Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


33. chapter 29

*Madison Pov*
I woke up and found myself in my bed alone, i look over and find a note.
''Maddy had to go, my aunt was calling my to help her with something plus i didnt want your dad to get the wrong idea.'' -Nick
I smiled and go up and changed
I got a notificaton on twitter, i got a DM by someone
''Hey! I am a big fan of 5 seconds of summer and i know you draw and i made these. I want to know what you think?" It said and then i get 4 diffrent drawings of the boys. There really good! I read the top of each picture and laugh. I walk down and into the kitchen and see my dad, Luke, Cal, Ash, Mason, Mitchell and the guys from 1D
"Morning! Do you know where i sticky notes are at?" I ask
"In the living room somewhere" Luke said
"Thanks" I said and run to the living room, i find them on the table, i get a pen and write names down. I go back to the kitchen and put on one My dad, Ashton, Luke and Calum. Everyone else starts to laugh
"What?" They ask then look down and read them out load
"Kitten" Michael said
"Asian" Calum laugh
"Breadstick" Luke giggled
"What does your say Ashton?" Mason ask and he sighs
"Daddy" He said and we all laugh
"Poor Ashy" I said and hug him
"What are we doing today?" Mason ask
"Takeing care of Miley" Emily said and Michael kissed her
"Cant you do it?" I ask trying not to sound mean
"I could but i have to go back to work, i missed 2 weeks already" She said
"I told you to qiut that job!" Michael said
"I dont want you to pay for everything" She snaped and Michael backed away
"Fine but not everyday" He hugs her and she nods
"Just Monday's, Tuesday and Fridays" She said
"Daddy!" Miley screams and runs up to Michael with open arms and he picks her up and rest her on his hips. Yes they finaly told her Michaels her dad, they told her when we were gone and that im her sister and Mason and Mitch are her older brothers. She understands and now calls me sissy and Mitchell and Mason budda. It kinda sound like she is saying butter.
"Bye guys, oh and i think Anthony is coming over" She says and runs out the door
"Dad?" I said and he looks at me
"What would happen if someone found out were we live?" I ask
"Then we need to move but we've lived here for 3 years now" He said
"Where?" I ask
"Maybe to the neighborhood with the gates" He must be taking about Emma's
"Why dont we put gates here, there's room and our family id bigger, before it was just you 4" I said
"Yeah we should, remeber they tried folloing Maddy and Mason home from school" Luke said
"And that time when Emma and Chloe came over" Ashton said
"I'll talk to them" Michael said
"Who's "Them?" I ask
"Dont worry" He said and i nod
"So you're leaving on Wedsenday?" Mitchell ask Zayn and he nods
"So are we" Harry said
"Why?" I ask
"Breaks cut short so we are leaving early" He said and i smile but not a real smile
"But lets have fun while we can!" They yell
"Let us just make some calls, here take Miley" Dad said and gave her to Mason
"Lets go to the backyard" I said
"We'll be there in a minute" Zayn said and me, Mason, Mitchell, and Miley go the backyard and play with Miley
"Let me put the top on the pool" Mitchell said and puts it on so Miley doesnt fall in, we run around and do things that parents would do with there kids. Good parents.


We are all in the living room watching Anthony, Mitchell, Mason and Emma playing guitar hero. Emma, Ella, Chloe, Ethan, Anthony and Alec came over. Anthony and Alec are good friends but not bestfriends like him and Mason. Its kinda akward for the 3 of us. My ex-boyfriend and guy i kissed while i was dating Alec are friends and im just sitting there petting April. My dad, Uncles and 1D are outside and talking about where they want the fences like the once Emma has. My dad has Miley with them, Emma told them that she's could call her dad to help since he was the one who pick them out for there house. I cant stop thinking about what Nick told me, Mason and Mitchell last night. If my mum and her boyfriend are out of jaik where are they? And if my dad isnt dead why didnt he come and look for us? He just left us there to be beaten by our mum and that man! I wonder if Mason and Mitch are thinking about it?
"Maddy, Someones here to see you" Luke and Calums head poke through the front door and there wiggling there eyebrows. I get up and April follows me and i see Nick standing outside
"Nick! What are you doing here?" I ask
"Just came to hang out, thats ok with you?" He ask and i nod. Can this get any more akward! We walk back in and everyone looks at us. I see hurt in Alec's eyes. Why does he care! He has Alice to confort him!
"Guys this is Nick, Nick this is Ethan, Ella, Chloe, Emma, Alec and Anthony. You already met my brothers" I said and he says hey and they respound with "Hi" "Hey" "Hello" and "Sup"
"You are playing guitar here!?" Nick ask
"Yeah, want to play?" Emma ask and he nods like if he was a 5 year old and his mom ask if he wants 10 scopes of icecream. Emma gives him the drum sticks and sits down, Mason gives the guitar to Alec and sits next to Emma. So now its Mitchell, Anthony, Alec and Nick playing. I sit next to Ella
"Hows it going?" I ask
"Fine i guess" She said
"Whats wrong?" I ask and she looks at Emma and Mason cudding and laughing, then at Chloe and Ethan saying things to each other and smiling and being happy
"Oh" I said
"I wonder when Mitchell with ask me out" She said
"If you like him and you know he likes you then ask him out! Dont sit around and wait!" I said and she smiles
"Maybe your right" She said
"Its not 1970s anymore!" I said. I think it was in the 1970s? (A/N I hope i am right lol)
"Yeah! I'll ask him later!" She said and we laugh
"Go for it" I said
"What about you and Nick?" She ask
"I dont know, we broke up less then a month ago because i cheated on him. I feel like a slut" I said
"You did say it ment nothing to you and Alec did start dating Alice like a week after you guys broke up" She said. That is true
"I dont know it just seem to soon" I said
"What you think is right then do it. If you want to date him then date him and if you dont then dont date him" She said and i smile. We look at the guys playing and laugh because they suck.
"Why dont we go to the basement" Mason said and we go to the basement and start doing random things but not touch the intruments or we will die
"What this" Emma said and look into my art room
"Wow!" She said
"How did this?" Alec asked and i rised my hand
"Cool" He said and they all walk in and look at the walls and picture hanging
"I didnt know you could draw" Ella said and i shrug
"What else can you do?" Emma ask
"The real question is, what can't she do" Nick said


"Why did i tell you guys i dont know how to ride a motorcycle?" I ask
"I dont know, your the one who told us" Mason said and i sigh
"Dont worry, Me and Ethan will be beside you and Mason and Alec will be waiting for you" Mitchell said and Mason and Alec get on there's with Emma sitting behind Mason and Anthony Behind Alec
"I ship it" Ella said as she gets on the back of Michell's bike
"Who?" I ask
"Anlec" She said and we all laugh and look at Alec and Anothny
"See you at the other side" Mason said, him and Alec ride away with and scared Emma behind Mason
"Why is there four?" I ask
"I need one" Nick said
"You can ride?" I ask and he nod
"We going or not?" Chloe ask
"You've been on one before?" I ask and she nods
"Lets go" Ethan said and gets on his with Chloe behind him and Mitchell gets on with Ella, Nick helps me on mine and then he get on his. We all put on our helmets
"Remember what we taught you" Ethan yells and i nod, we turn them on. We start to go but i feel like im going to fall
"Relax and go a little faster" Nick yelled and i take a deep breath and speed up. Then i look up and see that i am passing everything really fast that you cant see it anymore. Mitchell, Nick and Ethan and next to me and cheering. We make it to the other end where Emma, Mason, Alec and Anthony are waiting. Emma and Mason kissing and Alec and Anthony pretending to kiss
"I always knew you were gay" Ella said and they laugh. I dont know i just feel weird around Alec, not the weird i felt when i liked him, I think my feeling for Alec are fading
"Maddy" Mason said
"You read my mind" I mutter but only he can hear and he nods. We start talking about something and then this happened
"So, How did you and Maddy meet?" Alec ask
"Oh no" I whispered
"Uh, i was delivering her human size bubbles" He said
"And?" Anthony ask.
"Kill me now" I whisper to Mason and he laughs
"We got to know each other" He said
"And?" They ask at the same time
"And we went on a date yesterday" He said
"Ok" They said and there was a awkward silence but Ethan spoke up
"What now?" He ask
"I have to go to my aunts to help take care of my baby cousin" Nick said
"Can't Chris do it?" I ask
"He can't Gang meeting" Nick said
"Oh shit!" Ethan, Mitchell and Alec yell and get on there bikes
"Dumbass" I said
"You know about the gang" Ella ask and he nods
"I got to go, bye" He said and kissed me on the cheek and got on his bike and sped off.
"Your dating?" Mason ask
"I dont know, i guess" I said and Alec left in a flash


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