Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


31. chapter 27

*Madison Pov*
"LUKE ROBERT HEMMINGS! CALUM THOMAS HOOD! MICHAEL GORDEN CLIFFORD! ASHTON FLETCHER IRWIN! GET YOUR FLAT ASSES TO MY ROOM!" I yell and i hear 4 big thouds. I just got back and i first thing i see when i get to my room is everyting messed up and April sleeping on my bed
"What?" Luke ask as the 4 of them walk in
"What happen?" I ask
"We dont know" Calum says
"I might of learned to controll my anger but that doesnt mean its gone" I said with my hand on fire
"Put that thing away. And we were playing a game and this happen. Zayn said you might not notice" Calum said
"ZAYN, HARRY, LOUIS, NIALL AND LIAM GET IN HERE!" I yell and they run in
"Yes?" Zayn ask
"Did you really think i wouldnt notice that!" I point to the mess
"This is not as bad as our rooms" Niall said
"What am i going to do with you guys" I ask myself
"Make us food?" Luke ask
"If you clean my room, But i am actually clean it!" I said and grab Arpil, they nod and get to work. Better be clean by 4 because i need to get ready for my date with Nick. Yes we got back in time for my date. But i want to know is if Nick has powers since his mum did. Mitchell say to ask him but Mason says no because if he doesnt then he will think i am crazy and scare him away. I found out that Alec got a girlfriend while i was gone, Alice. I hate him for that! But the thing im happy is that Ethan and Chloe are dating! He finally grow a pair and ask her. Then there's Mitchell, His still havent grow yet.
"MADDY, I NEED YOU!" Mason yells and i go to his room
"Yes?" I ask
"Emma wants me to meet her parents" He said, April barks and goes to his bed
"Yeah you can get on" He said and April jumps on
"Wait, you havent met them, havent you guys been friends for like 4 years now and been dating for like 6/7 months?" I ask
"Never got around, but now she wants me to meet them." He said. He lieing
"Your lieing" I said
"No im not" His voice gets higher
"Mason what really happened?" I ask
"Well, when we got back i went to see her, she was at Alec's with her sister because she when to see Ethan. Alec, Anthony, Ella and her where watching a movie i went in and they ask me how it was and what we did. She didnt believe me and ask me what we really did, I couldnt tell her! If Alec and Ethan almost told them how could i not tell her so i told her to make me do somthing to prove im not lieing and she said to meet her parents" He explained
"What did you say?" I ask
"Yes" He muttered and i laugh
"Her parents are the worst!" I said
"You've met them?" He ask and i nod
"If they didnt like me as her friend then there going to hate you as being her boyfriend" I said
"Wait, who know about our powers?" I ask
"Alec, Anthony, Emily, Miley, the guys in One Direction, Our dad and uncles, Ethan, Mitchell of course, Jeremy, Conner and Justin" He said
"So, Ella, Chloe and Emma dont know?" I ask and he shakes his head
"Are we going to tell them?" I ask
"I dont know" He said
"Should we?" I ask
"I Dont know!" He snapped and i step back. He notices and he frowns
"Im sorry Maddy. Im just nervous, what if they dont like me?" He ask
"Well fuck them, if they dont love you then they dont love anyone" I said
"But Emma my girlfriend. I-I need her in my life" He blushes
"Aww! Thats so cute" I said and his hole fale turns red
"What are you doing later?"" He ask
"Nick wants me to meet his friend, we're going to the fair. But the thing is her sent me clothes to wear" I said
"Huh, thats weird" He said
"Yeah. If he's one of those guys that dont let me wear what i wants i'll wont think twice and just leave" I said and he laughs
"Is it ugly?" He ask
"No, i acually like it. It looks like somthing i would wear" I said
"If hes one of those i will kill him" He said
"He's 18 and your 16, i think you would die" I said
"18?" He ask
"Just turned 18 3 weeks ago" I mutter and he nods
"What about Alec?" He ask
"I know we broke up like a month ago but he moved on with the slut, why cant i?" I ask
"But not with a slut" I added
"True" He said, we hear weird wimping and see April sleeping
"Aww!" I said and take a picture
"Let her sleep" I said and we leave but leave the door open if she gets out. We got to the living room and see Mitchell, Ella, Chloe and Ethan
"Hello sexy people!" I yell
"And you two" I said, pointing to Mitch and Ethan
"Hey!" They yell and i laugh
"Did Michael talk to you?" Mason ask
"About what?" I ask
"That day we got drunk, he said we were lucky nobody saw" He said
"Well i didnt get drunk and i almost died" I said
"Probably thats why" He said and i smile
"Maddy, can we talk?" I turn around and see Zayn
"Yeah sure, lets go to my room" I said
"Ther still cleaning" He said
"Then my art room" We walk down there and sit on the couch
"What up?" I ask
"I might be leaving" He said
"Oh, cool. For how long?" I ask
"No, Maddy, I mean leave One Direction" He said and my face drops
"Like quit?" I ask
"Yeah" He said
"Oh" I mutter
"And im going back home. I leaving on the 27th" He said
"Ok" I mutter
"I understand" I said and we walk back up in silence
-Time skip-
After that akward chat, the guys finished cleaning and now i am getting ready to leave
"Maddy! Nicks here!" Michael yells and i run down before they can kill him. I see Luke, Calum, Ashton, Michael, Mitchell, Mason and Ethan just staring at him
"I want her back before midnight! Got that!" Luke tried to be tuff but in that lion onsie is not helping him. Me, Mason and Nick start laughing
"Calm down tiger" I said
"Im a lion!" He whines
"No, your a 5 year old" Michael said and turns to Nick
"Now im not going to say 'Break her heart and i'll break her' but she is my daugther and i dont want to see her broken" Michael said
"Yes sir" Nick said and looks at me
"Ready?" He ask and i nod, He takes my hand and we walk out
"Older brother?" He ask
"Blacked hair is my brother, brown hair in my friend/brother" I said
"Oh" He said and he opens the door for me
"Thank you" I said
"Anything for you" He smiles and i blush. Why am i blushing? Then i remeber im wearing the clothes he told me to wear and i stop.
"Maddy, are you ok?" He ask me as he gets in and closes the door
"Why?" I ask
"Why what?" He ask
"Why did you tell me to wear these clothes!" I snap
"Oh! That, because i didnt want you stressing about what to wear, plus i thought they might look cute on you" He smiled and i giggle
"Thanks" I said
"You are very welcome!" He say
"Where are we going?" I ask
"Movies with my friends" He said and i nod and we drive away
We get there, buy tickets and food and find his friends
"OVER HERE!" A girl yells and i see 4 guys and 4 girls
"Hey guys!" Nick says and i stand there all akward
"Is that her?" A girl ask and he nods and they all smile at me and i smile back
"Maddy this is Drake, Grant, Missy, Beth, Amy, Zach, Lillian and Jacob, Guys this is Madison" Nick says
"You can call me Maddy" I said
"And you can call me anytime" Zach says and Amy slaps him
"Sorry babe" He said and sits down and i laugh a little
"Movies staring!" Beth said and Zach and Amy go all the way to the end, holding hands. So do Drake and Beth. Then its Jacob, Grant, Lillian, Missy, Nick then me. Missy and Nick start to talk and he whispers in her ear and she laughs, i kinda feel jelous
-Time skip-
We leave and Drake and Beth go home, Zach and Amy leave too. Me and Nick walk to his car and i ignore him
"Maddy whats wrong?" He ask and i keep walking, i get to his car but he grabs my wrist and spins me around to face him. Im against his hood of the car and he close to me, not even a gap between us
"Has anyone told you it bad to flirt with another girl while on a date with someone!" I said
"What do you mean?" He ask
"You and Missy" I said and he laughs
"What?" I ask
"Me and Missy both think the same girl is hot but she alread has a girlfriend" He said
"What?" I ask and he point somewhere and i look and see Missy against the wall kissing Lillian.
"Oh" I said but he keeps staring. He groans and i feel something poke me
"Come on dude!" I laugh and he looks at me
"Wait, who does Missy think is hot?" I ask
"You" He said, wait? Then that means. OH! My thoughts were cut off when Nick lips touch mine. Im shocked at first but then kiss back
"Jump" He mutters on my lips and i do as he said and he grabs my thighs and sits me down on the hood, he stands inbetween my legs and i feel something poke me at my core. I moan a little and he grinds his hip on mine a little but i feel that im already wet. He pulls away so we can catch our breath but then i grab him by his neck and pull him to me and start kissing again. He moves his right arm away from my back and moves down inbetween my legs and starts rubbing me. I moan again and he rubs a little faster. He stops and i whine, we pull away again to breath but then start again.
"Are you sure?" He ask and I nod. He unbotten my jeans and pull the zipper down and rubs me through my panties, i moan louder
"Wet already?" He says and rubs faster. He slips a finger in and starts pumbing. We pull away and i rest me head on his shoulder
"N-Nick' I moan and wrap my legs around his waist, he puts another finger in and goes faster
"Nick, im goi-"
"I know baby girl, just let it happen" He said and starts sucking on my neck. Thank god he park all the way at the end and its night. The knot in my stomach come undone and i yell out his name, after a few more seconds he stops and bottens my jeans up again and sucks on his fingers, clean. We lay on his hood
"I made a girl cum at a movie theader on my hood" He said and i laugh
"Shit! I forgot something. come on" He said and i shake my head
"You go, i'll stay here" I said
"Buts its dark" He said
"None will see me" I said
"Maddy, please" He said
"I'll be fine!" I said and he sighs
"Fine, i'll be back in 2 seconds" He says and runs off. After 3 minutes i here walking
"Back already?" I ask and look and see a guy about 30
"Oh, uh hi" I said
"Whats a girl like you doing out here alone?" He ask
"Im waiting for someone" I said
"I dont think they'll be back, come on, lets have fun" He said and i step away from him
"No" I said and he grabs my wrist
"I said lets have fun!" He snap
"NICK!" I yell out and he covers my mouth
"Shut up" He yells and i kick and swin but he wont let go. Nick come out of no where and his fist with fire on it and his eyes are red
"Drop her" He growls and he does. Nick walks up and punches him and send him flying on the other side of the street. Nick looks at me and teleports away
"Yeah, just leave" I mutter and teleport home. I land on the floor on the living room and see my dad, uncles, Mason and Mitchell
"What happen?" They ask and i explaim
"Wait! He left you!" Mason yell
"Yeah but thats not the point, Nick is Unhuman!" I said
"He left you!" They yell
"Yes he left me!" I snap
"Why?" Mason ask
"He was probably scared that i saw him use his powers" I said
"Ok, well how are we going to do this?" Mason ask
"I dont know, but im going to sleep" I said
"Night Maddy!" They said and i wave and go to my room. I close the door, change and get into bed. April is sleeping on her god bed next to my bed
-Later that night-
I woke up because i here something in my room. Must be April. Better not pee in my room. Then i here something crash and April barking. I sit up rubbing my eyes
"April what's wrong?" I ask and see Nick standing in front of my bed
"Nick! What the hell" I said
"Sorry, i came to see you but your dog started barking and i didnt see her so i knocked over your lamp" He said
"It ok, why did you leave after that" I ask
"I want to explain everything" He said
"Yeah i know, your Unhuman. So is Mitchell and Mason, my brothers" I said
"Wait, you too?" He ask and i nod
"Got it from my dad, Your mum trained Mitchell and Mitchell trained me and Mason. I was a loung 3 weeks" I said
"Your Unhuman?" He ask
"YES!" I yell
"Whats your last name?" He ask
"Clifford" I said
"No, your last name from your parents" He said
"Logan" I answered
"Your mum killed my mum" He said
"Wait! What? My mum is in jail when she died, Mitchell told us the story" I said
"She got out like 7 years ago and the guy she was with" He said
"One minute" I said and teleport to Mason room. I grab him and teleport me and him to Mitchell.
"WAKE UP!" I yell and they both shot up
"What the hell!" The scream
"Follow me" I said and they groan and we go to my room
"Nick!" They said supriced
"Tell them!" I said
"Your mum killed my mum. Your mum and the guy got out of jail 7 years ago" He explained
"Our mum is out of jail?" They ask and he nods
"Why did our mum kill your mum?" Mitchell ask
"My mum help your dad, i was there when it all happened. I might of been a little kid but i remeber everything" Nick said
"Our-Our dads alive?" I ask
"He almost didnt make it but he's alive, 2 years after he was healed he left, i dont know why he left but he did" He said
"But why did our mum kill your mum for saving our dad?" I ask
"Your mum was the one that tried to kill your dad, she thought your dad was cheating but really he was doing somthing for there 10 year aniversery" Nick said
"But our dad died in a car crash, we were at his funeral and saw him!" Mason said
"That i dont know but i know you dad is alive and somewhere out there" Nick said
"Why did your mum go to jail?" He ask
"She and her new boyfriend were drug dealiers and abused us" I said
"I'm sorry guys" He said
"Dont worry, its not your fault. But we're happy now" Mason said
"So you guys have powers too" Nick said and we nod
"Wait! Mason how was the dinner at Emma's?" I ask and Mitchell laughs
"Alot of lieing. Oh and i have a new twin called Brooke" He said and i laugh
"What?" Nick ask and i explain to him
"I fell bad for you" Nick say
"Im going to bed" Mason says and Mitchell follows. I close my door
"Can i stay?" He begs
"I dont know" I said
"We could make Unhuman babies all night" He smirks and i laugh
"Go to sleep" I said and he takes him shirt off then his pants
"Whoa kid" I said
"I have shorts under" He said and i see blue shorts
"I tried doing that one day and it was felt weird" I said
"Im use to it" He said and crawls under the covers
"Good night Nick" I said and cuddle into his chest
"Night Maddy" He said and holds me close to him

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