes black and mums in the hospital again
"Mitchel you have to go outside with the nurse, ok?" Dad ask the 4 year old and he nods
"Otay" He said and walks out with the nurse
"It was one the first time now its 2" Mum says
"It worth it" Dad said
"So worth it" Mum starts crying
"Breath, breath" Dad tells her
"Can you try to take the pain away?" She ask and dad puta his hand on her
"Baby, i dont want to risk the lives of our twins" He tells her and she nods
"I just had to marry and Unhuman" She says and dad laughs
"It made life fun" He tells her and she groans in pain
"I blame you for this" She grunts
"You wont be saying that in a couple of hours" he said
"Just get the doctor!' She yells and the screan goes black and another part pops up
"Mitchel ready to see you little brother and sister?" Dad and him and he nods, they walk in and mum is holding both of us
"What their names?" Mitchel ask
"Do you want to name them?" Dad ask
"He probably going to name them after a cartoon" Mum said
"Mason and Madison" Mitchel said
"Well that was quick" Mum and dad laugh
"What about middle names?" Dad ask
"Brooklyn for Madison and Joe for Mason" Mum tell him
"Mitchel meet your brother and sister Madison Brooklyn Logan and Mason Joe Logan" Dad said to him
"Hi" He waves and the scene changes to when me and mason were 4 and Mitchel was 8. it was before dad 'died' but not really
"Run Mason, run" Mitchel yells and Mason chases after me since i have the ball
"Here daddy!" I try to throw it to my dad but he some how gets it. My mum must be take the video. Dad gets it into the can and we win i guess
"Ok guys i have to go see you guys at dinner, bye honey" He kisses my mum and walks away then the video ended. I close the laptop and see Mitchel and Mason crying to. I hug them and we cry together
"We were cute babies" I says and they laugh
"You named us" Mason says
"I dont remeber that to be honest" He said and i look at them
"Im sorry" I says
"Its not us you should be saying that to" Mason tells me and i nod and get off my bed and go downstairs and see Miley, April, Micheal and Emily
"Hi dad" I said and he stands up
"Im sorry" We say at the same time
"Your sorry? No im sorry!" We say again
"Why are you sorry?" I ask
"For not telling you this i was just scared your parents might hurt you again" He tells me and i hug him
"Im sorry for flipping out on you i just let all my anger out on you and that wasnt nice" I tell him
"I forgive you, do you forgive me?" He ask
"No because you have nothing to be sorry for but if it helps then yes i forgive you" I tell him and he smiles
"Thank you baby girl" He says and the door open and my uncles walk in
"Uncle Caw! Uncle Ash!" Miley yells and they have bags
"What did we miss?" They ask and we pull away
"What do see the video?" I ask
"Ok" Dad said
"What?" Luke ask and Ashton shruged
"Tell them as i get things set up" I says and i run upstairs and April follows me, i go back to my room and see my brothers writing on my walls with the chalks the guys gave me the first time i got here
"The guys want to see the video, do you mind?" I ask them and they shake their head
"No they can watch it" They tell me and i grab it from the laptop and the 3 of us went down stairs, April following, and they are all seated eating food
"Ready?" I ask and they nod and i play it on the TV. It starts with mum in the hospital
"Ready?" Dad ask her and she shakes her head
"Im scared" Mum tells him and he grabs her hand
"Im here, you can do this" He tells her and she nods
"Ready Mrs. Logan?" I doctor ask her and she nods
"Yeah if we are going to show are kids this then i show put this away" Dad says. Then it starts again
"Look at our baby boy" Dad whispers and i see mum holding a baby
"What are we going to name you?" Mum ask him
"How about Mitchel?" Dad suggest and she smiles. I smile when i see her smiling and we watch the rest of the video
-Next morning-
I wake up and its Monday (A/N TBH i dont know anymore i think i said it was Monday in the last part of this story so lets pretend it was Sunday and today is Monday)
"2 more weeks till school" I mutter and get up and shower than chnage
It not cold here but in America i thought it was going to be cold since it is Fall but it wasnt, some days it was windy but it felt like here. I go downstairs and see Emily about to leave for work
"Where's Miley?" I ask
'She sleeping but Anthony is coming by later to take her to my mums" She tells me and i nod
"And my dad and the guys?" I ask
"In the basement talking to there manager about some tours, your brother Mitchel went to a Gang meeting or something. Mason is sleeping and i toke April outside" She says and i nod
''Tell them i left" She says and i nod and she leaves. I go upstairs into my brother room and i lay next to him
"Wake up!" I yell and he pushed me off
"Come on its noon and i want to see our friends" I whine
"What friends" He luaghs and i punch him
"Please!" I beg and he groans
"I hate you so much" He says and get up
"Let me change" He said and i nod and run into Miley's room and she's not there, i go into Emily's and my dads and nothing. I look in my room, Calum's and Mitchel and she's not there. I go upstairs and check Ashton, Lukes and the other empty rooms and she not there. Then i check Emily's old room and find her there playing
"What are you doing?" I ask her
"Move toys here" She says
"Your going to hurt yourself" She says
"But i want a toy whoom like the girw at daycware!" She whines
"Ah, you want to be like the girls in your daycare" I tell her and she nod
"Fine i'll ask dad but just because the girls have that doesnt mean you have to. Everyone now a days is the same, why not try to be different?" I ask her
"Wike you?" She ask
"Yes i act different but dont act like me, just be yourself because everyone is different but some choose to be the same since that was everyone is doing" I tell her and she nods, i pick her up and take her to her room and change her, I take her to the kitchen and give her cerial then Mason comes down
"I want some" He say
"Give me some" He says and i rool my eyes, i grab a big ass bowl, a spoon, the box and carton of milk and shove it at him
"Happy birthday" I said and go to the back door to let April in and she runs to Miley
"I feel like when Miley is older like 13 and April will be like 10 they will be the best buds ever" Mason said as he gets a smaller bowl and gets food
"Maybe" I said and Miley giggles as April licks her then there was aknock at the door, i go and answer it and see Anthony
"Hey is Miley here?" He ask and i nod
"She's eating" I tell him and we walk into the kitchen
"Unwle Ant!" Miley yells and hopes of the chair and runs to him
"Hey babe" He picks her up
"You want something to eat?" I ask him and he shakes his head
"Just came for Miley" He said and i nod
"Bye Miley" I said and she waves
"See ya" Anthony says and they leave
"Ready?" I ask and Mason nods
"I'll tell dad" Mason leaves to the basement, wonder how he knows? There was a knock on the door and i go and open it and no one was there but i look on the bat and see a paper. I pick it up and read it
'Because who you give that little girl to' -C
Is this like that show Emma makes me watch with her. I fold it and put it in my pocket and walk back inside. I see Mason and he grabs his keys
"Lets go" He said and we get into his car and drive to the hospital
We walk into the room and see Alec asleep, nobody is here
"I would wake him but he'll punch me so you do" Mason tells me and i roll my eye
"Fine" I mutter and walk to him
"Hey! Wake up!" I yell and he opens one eyes
"What?" He ask
"Wake up" I tell him
"Oh shit you're back!" He sits up and hugs me and i awkwardly wrap my arms around him
"Yeah, what did i miss?" I ask
"Nothing mucj happen, just a normal week but without you guys" He saya dn i nod
"Hey man" Mason walks over and the do a hand shake
"Really what happen this week?" Mason ask
"Nothing i just broke up with Alice" He says
"Really, why?" He ask
"Idk she's different" Alec responds
"You were out for 5 months, alot can change in 5 months" I tell him and he shrugs
"I dont feel anything, when she kissed me before she left on Friday i didnt feel anything like-" He stoped himself
"I just didnt feel anything" He sighs and i hug him
"You'll be fine" I tell him
"So when are you getting out?" Mason ask
"This Friday i think" He says
"Yay! You missed a lot" I tell him
"So, where are the others?" Mason ask
"Ethan and Ella went home to get sleep and i havent seen Emma and Chloe in a while" He says
"Maybe becuase theirs brother is back" I tell him
"Oh yeah, they were telling me but i was falling asleep because of the medication" He says
"Yeah, the medications" Mason snorts and i laugh. Then it started to stink
"Alec did you just fart?" Mason laughed and Alec frowns
"No! It was probably you!" Alec yells
"Biys, boys! we have to act like muture teens" I say
"Who ever smelt it, delt it" I tell them and they laugh
"Thats you Mason" I tell him and he punches me and i slap him
"Im thinking of getting blonde tips" I tell them
"Go for it if you want to" They tell me and i shrug
"Good morning!" someone yells and Ella, Ethan, Emma, Max and Chloe walk in
"We were just talking about you guys" I tell them
"Really?" Emma ask
"No" I say and she laughs and hugs me
"Aww! I ship that better then Memma" Ethan say
"Hey!" Mason pushes me away from her and hugs her
"You fucking asshole" I say
"Hey no cussing!" Emma says
"I wonder how you guys are ever best friends" Ella says
"Thats how their best friends" Chloe say and sits on Ethan
"Why?" We ask
"They are complete opposites, opposits attrack,same thing with Mason and her. They last together for almost a year now and they are so different. But not only for some people" Chloe explains
"Yeah, Emma couldnt act like me for a whole day" I say
"Oh really? I bet you could last a whole day acting like me" Emma say
"Is that a chalenge?" I ask her
"Yeah it is, You dress and act like me for a day and i act and dress like you for a whole day" Emma says
"Ok" I agree
"Now what day should we do this?" She wonders and i smirk
"First day of school" I say and she looks at me like im crazy
"What? No! I need to make a good first impression to my teachers! I dont want my first day to go horrible" She yells and we laugh
"I was right you cant be like me" I said
"Fine, first day of school" He mutters and i cheer
"Yay!" I say and she sighs
"But you know what that means?" Her face lights out. Oh no
"No" I groan
"Yes! Shoping!" She smiles and then i giggle a little
"Gosh you're such a pain" I say and she laughs
"But you love me" She say and i smile
"Not as much as me" Mason hugs her from behind and i roll my eyes
"Whatever" I say and sit on Alec's bed
"Wait i thought there was a Gang meeting" I say to Ethan
"Yeah but we finished, Mitchel went home to change and take a shower" He said and i nod
"Well i just came to say hi, can we go?" I ask Mason and he nods
"See you later babe, unless you want to come?" He ask and she nods
"Can i?" Emma ask her sister and she nods
"Use protection" Ethan and Ella yell and we laugh as they blush
"Come on guys" Mason says and we say bye and go to Mason car
"Might as well go to the mall" I say and Emma nods
"No! I dont want to be in the middle of that" Mason yells
"Come on Mason, please?" Emma ask and he sighs
"Fine" He gives in and she smiles and kisses him, after a bit they keep going
"Ok, eww! im right here" I fake gag and she playfully punches me
"Lets get this over with" I sigh and Mason drives us to the mall. We get to the mall
"Who should we go shopping for first?" I ask
"Me!" Emma says and i nod and take her to stores i go to.
"This makes me feel depressing" She tries the first outfit on
"Thanks" Me and Mason say together since we dress the same. Then she finanlly comes out
"Yeah we should pick the clothes and not let her guess" I tell him and he nods
"If it bad?" She ask and we nod
"I know i wear black a lot but i dont dress Goth" I tell her and she shrugs
"Can i try one more time?" She ask and i nod, she change out of those and went to find new clothes
"Just casually sitting in the girls dressing room" Mason says and i laugh and rest my head on his shoulder
"Im back" She say and walks into the room and changes, she comes out
"Well?" She ask
"You getting their, i'll be back" I say and go and look around. I find a new outfit and go into the fitting room but dont see Mason
"Emma! I got the clothes" I said and no answer
"Mason?" I call out and nothing
"Guys stop fucking in the dressing room and hurry up" I say and i hear shuffing in Emma's dressing room and Mason comes out
"Thank was quick" I say and they blush
"Here" I throw her the clothes and she closes the door
"Getting sexual" I wink and he rolls his eyes but looks away, i see him smile and his face turn red
"I guess this is ok" Emma says and come out
"Perfect" I smile and Mason nods
"Ok" She says. She changes and she pays
"Your turn!" She says and i sigh
"Lets go" I mutter and she drags me to a store and throws a bunch of clothes at me then im pushed into a changeing room
"Dont come out till you look like me" She yells and i sigh and look through the clothes she gave me, I finanlly pick a outfit and change
"Happy" I snap and they stare at me
"What?" I ask and Emma smiles
"Oh my, God! You look beautiful! Not that you dont look beautiful before bu-"
''I get it" I smile
"Thats it, now change so we can pay" She says
"I can pay" I correct her and i change and i pay. We walk around for a bit then go to the food court
"I'll wait here while you guys get food, so now one takes out seats. Mason can you get me something?" I ask him and he nods and him and Emma walk away. i get out my phone and scroll through my social medias, like aways i get some hate and so love but i dont mind the hate. After a bit they come back and Mason's jacket sleeve is rolled up and i can see a burn. You might be confused but we all have a way of hurting our selfs and that Mason's, burning himself. He doesnt do it anymore but what happen to Alec he started again. So did i, i started cutting and Mitchel punches a punching bag in the basement but without golves and does it as hard as he can then comes out with his knucks fucked up. We are pretty messed up. Emma and Ella have a good life, a family that loves her but i sometimes thing there is something wrong because everyone has problems even if their life looks perfect. Ethan goes out and gets into fights and sometime looses on purpose but not as much since he is starting to be more happy but when something goes wrong and he doesnt have to do anything like work or something with the Gang then he goes out, get drunk and gets into fights. Ella always locked up in her room when she sad or something but i dont know what she does because when she comes out she looks fine. Alec gets high, every morning but not as much as before but sometimes you can see that he was getting high. We all have different ways to hurt ourselfs or solve things but sometimes its not the best way.
"Mason" I gester to his sleeve and he pulls it down
"Here" He gives me a little box of pizza and puts down one of those cup holder with 3 drinks in it
"I got you Dr. Pepper and 4 slices of pizza" He tells me and i look for the soda on the holder and grab it, they grab their drinks and we eat. We talk for a bit then clean up and leave
We drop Emma home and drove home. We get their and go to our rooms. I was called down because its Family night
"Movie or game tonight?" I ask
"Movie since we played a game last night" Luke said and Carter comes in with food and sets it on the table, Luke grabs her hips and pulls her down on his lap
"Whoa Lucas, little kids here" Ashton points to Miley who is cuddleing in the middle of dad and Emily. Ashton and Calum are on the end of that couch and Carter and Luke are on the other end of that couch. Its a big couch, i think its 3 couches conbinded into one then theres the love seat in the corner. Again our living room it really bigs, every room in the house is but our house it the smallest here. Mitchell walks in with the blankets and throws them and people.
"I always ship Calum and Ashton" I tell Mason and he laughs and nod. Me, Mason and Mitchell take a sit on the love seat and start the movie.

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