Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


37. chapter 33

*Madison Pov*
I wipe my eyes so they dont notice i was crying and walk into the Gnag house, two guys stop me
"Name?" One ask
"Madison Clifford" I said and they let me throught, i walk into the big meeting room and see a bunch of other members, Jeremy, Conner, Justin, Ryan, Jack, Aiden, Vic, Tony, Chris, Alec, Mitchell, Ethan, Chloe, Ella and Anthony?
"Anthony What are you doing here?" I ask
"He's our new member, him and this other guy" Jeremy said and i nod, stand next to Ethan
"I love you!" He said
"What?" I ask
"Because of you we all got to go another level up and now i see Jeremy, Conner and Justin almost everyday!" He said
"No, you guys are just really good" I said
"What are you doing here!" Mitchell said
"I came to help" I said
"Well your not, get Ella and Chloe and leave" He said and i roll my eyes
"Fine" I said then someone walks in, Nick
"Maybe you should stay" Mitchell said
"No shit" I said and i go next to Mason and hug him
"You ok?" I ask and he nods
"I dont know why they take her" He said
"Its my fault, i ticked Derek off and i didnt know he was part of that Gang, i didnt even know why they toke Emma, she has nothing to do with this" I said and hug him tighter. We pull away and pay attention to Jeremy
"We are going to go tomorrow night to get her-"
"WHY NOT NOW!" Me and Mason ask
"Its to risky, they'll be exspecting us to go today" He said and we sit back down
"Fine" We mutter, he explains everything then says names who are going. After like 30 names i here ours
"Alec, Mitchell, Ethan, Nick, Chris, Jack, Ryan, Aiden, Vic and Tony" He said
"Oh and Mason, this might be good for you sine you are joining next year" Jeremy said and we leave. I walk up to Jeremy, Conner and Justin
"Can i help?" I ask
"What! No Maddy, you have to stay home with us" Ella said
"You two can stay home but im going" I said
"Maddy im her sister, i want to go but its to dangerous" Chloe said and i roll my eyes
"Maddy no, plus you have that thing with your dad and somebody needs to tell her parents that Emma's sleeping over" He said and i sigh, i pull my phone out and call them
"Hello?" Her mom said
"Hi its Maddy, Chloe and Emma will be sleeping over. They are both in the shower right now and ask me to tell you" I said
"Oh ok, are they staying just tonight?" She ask
"No, the whole weekend" I said
"Ok, thanks you" She said then hung up
"That was easy" I said and Mitchell takes us home
-Next day at the afternoon-
Its is 5 and we are getting ready for the thing with Luke, Calum, Ash and mt dad. Mitchell and Mason left to the Gang thing and Chloe and Ella are at Ella's house. Liam, Lou, Harry and Niall left last night. I read Zayn's not. It said to never try to call him or make any comunication with him. I cried all night and my eyes are still red, I think i fell asleep at 6 in the morning but woke up and 8. Emile is doing my hair and make-up
"How did you learn to do make-up?" I ask
"My mum taught me" He curls my hair and i smile a little
"My mum only taught me how to walk and talk" I said and she hugs me
"I'll teach you because im kinda your mum" She said and i smiled and she finishes up. I grab the neckles Zayn gave me and the breclet my dad and the guys got me and put them on
"Are you going?" I ask
"Somebody needs to stay with Miley" She said
"I'll watch him" I said
"Make sure Mile doesnt do anything stupid" She said and i laugh. We walk down stairs and the guys just look at me
"Wow, Nice you meet you but where's Madison?" Michael said and i laugh
"Ha ha very funny" I said and he hugs me
"You look beautiful" He says and i smile

"Whats in the bag?" Luke ask
"Just if i get tired and want to change" I said, yes there is etra clothes but also my gun and amo just in case
"Lets get going" Ashton said
"Are you sure you dont want to go?" Michael ask
"Miley's sleeping and i dont want to wake her" Emily said and she nods
"Come on or we'll be late" Dave yells from outside. (A/N idk know why but the name Dave came to me)
We all go outside and climb into the car. We get to the place and see a bunch of fans waiting to get inside. We are doing this thing for charity and its like paying to spend a day with Luke, Michael, Cal, and Ash. I think we start at 50 and then go up. We get out and paparrizi are everywhere, Dave and other sucerity helps us get inside
"Who's going first?" I ask
"ME!" Asthon yells and i nod
"Guys this is Carl" Someone said and we see him and a man next to him
"Hi" We said
"Are you guys ready?" Carl ask and we nod. The 5 of us go on stage. we sit and Carl starts talking
"You guys ready!" He yells and the fans scream
"Ok, tonight we are stating with Ashton Irwin" He said and Ashont get up and walks over to him
"We are staring with 50" He said (A/N Im lazy so im just going to skip this)
We ar still going, its between this 12 year old girl and this 15 year old girl
"1400!" They 12 year old yelled and the 15 was shocked
"I dont have that kind of money, you can have him" She says and sits down
"Going once, going twice-" Nobody said anything
"We have a winner!" Carl said and she squels
" Come on up here" Ashton said
"Ho does she have all that money, I dont have that kind of money!" I said
"I only have 4 bucks right now' I show Luke, Ash and my dad
"You can pay after, go sit with them" Carl said and Ashton and the girl sit with us
"Im next" Calum said and walk over
"Im Madison" I said
"I know! I love you so much!" She says and i chuckle, i give her a hug
"Whats your name?" I ask
"Alison but you can call me Ally" She sais and i nod
"How old are you?" I ask
"11 but turning 12 in 4 months" She said. Speaking of birthdays i remebered Ella's 18th birthday. Oh it was funny. It was like only a months ago on Febuary 11. And i think Ethan is turning 20 on April 30th, yeah
"And your mum let you spend a day with a 21 year old man?" I ask
"She ddint really like it but my dad said its ok" She explain
"Daddy's girl?" I ask and she nods
"Yor not from here are you?" I ask
"No i moved here from America when i was 9" She said
"Only moved here 3 years ago?" I ask and she nods
"My mom had a job offer here and it pays a lot more so we moved here" She said
"There benting on Calum, he's out to 3000" She told me and i look and see a bunch of girls screaming
"4500!" Someone yells and then another yells 5000 then some yells 6000 then someone stand up and scream
"9500!" She yells and i see its Alice. Shit no! Some please say something! Please
"Going once" Carl said and no one stand up
"Going Twice" Still no one
"Winner!" Carl yells and she runs on stage
"Oh no" I said
"What?" Ally and Ashton ask
"Nothing it just we arent very nice to each other" I said and the give me a small smile.
"What's your name?" Calum ask
"Sarah" NO ITS NOT! WHAT!!
"Come meet the band" Calum said
"This is Luke, Michael, Ashton, the girl that won Ashton Ally and Madison" He said and we all respond with something. They sit down and Luke gets up. The way we are seated is Michael on one end, me next to him, then Ally, Ashton, Calum and "Sarah"
"Hi Maddy" "Sarah" Said
"You know each other?" Calum ask and we nod
"School" I said and we go back and see what happening
"Ready Luke?" Carl ask and he nod
"5-" Before he said 50 a girl about Luke's age got up
"1000000" She said
"Oh wow, didnt know you like him that much" Carl said and she shrugs
"Anyone want to go higher?" Carl ask and no one said anything
"Going once, going twice, Winner" Carl said and she walks on stage
"Name?" He ask
"Carter" She said and she walks over to us
"Look i dont even know who you are i just wanted to do this for the charity" She said and they sit down. She's really pretty. She has dark brown hair that goes to her waist. She's like 5'7 and doesnt look like she has any make-up on
"We have a suprice for you guys" The crowed cheers
"Rember when Michael said he couldnt do this?" He ask and they all scream yes
"Well he is, come on up here Michael" Carl says and the crowed just scream, yells and makes as much noice as they can. (A/N Im lazy and this girl like 14 wins and pays 2500)
"Im Macy" She said
"This is Luke, The girl that won, Carter, Asthon, the girl that won, Ally, Calum and the girl that won, Sarah" Micheal says
"Oh and My daugther Madison" and i wave, my phone righs
"One moment" I walk back stage and see its Ryan, i answer
"Hello?" I say
"Dude what are we going to do!" He yells
"What?" I ask
"I dont know but we cant tell Maddy" Another voice says, did he but dial me?
"No shit Chris!" Ryan yells
"Well just call the ambulence to pick them up, where are we?" Chris ask
"The old house near Parker Street" Ryan said
"NO!" Another voice yells
"What?" Chris ask
"If they come then they'll find out about the whole Gang shit" It said
"Justin, we cant leave them" Chris said
"I'll get Zack and Jake to take Mason, Mitch, Jeremy and Vic to the Gang house so they cant do what ever they do whem some gets shot"
"WHAT!" I yell
"Who said that" Chris said
"Maddy, let me put it one speaker"
"What did you hear?" Just ask
"Everything, im on my way" I said
"Maddy do-"
I hung up, grab my bag and ran into the bathroom to change

I run out of the building and teleport to the place, i get there and see a car driving away, i see Ryan, Chris and Justin. I run up to them
"Maddy what the hell?" They yell
"Where are they?" I ask
"They'll be fine, they just toke them to the house, you should leave to" Justtin said and i shake my head
"Did you get here?" I ask
"No, there still looking for her" He said and i run in
"Just let her" Justin said and holds them back, i walk around and see Ethan, Alec, Nick, Anthony and another Gang members
"Madsion!" Ethan said and i walk over
"I came, i heard what happen to my brothers so i came" I said and he nods
"Ok, we aleady have some groups looking around, here are the pairs, Me and Jay-" He thinks
'I can't put Alec and Nick together' I read his mind
"Nick and Anthony, Madison and Alec" He said
"Great" you can hear the sarcasum in my voice
"Lets go!" He yells and we split up
"Why did you come? Why arent you home with April?" He ask (A/N April is still in the story but she like a puppy who is exploring the backyard, house everyday or sleeping)
"My brothers and i need to make sure Emm-" I felt my phone buzz. Shit its Emma's and Chloe's mum
"Why arent my daugthers answering there phones, i called like 20 times"
"Uh, got to go bye!" I said and turn my phone all the way off
"Who was that?" He ask
"No one" I mutters and i hear yelling and gun fire
"Over here" He whispers and we run into a room but i get pulled away from him
"ALEC!" I yell but they cover my month. I snap, i grab my gun but they take it and throw my at a wall
"Fuck" I groan and i go wild on them, there are 10 of them
"Oh its you" One of them said
"They're now putting little girls into the gang?" He ask and they laugh. I smile
"Yeah they are" I said and throw a fire ball at him, they all look at me
"What are you" One ask and i smirk. I teleport behind them and with telekinesis push a bunch of them into the wall and bang there heads then throw a fire ball at them. Theres only one left. the one that ask what am i. He walks back till he hits the wall
"What are you?" He ask again and i chuckle
"I'm a little girl" I said then punch him with a mega ball. I run to find Alec. I find him in a room
"What happen?" He ask and before i could answer a guy walk in behind him with a gun pointing at Alec
"ALEC TURN AROUND!" I yell and his does and the guy fires and it hits him in him stomach
"NO!" I run to him
"Alec" I said and he smiles
"Hey" He coughs
"Shh, dont talk. Im going to call Ethan and there going to help you" I said and he shakes his head
"Maddy, i love you" He said and i starts to cry
"Alec please stay" I says
"Say it" He said
"Alec im going to say it when your better" I said
"Maddy" He starts gasping for air
"Alec please do go! PLEASE ALEC!" I says and he smiles
"I always love you" He says with his last breath and his eyes close and i dont feel him breath
"Alec no! Alec wake up! I'll say anything! I'll do anything!" I yell
"I love you!" I scream
"ALEC I LOVE YOU, OK? NOW PLEASE WAKE UP!" He doesnt move and i just break down and let everything out. I look up and see the guys laughing. It's Derek!
"YOU BASTERED!" I yell and use super speed to get to him
"What the?" I punch him with everything i have and he falls to the floor, he shots me in my shoulder but i dont care. I get all my power together and make a big ball
"YOU DID THIS!" I said and throw it at him. He's pretty much dead but i just keep punching him but not useing my powers anymore
"You" Punch "Fucking" Punch "Did" Punch "This" I just kept going and going till someone pulls me off of him. I look up and see Ethan. I just cry into his chest and feel his shirt start to get wet
"H-h-he's g-g-one" I stutter
"He's not, we are rushing him to the hospital but we dont know what will happen, he's going have to fight" Ethan said and i nod
"We got Emma" He said and i look up and see Emma, i run to her and hug her
"He'll be ok" She said and i just keep crying
"I dont want to lose him, i still love him" I said and she nods
"Lets go home" She said and i nod, we get into the car, i turn on my phone and see 50 missed calls!
"Shit, 50 missed calls?" I said
"From who?" Nick ask, wait he was with us the hole time? Did he hear what i said to Emma?
"Uh 10 from Emma's mum, 5 from her dad, 20 from my dad, 5 from Dave, 3 from Luke, 2 from Ashton and 5 from Calum" I said
"I'm dead" Me and Emma said and we get to the hospital and run in with Alec
"Help!" We yell and doctors and nurses run with a bed thing and Ethan puts him on it, the docter start ordering and yelling,
"Who's is gaurding?" A nurse ask
"Me" Ethan said and she says to follow her and the rest of us sit. Its me, Emma, Anthony, Nick, Ryan and Chris
"What a night" I said
"Yup" They agree, Jeremy, Justin, Conner, Tony, Aiden, and Jack walk in
"Hey, what happen?" Nick ask
"Mason, Mitch are fine, They are awake and at the Gang house. Uh Vic is really hurt and dont know if he will make it" Jeremy said and i see Tony and his eyes are red and looks like he's been crying. I walk up and hug him.
"Maddy your shoulder!" Tony said and i look at it
"Oh yeah" I said
"You dont feel pain?" He ask
"I guess since im in shock i cant feel anything" I said
"Nurse!" Justin yells and one come in
"Oh, all of you come with me, you all look messed up" When she said messed up i laugh a little, we are all out into rooms and a doctor cleans us up. I go last
"What your name?" He ask
"Madison Clifford" I said and he types in in the computer
"What happen?" He ask
"I was shot in the shoulder" I said and he stand up and look at it
"I'll be back" He said and walks out. My phone rings
"Hello?" I ask
"Maddy where are you i've been trying to call you all night, Emma and Chloes parents are here, Nicks Aunt, Anthony parents, Your other friends to say they cant find them and i just need to explain right now!" My dad yell
"Uh, bye" I hang up and the doctor walks in with things
"under gaurding it says Mitchell Clifford and Michael Clifford, which one do i call?" He ask
"Mitchell Clifford" I said and he nods
"This my hurt" He said and injects me with something
"What is it?" I ask
"So you dont feel anything when we pull out the bullet" He said
"I dont really feel anything" I said
"You must be in shock" He said
"I feel like i couple run forever" I said and he chuckles
"What happen to you and your friends?" He ask
"Uh, we got jumped?" I said but camed out as a question
"Really?" He ask and i shake my head
"I cant say" I said and he nods
"Ask Jeremy" I said and i feel a little pinch as he start taking the bullet out
"Fuck" I hiss in pain
"Sorry" I said
"It's ok, i under stand it hurts and you cant control it" He said and then pulls it out and i whimper a little.
"I just need to banged you up but you cant move you hand for 4 weeks, i'll give you one of these-" He shows me a thing you put your hand it
"Do i need to come back?" I ask and he shake his head
"4 weeks from today just stop useing it, just take normal pain killer for 4 weeks" He said and i nod
"You dont have to call my brother, i came here with them" I said
"I just need your incurrence" He said
"Can i pay here?" I ask and he nods. I walk out and see Emma
"Did they call your parents?" I ask
"I told them Jeremy was my dad and they beilieve me, he payed for my bill" She said and i nod
"Maddy want me to pay?" Justin ask and ishake my head
"I got it" I said and hand them the amount they ask
"Family of Alec Reed?" A doctor said and Ethan stand up but we follow him
"He will survive but he's in a coma" She said
"Do you know when he might wake up?" Ethan ask
"Maybe in 5 months or longer but if is longer then a year we have to let him go" She said and Ethan nods
"I'll call Ella" I said and call her and explain evertyhting
"She'll be here in a bit" I said
"All of you go home i'll call if anything happens" Ethan said and we all leave. I give him one last hug before we leave. Tony, Chris, Nick, Anthony, Aiden, Ryan, Jack, Emma and Me go to the Gang house to pick my brother up. We are in like 4 cars
"Im stay with my brother" Tony said and we all say something to him. There parents died when he was 16 and Vic 17 so they dont worry about parents. I look at my brothers. Mason has a broken arm and stiches on his eyebrow. Mitchell has a black eye, in cruches and his knockles wrapped up like Mason
"Oh my god!" I hug them and they groan, so do I beacause my arm
"No hugging for a bit" I said and the agree. We get in the car and we all go to Ella's house to get Chloe then to mine because of parents or gaurding are there. The four cars park outside my house and all the parent look at us as we get out, they all run to there kids, Chirs and Nick go to the mum and aunt. Jack with his parents, Ryan with his granparents, Aiden by his aunt and uncle. Jeremy, Conner and Justin by the mum and step dad. yes the three are brothers. My dad, uncles, Emily, Miley, Anthony's Parents, Emma's parents walk up to us because we are all together
"Emma, Chloe. what is going on?" they're parents ask
"Madison, Mason, Mitchell. Explain!" Our dad said and they just keep asking what's going on and where we were and they would shut up. Flashbacks of Alec keep coming to me and i start to cry
"SHUT UP!" I yell and break down

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