Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


40. chapter 36

*Emma Pov*
Me and Chloe are in my room talking. I put Max jacket on as a cap
"Im a super hero!" I yell and jump off my bed but land face first, Chloe bursts into laughter
"Oww" I says and get up and put it on the right way
"You look like the baby picutre when you were 3 and tried putting on mums jacket when she was 12, the jacket looked like a dress on you" She said and i stick on my tough at her and her face turns serious
"What if he was kidding" she said. She's talking about 2 weeks ago when Max walk up to us and said he was coming on October 2nd to see us, idk why this day but yeah
"I dont know" i said and sigh
"Why didnt mum tell us we had a older brother?" I ask her
"I dont know, what other secrets are they hiding" She says
"He's in the Gang that our boyfriends hate" I tell her
"Was, but if we tell them shit will happen" She tells me and i nod. Someone knocks on the door
"Diana will get it" Chloe said and i roll my eyes and walk to the door and see Diana about to open it
"Diana stop!" I says
"Miss. Parker its my job" She said and let her open it and i walk into the kitchen and find my mum and dad cooking
"What to eat?" I ask, sitting on the counter
"Food?" Chloe walks in
"I call when its ready" Mum said
"Mr. and Mrs. Parker someone is looking for you" Diana walks in
"Diana tell them to wait in the living room, we will be there in a moment" Dad said and she nods and walks away
"I wonder who it might be" Mum ask
"Probably Mason or Maddy, or the whole group" I said
"Cant be, there looking for mum and dad, plus Ethan, Ella, Maddy and Mason might be in the hospital with Alec" Chloe said
"Girls, dont let dinner burn, we will be back" Mum said and the two of them walk into the living room
"Probably someone for dads job" I shrug
"What if its Max?" Chloe ask
"He said he'll be here around 3" I tell her
"Its almost 4" She said (A/N It takes Maddy like 40 minutes to get home from the hospital to home or home to the hospital so it might already be 4)
"Shit!" I say and we hear yelling
"GET OUT!" Dad yells and then my phone rights
"Hey, what are you doing?" It Maddy
"I SAID GET OUT!" Dad yells again
"Sorry about that, right now not a good time to talk" I says
"Are you sure, you can tell me anything" she reminder me
"I call you after this is done" I say
-End of phone call-
I put it away and we walk into the living room
"Emma, Chloe" Max looks at us and smiles, i run up to him and hug him. Than i fell someone else join us, its Chloe
"Emma! Chloe get away from him!" My dad yells and Chloe goes but i stay, she always listen and so do i but then i met Mason, Alel and the rest of the group and changed.
"Emma! Listen to us! What's gotten into you these past years!" Mum says
"People change people!" I said and hug Max tighter
"Come here or else" He said
"Or else what? Your going to leave her in the street like me when i was born?" Max ask
"What?" Me and Chloe yell, she starts to move back to me and Max
"Uh, we um" My mum didnt know what to say
"You left a baby?" I ask them
"We were 15 when he was born we didnt know what to do" My dad said
"But that was no reason to leave a baby on the street, what about your parents?" Chloe ask
"They dont know, we ran away when we told them" Mum mutter
"But you kept us" I said
"We were older and had money for kids and we didnt leave him on the streets we left him at my friends house" She said
"When i was 10 they kicked me out and i had to live in the streets till i was 17" He must of join his Gang or something
"We didnt know" They said
"Come on" I grab both of my siblings had and ran to my room
"Nice room" He said and i smile
"Who are they?" He points to a pictures on Novemeber when we were stupid and went to this lake
"Oh! I remeber that" Chloe and said we started laughing
"Thats my boyfriend Mason, Chloe's boyfriend Ethan, Alec another friend, Mitchell, Jack, Aiden, Ryan, Vic and Tony" I said and then i look at the picture of me and Maddy both jumping off the cliff
"Oh and that my best friend Madison" I point at the picture
"I know her" He said
"How?" Chloe ask
"I regret everything" He said
"What do you mean?" I ask
"After i tell you this you might think i am a monster" He said
"Just tell us!" I said
"3 or 4 years ago i was drunk and i raped her" He said
*Mason Pov*
We are having this meeting about some people are getting kicked out because they were apart of the robbery of our money and drungs we sell. What happen was these guys thought it was funny and the leaders wont notice the money and rungs gone
"If i say your name people step forward" Jeremy said
"Chase, Tyler, Zachary, Francisco, Barry, James, and Andy" He said and 6 of them stepped forward
"Give us your guns" They hand the to me and Anthony, Mitchell and some other guy walk them out and closed the door
"Idiots" I said
"Now what?" Anthony ask
"After this we are done, want to go and see Alec?" Mitchell ask
"Yeah, even if he's not awake its nice to see him" I said and we tell them we are leaving and go outside and i see a car with a big bow on it next to Ethans
"What?" I point to the beautiful black sport car with the bright pink bow on it
"Suprise!" Ethan yells and throws keys at me
"YOU GOT ME A CAR?" I yell and he nods
"You got your licence might as well get a car to" He said
"I help pick it out!' Anthony yells
"THANK YOU!" I yell and he shrugs
"No problem, lets go" He said and he gets into his, Anthony into his car and i get into my new car
"I love that new car smell" I said and drove off
"Hey! dont take it off, you have to keep that on till September or untell the cops pull you over" He said
"Why!" I put it on
"Because this is the way you need to repay me" He said and i groan and we walk in
"Alec Reed" Mitchel said
"Room 305" He said
"What, i thought it was 408" I said
"He had surgey last night and they moved him room" He said
"Ok, thank you" Mitchel said and we go to that room, We walk in and see Alec, Ethan and Ella. Alec is laying on his bed still in his coma
"No hope yet" Mitchell said
"Nah he's still sleeping, he'll wake up later" Ella said
"WHAT?" Me and Anthony yell
"I didnt tell them yet" Ethan told his sister
"He woke up last night after his surgery" Ethan said and me and Anthony run next to him
"ALEC GET YOUR CRIPPLE ASS UP!" We yell in his ear and he shot up and fear punch me in the balls
"Fuck Alec" I groan and fall on the ground
"Shit Mason sorry" He said and i wave him off, then i fell a cup throw at me
"That fuck" I throw it at someone and we all laugh but Ella doesnt
"EWW! Ethan i know we are siblings but that doesnt mean you need to throw things that touch your dick" She throws it at him and lands on his head
"ALEC!" Me and Anthony yell and jump on him
"I feel the love!" He yells and we laugh and get off of him
"You missed a bunch" Mitchel said
"No shit, Maddy told me everything" He said
"When do you get out?" Anthony ask
"Like in 2 weeks or more" He said
"Are you going to be able to go to school?" I ask
"Probably, we going to be in 11th" He said
"Im going to be a Senior, why arent you a Senior? Your 17 turning 18 in November" Anthony ask
"We both are, and i was held back" He told him
"Im older!" Alec yells
"By like 7 days' Anthony yells at him
"Just get married already!" I say
"Shut up your just jelous he loves me more!" Anthony sticcks his toung out at me
"At least i didnt kiss his girlfriend" I shot back and the room got quiet
"To soon?" I ask
"Well its been 7 months, maybe" Alec said
"I know what you guys should be for Halloween" Ella said, Ethan and Mitchell are just watching the 3 of us so amused
"What?" We ask
"The Three Musketeers" She said
"No, i think the should be the 3 blind mice because when the talk they bunp into everything" Mitchel said
"I GOT IT!" Ethan yells
"What?" I ask
"Who do we all ship the most?" He ask
"Alec and Mason" Ella, Mitchel and Anthony said
"One of you two wear a wedding dress and the other a tux and Anthony can be the priest" Ethan said
"I call the dress!" Alec yells
"Me and Emma wanted to do something but this i way better, i'll wear the tux" I said
"It planed out" Ella said
*Madison Pov*
"Leave!" I said
"Maddy please, let me explain" He begs
"No! You said not to make any contact with you ever again" I cant cry in front of him, i cant show him im weak
"I didnt tell you because it was hard!" He said
"Good bye" I said and slammed the door in his face, i grab April and walk up to my room, i lay on my bed and she licks my face
"Im fine" I tell her and she starts barking and growling
"What is it?" I ask and i feel a pain in the back on my head and everthing is black.

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