Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


41. chapter 37

*Michael Pov*
"I dont have the key" I tell them
"Here" Luke throws me his and i unlock the door and walk in
"We're home!" I yell and no response but April runs down barking and jumping on us
"I'll take her outside" Ash said and take her out
"Huh, no one's home" Calum said
"No shit!" Luke said and Ash comes back
"There probably with there friends, I'll just call them" I said and take my phone out and call Mason
"Yo" He said
"Where are you?" I ask
"Me and Mitchel are at the hospital with Alec, Ella and Ethan" He told me
"And Maddy?" I ask
"I dont know, maybe with Emma and Chloe" He said
"Ok, i'll call her" I tell him
"Bye dad" He said then i hung up
"The guys are at the hospital with the Reed's, Maddy might be with Emma and Chloe so i'll jsut call her" I tell them and dial her number, We hear ringing coming from upstairs
"You know, maybe she is asleep since its like 10 at night" Luke said
"We should of checked" I said
"Where is Emily and Miley?" Luke ask
"Still at her mums, she is staying the night" I tell him
"Where's your girlfriend?" Calum ask, wigging his eyebrows
"She at home and she not my girlfriend" He said
"Sure she isnt" I said then walk upstairs to Maddy's room, i walk in and turn the lights on
"Maddy, we're home" I said and i see her room empty
"She's not here!" I yell to the guys and they run upstairs
"Maybe she is at Emma's" Ash said
"But she left her phone" I said
"She forgot it" He said and i nod
"I'll just call her" I grab her phone and unlock it, it's the year i was born. I look throw her contacts and find Emma's
"Maddy this is still not a good time" She said
"Uh it not Maddy its her dad" I said
"Oh, what do you need?" She ask
"Is Maddy there?" I ask
"No she isnt" She responds
"Ok" I said and hung up
"She's not there" I tell them
"Where is she?" I ask myself
*Mason Pov*
"Guys, i just got a call from my dad saying they cant find Maddy" Mitchel tells us
"What, you dont think they toke her?" I ask
"I dont know" He says
"I'll call Jeremy" Ethan said and i look at Alec and see him passed out, they gave him a medication that made him sleep
"Do you think she's ok?" Anthony ask
"It's Maddy" Ella said
"Yeah" he mutters and wait for Ethan to get back after 10 minutes he's back
"What he say" Me and Mitchel ask
"None of the other Gangs have her, he called all the leaders and none of them have her and no letter was sent saying they have her, Jeremy sent some guys to look around but" He pauses
"What?" We ask
"They dont think they'll be able to find her if non of the other Gangs have her" He said
"Did any of the guys that hang around my house see anything?" I ask
"They were only there because Emma was kidnapped, after we got her they left" He tells us
"There's nothing we can do?' Mitchel ask and he shakes his head
"All we have to do is wait" Ethan said

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